SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Datto Windows Agent: Resolving "Install of the Datto Driver Filter failed" on Windows 8/Server2012



When you attempt to install the Datto Windows Agent on a protected machine, you receive the error message, "Install of the Datto Driver Filter failed. Uninstall and try to reinstall again."


  • Datto Windows Agent


The protected system's root certificates are not up-to-date, and it does not trust the Datto driver.

This error message can present with a Failed to install INF exit code similar to the below example:

C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers>DattoFltrInstall.exe DattoVolumeFltr.inf 
Installing filter driver...
preinstalling shadow device INF...
Failed to install INF> Err=0xe0000247


1. Navigate to %systemroot%\Program Files\Datto\Drivers, and right-click on the DattoFltr.sys file. Click Properties, followed by Digital Signatures. There should be three Datto Inc signatures present. Highlight each signature, and click Details. The Digital Signature Information for each certificate should say "This digital signature is OK."

details.jpgFigure 1: DattoFltr.sys details (click to enlarge)

You can resolve this error by updating your protected system's root certificates. If you cannot update the certificates, you can disable digitally signed drivers in Group Policy temporarily to install the driver.

2. Attempt to load the driver from an elevated Command Prompt:

C:\>"C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoFltrInstall.exe" "C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf"

3. If the installation fails, you will see output similar to Figure 2.

installationfailed.pngFigure 2: Failed driver installation (click to enlarge)

4. To troubleshoot the installation failure, check the contents of C:\Windows\INF\ for output similar to the following:

>>>  [SetupCopyOEMInf - C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf]
>>>  Section start 2017/04/25 09:33:44.066
      cmd: "C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoFltrInstall.exe"  "C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf"
     sto: {Import Driver Package: C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf} 09:33:44.068
     sto:      Driver Store   = C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore [Online] (6.2.9200)
     sto:      Driver Package = C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf
     sto:      Architecture   = amd64
     sto:      Flags          = 0x00000000
     inf:      Provider       = Datto
     inf:      Class GUID     = {533c5b84-ec70-11d2-9505-00c04f79deaf}
     inf:      Driver Version = 04/05/2017,
     inf:      Catalog File   =
     inf:      Version Flags  = 0x00000001
     flq:      Copying 'C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\' to 'C:\Users\NEWDRH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{6c02750a-5de1-7d43-8e5e-641d1e25ae31}\'.
     flq:      Copying 'C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoFltr.sys' to 'C:\Users\NEWDRH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{6c02750a-5de1-7d43-8e5e-641d1e25ae31}\DattoFltr.sys'.
     flq:      Copying 'C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf' to 'C:\Users\NEWDRH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{6c02750a-5de1-7d43-8e5e-641d1e25ae31}\DattoVolumeFltr.inf'.
!!!  sto:      Failed to call server side to import driver package. Error = 0x0000000D
     sto: {Import Driver Package: exit(0x0000000d)} 09:33:44.121
!!!  inf: Failed to import driver package into driver store
!!!  inf: Error 13: The data is invalid.
<<<  Section end 2017/04/25 09:33:44.325
<<<  [Exit status: FAILURE(0x0000000d)]

This error is an indication that the host machine is having trouble loading the Datto Windows Agent driver. Locate the Device Install Service in services.msc, and make sure that the Device Install Service is enabled and set to Manual (Trigger Start), as shown in Figure 3.

device_install.pngFigure 3: Device Install Service

5. Make sure that the System Events Broker is also present and running in the Services console. If it is disabled, you will not be able to install new hardware or update drivers.

If the broker is disabled, you can temporarily work around the problem to allow the install of the driver. From an elevated command prompt, you can run net start DeviceInstall to restart the broker.

If you continue to experience problems with the System Events Broker, contact Microsoft for assistance.

6. In the Windows Registry, verify that HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DeviceInstall\Parameters\DeviceInstallDisabled does not have a key parameter set for it. If it does, remove it.

device_install_disabled.pngFigure 4: DeviceInstallDisabled with no value set (click to enlarge)

7. Attempt to load the driver again from an elevated Command Prompt:

C:\>C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoFltrInstall.exe" "C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf"

The driver should load successfully.

success.pngFigure 5: Successful driver load (click to enlarge)

8. If the driver loads successfully, remove it using an elevated Command Prompt session:

C:\>"C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoFltrInstall.exe" "C:\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVolumeFltr.inf" remove

9. Reboot the Windows machine. Start the DeviceInstall service from an elevated Command Prompt:

C:\>net start DeviceInstall

10. Run the Datto Windows Agent installer from the Windows environment.

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