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Search Functionality in Backupify 2.0 for Office 365


In Backupify 2.0 for Office 365 there are two search methodologies:

  • Snapshot Level - initiated from a specific user account
  • Domain Level - initiated from the search tab

Snapshot Level Search

To access Snapshot Level search, navigate into a specific service (e.g., Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint) and then into a specific user/site:

In the user snapshot view, click the Search Account button to open up the search term dialogue box. From this dialogue box, you will be able to search this user/service for metadata containing the keyword you entered. 

You also have the ability to search through a different snapshot for this particular user. In order to change the snapshot date, click the date under Snapshot to the left of the search box and select an available date and time to search that specific snapshot instead.

For more information on how to restore or export your search results, check out our Restores and Exports articles.


Domain Level Search

In order to access domain level search, start by navigating into a specific service (Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint) and then click the Search Tab:

In this tab, you can enter a keyword to search metadata for across multiple or all users in the domain. To specify certain users, simply begin entering a user's name or email address in the Users section. Multiple users can be selected simultaneously by hitting Enter and starting to enter another user's name or email address.

You can also search across different snapshots by clicking the calendar icon under the Date section. Please note: this will not show exact snapshots as backup times vary from user to user, instead the date and time selected will find the last backup before the specified times for each user/service being searched.

For more information on how to restore or export your search results, check out our Restores and Exports articles.



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