How to Restore Your Datto Drive Subdomain to a Previous Point in Time



This article provides the steps needed to run a restore to a previous point in time (PiT) on a Datto Drive Subdomain. This article will also go over the limitations and precautions.

Stop! (Read this first)

1. Only Partners managing Datto Drive subdomains can start restores, this is done on This webpage requires technician level access from the Datto Partner Portal (

2. PiT Restores revert the entire subdomain to a previous point in time, you cannot pick and choose what particular user(s), folder(s) or file(s) to restore.

This will remove all restore points between the most current date and the rollback point.

3. The files you need to restore are likely available on your subdomain as previous versions (if the files have changed). If you only need to restore a handful of files it is likely faster to restore the files from previous versions. Documentation is available here.

4. Datto support does not have the ability to look through your snapshots to determine if the files you need to restore can be found at a particular date.



1. Sign into your or sign into From the original device Partner Portal, click Devices > Datto Drive for the Datto Drive Portal.

2. Allow the portal to load, Loading time depends on how many instances you have.

3. Select the subdomain you wish to manage.

4. Click the Manage tab for the subdomain, at the bottom of the webpage is a calendar with available dates to choose from. These dates correspond to a PiT backup of your Datto Drive.



5. The text displayed as "Restoring Account..." Will become green and state Restore Completed Successfully when complete.

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