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This article describes how to add a Datto Networking Switch to the Networking Portal.


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Any Datto Networking Switch can be added to a network you manage. You will need the MAC Address of the switch when adding it. The Datto Networking App can be used to add a switch as well.


1. Navigate to a device web session for your network or existing device.

If this is your first device and network, follow the steps for adding a network to your account before proceeding.

2. Click on the Manage dropdown, then click Switches, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Switches

3. Click Add Switch.

Figure 2: Add Switch

4. You will be directed to the Add Switch page. From here, you can either add a single switch, or in bulk.

Adding a single switch

The following steps will guide you on adding a single switch:

1. Input the Name, MAC Address, and a brief Description for your switch as seen in Figure 3. The switch name can only contain letters, numbers and dashes; it must begin with a letter and cannot end with a dash.

Figure 3: Add Single Switch

2. Choose from one of three initial settings to apply to your switch as seen in Figure 4:

Figure 4: Initial Settings

  • Use Default Settings: This option applies the default settings for a switch as configured by Datto.
  • Apply Settings From Template: This option applies settings as defined in a template previously configured on the switch. For more information on templates, see this article.
  • Copy Settings From Existing Switch: This option copies a setting from a previously added switch in your network.

3. Click Add Switch.

Bulk adding switches

You also have the option to bulk add multiple switches. The following steps will guide you on adding multiple switches using a CSV file:

1. Create a CSV file. This should contain three columns:

  • MAC: This column is for entering the MAC address of each switch.
  • Model: This column is for entering the model of each switch.
  • Name: This column is for entering the name of each switch.

A sample CSV file containing the three columns described above can be generated from the Add Switch page by clicking Download sample CSV.

2. Click Browse to upload your CSV file, as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Browsing for a CSV file

3. Click Bulk Add.

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