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Adding a NAS share to your Datto Drive Local installation



This article covers how to add an SMB NAS share that's hosted on your Datto Appliance to your Datto Drive implementation.


  • A public or private NAS share
  • A local installation of Datto Drive
  • A created user account on the device


  1. Open the Share Wizard on your device and create a NAS Share. In this case, the share is "DattoDrive."

  2. Ensure that you have a local user account on the Datto device and that it has access to your SMB share if the share is going to be private.

  3. Launch Datto Drive Local via http://IP/dattodrive/ and change the IP to your own unit's IP address.

  4. Enable External Storage by signing in as an Administrator. Click the four button square in the upper right and scroll down to enable "External Storage" if it is not already.


  5. Configure your storage by clicking your name from the upper right and selecting the Admin option.

  6. Scroll to the External Storage App and configure your storage.
    • Folder Name is what you want to call the Storage on your Datto Drive
    • SMB/CIFS is the protocol used to view the data.
    • Username/Password is your preferred authentication method
    • Host is your Datto unit's IP address
    • Share is the name of the share you created in Step 1
    • Use the username and password you created in Step 2

  7. A green circle indicates your storage was connected successfully. Red means there was an error and yellow means that the connection is still trying.


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