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This article describes Trunk Ports and Access Ports on Open Mesh Switches.

Trunk Ports

Used to connect network equipment together such as switches to switches or switches to router. These types of ports are used to carry many VLANs and will accept 802.1q VLAN-tagged Packets.


In order to set this type of port on an OM switch:

  1. Add the desired VLANs to Allowed VLANs
  2. Leave the PVID and Untagged VLANs as 1
The default VLANs in the Allowed VLANs field are 991-994 to allow our APs to talk to each other

Access Ports

Used to connect endpoints in the network such as a computer or VoIP phone. These ports will designate which VLAN the end client is using.


In order to set this type of port on an OM switch:

  1. Add the desired VLAN to the PVID and Untagged VLANs fields. These two fields should almost always match.
  2. You can leave the default Allowed Tagged VLANs as is, it won't hurt anything.
It is very important that you do NOT remove VLAN ID 1 (the management VLAN) from the PVID and Untagged VLANs columns of the ports that are used for uplink, as this will result in the switch not checking in with Datto Networking Cloud Management anymore.

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