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'Fast Failback' is a collective term that refers to using a Rescue Agent for disaster recovery failover while performing a continuously-mirrored Bare Metal Restore (BMR) of your production machine.

To perform a Fast Failback restore, your backups and your production environment must meet all prerequisites defined in Restore: Create Rescue Agent and USB Bare Metal Restore: Getting Started.

This process is incompatible with encrypted agents.

Getting Started with Fast Failback

To perform a Fast Failback, perform the following steps:

1. Start a local virtualization on your Datto appliance, and during the setup process of the virtual machine, create a Rescue Agent.

2. Carry out your business continuity activities in the local virtualization, ensuring that successful backups are appearing on the Manage Recovery Points page for the rescue agent.

3. When you are ready to restore back to production, perform a USB Bare Metal Restore of the downed production machine from the Rescue Agent's dataset, ensuring that you have selected the Continuous Mirroring option as part of the restoration process.

4. The backups your Rescue Agent takes will continue to be written to your production machine until you end the Bare Metal Restore process.


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