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This article describes the Alert Summary section of the Datto appliance GUI.


The Alert Summary is a component of the Advanced Alerting feature, which sends an initial alert when your device has an error, and then summarizes subsequent alerts for the day. You must enable Advanced Alerting on your appliance before this option will become available.


1. To enable or disable Advanced Alerting, open the GUI for the device.
2. Click the Configure tab, and click Device Settings, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Device Settings

3. Navigate to the Advanced Alerting section of the Device Settings screen, and click Enable Advanced Alerting to activate the Alert Summary feature, or Disable Advanced Alerting to deactivate it.

Viewing Alert Summaries

1. After you enable Advanced Alerting, click the Reports dropdown, and then click Alert Report.

Figure 2: Reports dropdown

3. Your Datto appliance will display a list of alerts, reported per agent.

Figure 3: Alert report (click for larger image)

The Datto device will also send a daily alert summary to the Technical Contact Email address listed in the Device Registration / Support Contact section of its Local Users / Contact page. The alert summary will look similar to the below example.

Figure 4: Alert summary

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