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Datto Networking: Part 1: Network Planning Guide Overview


Overview: what we're doing

This guide is intended to help you plan a cloud-managed wireless mesh network with Datto Networking. Datto Networking is a network controller that makes it easy to build, manage
and monitor wireless networks from anywhere in the world. You can use it to extend wireless coverage throughout a hotel, apartment, office, neighborhood, village, coffee shop, shopping mall, campground, marina and just about anywhere else—often without any additional Ethernet cabling.

This guide will discuss:

  1. Basic terminology
  2. Key elements of building a strong wireless network
    1. Bandwidth and your ISP
    2. Choosing the right nodes and enclosures
    3. Determining the placement and number of nodes needed
    4. Determining the location for your gateways
  3. Additional tips

This guide is a brief overview of Datto Networking. For additional details on how to configure your access points, see the Datto Networking: Datto Access Points: Getting Started article.

Basic terminology

We'll make this process as easy and nontechnical as possible. Here are a few key words that will help.

Network: A group of computers or devices that can talk to each other (in our case, wirelessly).

Bandwidth: The amount of capacity available to transfer data—such as web sites, social media, voice calls or streaming video—over a network. This is measured in megabits/second, or Mbps.

Gateway: A Datto-compatible router that is connected to the Internet (usually through a DSL, cable, or LAN).

Repeater: A Datto-compatible router that is not connected to the Internet that repeats the signals from local computers and other nodes to the gateway.

Node: A generic name for a Datto-compatible router/access point, which can be either a Gateway or a Repeater.

All Datto Networking devices configure themselves: they become gateways or repeaters depending on if they are hard-wired to the Internet or not.

Next: Choosing Bandwith, Access Points and Enclosures

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