Disaster Recovery: Handling Kroll Restores for More Than 500 Users




This article explains the licensing process for Kroll users who need to restore from an Exchange environment with more than 500 users.


The Kroll Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange licenses bundled with the Datto SIRIS are for Exchange Databases for 500 users or less.

Kroll licenses expire after a set period. If the license on a partner's device reads as expired, they will need to provision one from the same location. There is no additional charge for this license on SIRIS devices; it is provided by Datto.

ALTO users must purchase this service at an additional cost. Partners will need to contact their Sales Executive, or navigate to the Purchasing & Billing → Service Billing category on the Datto Partner Portal if they need to purchase a Kroll license for an ALTO appliance.


If a partner's Exchange Database contains more than 500 users, the Exchange Mailbox Restore with Kroll Ontrack (Kroll Restore) article instructs them to contact Datto Technical Support for assistance with licensing. If you receive a call from a partner requesting this type of assistance, perform the following steps to obtain an expanded Kroll license:

  1. In the support ticket, fill out the US Kroll License macro. Fill out all required fields.
  2. Save the changes. Zendesk will share the ticket with Level 3.
  3. A Level 3 technician will attach the expanded Kroll license to the ticket. Download the license, and attach it to partner-facing update in the support case.

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