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This article explains how to configure Facebook WiFi to create a splash page for clients connecting on a specific SSID.


  • Datto Access Points


A splash page displaying a Facebook business account can be displayed for newly connected clients on a Datto access point. Each SSID can have its own Facebook WiFI configuration for unique splash pages.


1. Navigate to a device web session for your access point.

2. Click the Configure drop-down and choose the SSID to modify.

Configure_Cursor.pngFigure 1: The Configure tab expanded

3. Under Captive Portal, Toggle Splash page on to reveal Splash page configuration.

Figure 2: Splash page highlighted under Captive Portal

4. Click the Facebook WiFi option in Splash page type to reveal configuration settings for Facebook WiFi.

Figure 3: Splash page configuration

5. Click Register Network to be directed to Facebook's WiFi Configuration page. You can also configure the following optional settings:

  • Block unauthenticated users: Block all ports until a client device has been authenticated. If disabled, only browsing (HTTP/ Port 80 traffic) is blocked.
  • Show check-in on SSID join: If you disable this setting, your devices won't automatically show the check-in screen when joining the SSID. It will instead appear once they browse to an HTTP website.

6. Select a Facebook page to be presented as the splash page for connected clients. You can also configure the settings:

  • Bypass Mode: Allows connected clients to skip the check-in screen associated with Facebook WiFi.
  • Session Length: Allows you to define how long clients can remain connected on WiFi.
  • Terms of Service: Allows you to add your own Terms of Service.

Figure 4: Facebook WiFi Configuration

7. Click Save Settings. You will be redirected to the Datto Networking Portal. Verify that your Facebook WiFi configuration has paired to Datto.

8. Click Save Changes on the top-right corner of the page.

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