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Datto Networking: What Do the LEDs on My AP-series Access Point Mean?



This article explains device states common among gateways and repeaters.


  • AP-Series Access Points


The tables below list LED behavior for common states, gateway-specific states, and repeater-specific states.

Common States

Device State LED Behavior
Boot Loader Solid Purple
Booting Up Solid Yellow
Node is executing firmware upgrade  Solid Red 
Datto Networking Cloud Management Check-in Failure  Flash White 
Key Re-pair  Flash Yellow 
Configuration Change AP not Ready  Solid White
Net Failure - no default route  Flash Red 


Gateway-Specific States

Device State LED Behavior
Datto Networking Cloud Management check-in successful. The AP is working as intended while being hardwired into the LAN.  Solid Teal
IP acquired via DHCP but inet test is failing Flash Purple


Repeater-Specific States

Device State LED Behavior
Check-in performed, mesh speed greater than or equal to 2Mbps Flash Green
Orphan Mode Flash Yellow then Green
Lonely Mode Flash Red then Green
Check-in performed, mesh speed greater than 2Mbps Solid Green


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