Start To Finish: Setting Up A New Office 365 Customer Account Through The SaaS Store



This article explains how to access the SaaS Store, and how to add and authenticate a new Office 365 service for a client.

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Clean Browsing

First open a Google Chrome incognito or similar private browsing window. This will help you to avoid confusing which Office 365 service to authenticate.

Access the SaaS Store

Navigate to and enter your Datto Partner Portal credentials. As another option, you can access the Store from the Partner Portal home page by selecting Purchasing & Billing > Store and selecting the "Datto Backupify" option. 


Note: The SaaS Store is for ordering new products. If your client already uses all Backupify products or simply wants to increase or decrease their current license count, you should contact your Backupify Sales representative.

Create your customer

If this is the first Backupify account that you're setting up, you'll see an Add Client screen. If you've already set up previous clients, your screen will say "Select Client" and you can select from a list of existing clients from the drop-down menu, or click the New Client button.

Note that when you create a new customer, the name you use is for your own reference only. Backupify will identify the customer via their domain name.

Select the product

Select the product to protect for your client, and then enter the number of users to protect in the Customer Seats section.

To protect more than one product, you will need to complete the process for the first product, then begin again for the second.

When finished, click Generate Quote to see pricing information for the tier of users you entered.

Confirm the quote

When you see the Confirm Quote page, and are satisfied by the price quote, click Confirm Quote. This brings you to the Payment Method screen containing your payment and contact information. If this is your first time ordering, you will first need to enter all relevant information before proceeding. 

If you need to change your credit card information, contact Backupify Support.

Click Confirm Purchase to continue.

Once you have confirmed the purchase, you can choose to begin the purchase process again for another Backupify product by clicking Return to Store.

To connect Office 365 to the account you've just set up, click Manage Clients/Applications, which opens the Application Management Dashboard.

Authorize the product

The client's Office 365 management options will appear in the Application Management Dashboard. Click This product is partner managed, then agree to the terms and conditions and click Authorize. This dashboard is a one-time setup screen.

Log into Backupify as a global administrator

Datto SaaS Protection will add your Active Directory, and you’ll be taken to the Seat Man-
agement screen. Depending on the size of your Active Directory, this may take several minutes to load.

Select Continue to proceed with the Onboarding Wizard.

Choose US (Pennsylvania) storage location.

 Begin adding users to the backup

Auto-Add automatically backs up all users and resources in the domain. Click disable to
manually select which users and resources should be backed up during the initial setup.
With Auto-Add disabled, search for the users you wish to back up in the Add Users field.

Click the checkbox for the user you’ve selected, click Back up selected users, then Con-
firm to perform a backup for that user. At the bottom of the screen, you can add CSV files of existing user lists and custom site collections from an Excel spreadsheet.
When finished adding users, click Advance to Dashboard. Your Office 365 apps are now
protected by Datto SaaS Protection.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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