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Datto Drive Error: Unable to Sync Journal/ Connection Closed/ Operation Cancelled



When I try to perform a sync operation in Datto Drive, I receive one of the following error messages:

  • Unable to sync journal
  • Connection closed
  • Operation cancelled


  • Datto Drive


This error can be caused by: 

  • Adding a folder without proper user permissions
  • A directory without proper permissions
  • The app not running under the correct permissions
  • Local sync database files needing to be rebuilt due to size or corruption


1. Ensure all users have full read/write permissions on the local machine when syncing directories.

2. Ensure the Datto Drive app is installed and running under an administrator account, or with sufficient permissions to read/write & execute files.

3. If you have verified that the application and users have the correct permissions, remove and re-add the machine's folder sync connection.

4. Make sure you are using the latest version of Datto Drive.

If the issue persists, recreate the connection.

Recreating the connection

1. Right-click the connection and click Remove folder sync connection.

Figure 1: Remove folder sync connection

2. When prompted, click Remove folder sync connection. 

Figure 2: Confirm folder sync connection removal

3. Re-add the folder connection by clicking Add folder sync connection and specifying the path of the folder you wish to add. 

Figure 3: Re-add the folder sync connection

If the issue persists, remove the sync database files located in the sync folder by performing the following steps:

1. Open the destination folder on the target machine.

Figure 4: Open folder

2. From the Windows Explorer View tab, check the Hidden items box.

Figure 4: View  → Hidden items

3. You should see three ._sync files, as shown in Figure 5. Remove them, and restart the sync.

Sync files local.PNGFigure 5: ._sync files

If the ._sync files do not rebuild, investigate a larger permissions issue in your production environment. As an example, a NAS share may receive a firmware update which resets its drive permissions, resulting in this error.

If you tried all of the above steps, enable logging, recreate the error, and open a ticket with Datto Technical Support with logs attached for further assistance.


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