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Part 1: Datto Networking Overview



Creating your first network with Datto Networking

Overview: what we’re doing

This guide is intended to help you set up your first cloud-managed wireless mesh network with Datto Networking. Datto Networking is a free cloud-based network controller that makes it easy for anyone to build, manage, and monitor wireless networks from anywhere in the world.

This guide will assist you in setting up a new network on the Datto Networking web application.  

Here’s what’s about to happen:

  1. You'll log in to using your Partner Portal credentials so that you can begin building, managing, and monitoring multiple networks in one place.
  2. You'll create a new network.
  3. You'll add access points to the network.
  4. You'll physically install the access points.
  5. You'll do some basic network configuration.

This guide is not intended to cover every aspect of Datto Networking. To learn more about planning your network, view the Datto Networking Planning Guide.

What you’ll need

To set up your network, you’ll need the following:

  1. One or more Datto Networking-compatible wireless devices, such as the A40 or A60.
  2. An Internet connection with at least one Ethernet port available on your modem or router, and one Ethernet cable.
  3. A computer with a browser pointed to


We’ll make this process as easy and nontechnical as possible. Here are a few key words that will help.

Network: A group of computers or devices that can talk to each other (in our case, wirelessly).
Gateway: A Datto Networking-compatible router that is connected to the Internet (usually through a DSL, cable, or LAN connection).
Repeater: A Datto Networking-compatible router that is not connected to the Internet that repeats the signals from local computers and other access points to the gateway.
Access point: A generic name for a Datto Networking-compatible router/access point which can be either a Gateway or a Repeater. You may also see these called "Nodes."

All Datto Networking devices except DNA configure themselves: they become gateways or repeaters depending on if they are connected to the Internet or not.


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