Datto Drive: Troubleshooting Connection Closed / Operation Canceled



This article describes how to troubleshoot a "Connection closed / Operation canceled" error when sending certain files.  


When sending certain file types, Datto Drive will fail with a "Connection closed / Operation canceled" error message and will skip that file/folder.


  • Directories or files deleted from the source computer are not updated on the source
  • Datto Drive csync database could be corrupt
  • These errors could be caused by issues with particular files or folders (corruption, being constantly in use. etc.) Certain file types, notable PST's Quickbooks, will cause this type of issue. 


1. If directories or files were deleted from the source computer but still show in the subdomain, delete them from the subdomain.

2. Enable desktop logging to help narrow down the issue

3. Verify the files that are failing still exist at the location. If the files still exist in the location, the Datto Drive csync database is corrupt. Perform the following steps to resolve this issue. 

4. Exit the Datto Drive app completely

5. Find the .csync files
Right click the sync connection > open folder > view hidden files

6. Delete all of the .csync files for the share

7. Restart Datto Drive

8. Attempt to send the files again

9. If the send still fails, exclude the files showing as problematic in the desktop log and try sending again.


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    Christian Gutierrez

    Had a case in which there was no .csync file however there was a ._sync_base63b4858f2 file. I did the following:

    Stopped datto drive local and moved the ._sync_base63b4858f2 file to another location. Restarted DD local and tried the sync again.

    That worked.