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This article explains how to add/configure up to three additional LAN networks using the extra LAN ports on the back of your DNA.

The DNA allows you to configure multiple LANs using the additional LAN ports on the back of the DNA. You can also allow intercommunication of these LAN Networks by turning off LAN Segregation.

Topics Covered:

Unassigning a Port from the Primary LAN 

Setting up a second LAN requires unassigning one of the ports from the Primary LAN. The Primary LAN is configured to use ports 3, 4, 5, and 6 by default. 

    1. Log into the DNA web interface and choose the Manage tab.

    2. On the left side of the page under Configured Networks, choose your Primary LAN.

    3. On the Primary LAN card, deselect the port you will be using for your second LAN network and then click Save Changes.  Note that the port numbers correlate to the physical ports on the back of the Datto.  In this example, we will use Port 6.
      Tip: Mouse over the port numbers to verify if a cable is connected.

Adding a Second LAN

    1. From the Manage tab, select Add LAN from under the Add a Network section of the left pane. This will create a new card at the bottom of the page where you can configure the second LAN.

    2. Name the second LAN to distinguish it from the Primary LAN and configure the remaining settings:
      1. Port Assignment: Select the port(s) to associate with the new LAN.
      2. IP Subnet:
        • Router address: The gateway IP for the second LAN. For example, if you plan to use a network, normally the gateway will be
        • Subnet mask: Select the subnet for the second LAN

    3. Click Save Changes. This adds the new LAN to the left pane under Configured Networks.

Configuring a DHCP Pool or Static DHCP Leases

To add a DHCP Pool or set Static DHCP Leases on the new LAN, click the corresponding options on the left side of the page under the newly configured LAN.

  • DHCP Pool: This option reveals a DHCP Pool slider where you can adjust the range of IP addresses to hand out on the LAN. Click Save Changes to apply.
  • Static DHCP Leases: Clicking this option will reveal an option to create a new reservation.

    1. MAC Address: Enter the MAC address of the device to receive a specific IP.
    2. Device Name: Enter the hostname of the receiving machine. Do not include spaces or special characters.
    3. IP Address: The IP address to assign to the receiving devices.

Click Save Changes to apply.

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