Installing Backupify 2.0 for O365 for Direct Customers



This article explains the direct customer process for signing up for and installing Backupify 2.0 for Office 365.


To sign up for Backupify 2.0 for Office 365, you must have global administrator rights for the account you are looking to protect, as well as an active mailbox to receive notifications. 

As a best practice for signing up, open an incognito or otherwise private session in your browser and navigate to the Microsoft Office 365 website. Log in to the admin console as the global administrator account you will be authenticating with.

Once you are logged in, open a new tab and go to Once there, click the Try it Free button.

On the following screen, enter the email address associated with a valid mailbox and click Start My Free Trial!


The next screen shows a confirmation code that you will also receive in an email to the address you just entered. To proceed, click Start Free Trial Now!



Select the Office 365 product in the first section on the left, then fill in the necessary Account Details. Note that the email address and password that you create on this page will be your Backupify account login information moving forward. When finished, click On To Backupify!



The next step will bring you to to complete the account authentication setup. In this step, you provide the Global Administrator account login credentials to provide Backupify access to the OAuth token to complete the integration and final setup. Log in to the account and click Accept at the bottom to grant Backupify access to the list of features.


The final step is to configure the Auto-Add feature and add your users. This process may take a few minutes while the Active Directory loads. If that process is in progress, you will see a spinning box as pictured below.

During the loading process, Backupify is identifying the seated and shared members within the Active Directory. Once complete, the page will automatically refresh and give you the option to enable or disable auto-add, upload a CSV list of seated users or shared/resource mailboxes to be either added or ignored, as well as add custom site collections for Sharepoint. For details on different seat management options, see our Seat Management for Backupify for O365 article.

Once you have added the seats and sites to backup, click the Advance to Dashboard button to be brought to the Backupify for Office 365 Dashboard. 



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