SaaS Protection/Backupify Release Notes (2017 - Present)


June 6, 2017

  • Backupify 2.0 for Office 365 has been released!
  • The release notes for the new product can be found here.

June 1, 2017

  • BFY-3316 - Added a link to the appropriate knowledge base article on the Google Authorization Error screen. 
  • BFY-3245 - Fixed an issue where new prospects were only seeing Salesforce at product selection.
  • BFY-2759 - Fixed miscellaneous Salesforce issues. 
  • BFY-3212 - Fixed an issue where all mail would be exported even when selecting a specific label to restore. 
  • BFY-3206 - Updated the NFR program to be based on the new partner tiers.

May 1, 2017

  • BFY-3088 - Added a report that shows the progress status of all running exports and restores.
  • BFY-3122 - Fixed single sign-on functionality for the EMEA SaaS Status page.
  • BFY-393 - Added a report that lists all users in a G Suite domain by sub-domain.
  • BFY-3253 - Fixed an issue where the O365 user dashboard was incorrect including Shared Mailboxes in the Active users count.
  • BFY-3180 - Fixed an issue where the OneDrive graphic was missing from the Application Management dashboard.
  • BFY-3097 - Fixed an issue where new client-managed accounts were being sent to Trial.
  • BFY-3236 - Updated the email notification for the daily mailbox status report to not send an empty CSV when there had been no changes in mailbox status.
  • BFY-3141 - Added a User Summary dashboard to the Backupify for O365 home page.

April 14, 2017

  • BFY-3184 - Fixed an issue where the Application Management dashboard was incorrectly counting Shared Mailboxes as used licenses.
  • BFY-2934 - Added the ability to restore from a disabled/inactive account to an active one in O365.
  • BFY-3176 - Added the ability for partners to schedule backup audit reports for their clients by enabling the report in the client's Backupify application.
  • BFY-1784 - Added the ability to backup Archived Mailboxes in O365. This can be enabled in General Setting within Backupify settings.
  • BFY-3136 - Removed the option to sign up for the Salesforce product when using Google SSO to create a Backupify account.
  • BFY-3137 - Fixed an issue where some partners were unable to access the Reporting and Alerts tab in their partner-managed clients' accounts.

March 31, 2017

  • BFY-3090 - Fixed an issue where user addition would timeout for larger active directories.
  • BFY-3048 - Fixed a backdoor that allowed some international Partners to access the SaaS store.
  • BFY-2233 - Added the ability to managed shared mailboxes within Seat Management. This includes the options to auto-add the shared mailboxes, add individual shared mailboxes, and exclude certain mailboxes from being backed up.
  • BFY-3091 - Fixed an issue where some self-signup customers were assigned to an incorrect product SKU.
  • BFY-2706 - Added the ability to schedule weekly Backup audit reports.

March 17, 2017

  • BFY-801 - Removed .invalid from Partner-managed customer accounts.
  • BFY-2811 - Updated the Backupify logo in-app.
  • BFY-2912 - Enabled the Application Management dashboard for all non-EMEA partners.
  • BFY-3000 - Added a new Reports and Alerts tab in the in-app settings housing the reporting configuration for the service.
  • BFY-2792 - Added the ability to subscribe to a Daily report in O365, which reports on the changes in disabled/enabled statuses of mailboxes.
  • BFY-2945 - Fixed an issue where the SaaS store was unavailable for some partners.
  • BFY-3047 - Fixed an issue where international partner sign-ups were not correctly connecting to billing.
  • BFY-2865 - Fixed the issue where the application would time out even when a search was being run.
  • BFY-3002 - Fixed the issue where a warning message would not show up when initiating OneDrive and Sharepoint restores on files greater than 250mb.
  • BFY-2514 - Added the ability to create a new Site List and Restore a backed up version of that list in the application.
  • BFY-2873 - Disabled the domestic Not for Resale program for non-paying Datto Partners.

March 3, 2017

  • BFY-2869 - Fixed an issue where some exports would display incorrect file size.

February 17, 2017

  • BFY-2857 - Fixed an issue where some encrypted exports could not be unzipped.
  • BFY-2690 - Restored the full functionality of the BFY Google API. Documentation for the API can be found here:
  • BFY-2859 - Added the option to restore ACLs when initiating a restore for OneDrive
  • BFY-2858 - Added the option to turn encrypted exports on/off in the UI.
  • BFY-2495 - Fixed an issue where some customers creating GAPPS domains through SaaS Store could not enable Auto-Add
  • BFY-2838 - Made the free trial user registration page mobile-friendly.

February 3, 2017

  • BFY-2781 - Fixed an issue where Shared Mailboxes would become disabled unless the Member Name, User Name, and email matched exactly.
  • BFY-1829 - Added the ability to backup and restore file permissions.
  • BFY-2541 - Improvements to user experience in the Free Trial sign-up process.
  • BFY-2540 - Improvements to user experience in the Free Trial sign-up process.
  • BFY-2395 -  Modified O365 search to better take into account search parameters when retrieving results from Cassandra.
  • BFY-2253 - Fixed an issue where some domains would not show activity in the Application Management dashboard.
  • BFY-576 - Added the ability for an end-user to reinitiate a failed backup in the Backupify for G Suite UI.
  • BFY-2711 - Fixed an issue where the button to get encryption key remained in the UI even after encryption had been disabled.
  • BFY-1777 - Added the ability to export Sharepoint Site Pages.
  • BFY-2482 - Surfaced backed up Sharepoint Site Page data and hierarchy in the BFY Application UI.
  • BFY-1781 - Added the ability to export Sharepoint Custom Lists.
  • BFY-2467 - Fixed the issue where backup reports for Salesforce sometimes displayed values greater than 100%.
  • BFY-2579 - All Backupify exports are now encrypted. The code may be retrieved through the Backupify UI near the completed export.
  • BFY-1826 - Added the ability to restore Sharepoint Site Pages data.
  • BFY-1763 - Added the ability to restore Sharepoint Site List data.


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