Datto Networking: Part 2: Choosing Bandwidth, Access Points


Bandwidth and your ISP

Bandwidth requirements

Datto Networking requires one (or more) incoming Internet connections to feed the network. If you are not using an existing office LAN, this will usually be a DSL, cable, or LAN connection.

When choosing an Internet service provider (ISP), consider what you'll need for bandwidth—both download and upload. Your needs will vary depending on the type of network, how many simultaneous users you have, and the type of network activity from users.

The highest demand for bandwidth comes from streaming video services such as Netflix and YouTube, video chat services such as Skype and FaceTime, and automatic backup and file syncing systems such as Dropbox.

Just a few users sharing files or streaming video can quickly use up all available bandwidth. Datto helps manage this with per-user bandwidth limits and the ability to block individual users.

Even with the management capability of Datto Networking, the more bandwidth you have available on your network, the better the experience will be for the network users.

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