Setting Up LAN Segregation on DNA



This article explains setting up LAN segregation on the DNA to allow multiple LANs to send traffic to each other.

By default, LAN Segregation is set to Yes, which isolates each LAN to prevent inter-LAN traffic. To allow LANs to communicate with each other, you can toggle this setting to No.

NOTE: You must have at least two LANs configured and working on the DNA to be able to run LAN Segregation. See Adding Another LAN Network for information on configuring multiple LANs.

Enabling LAN Segregation

  1. Log in to with your Partner credentials.
  2. Click the Launch icon in the Device Web column to open the DNA UI and then choose the DNA to manage. 

  3. Choose the Security tab and then select LAN Segregation from the left pane.

  4. To allow inter-communication between LANs, select the “No, allow LANs to send traffic to each other” option and then click Save Changes.

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