SIRIS 3 Enterprise: Backplane and Carriage Swap



This article describes the procedure to change the backplane and drive carriage on a 2U form factor SIRIS 3 Enterprise device.


1. Turn off the device and remove the array drives. 

2. Undo the two Phillips-head screws securing the top of the chassis; there is one on each side. Lift the latch and slide the top back. See Figure 1.


Figure 1: Removing the screws that secure the top 

3. Press on the two tabs, then slide the metal cover back and remove it. See Figure 2.


Figure 2: Press the tabs and slide the cover back

4. Remove the fans by unscrewing the blue thumb-screws and gently pulling them up. See Figure 3.


Figure 3: Removing the fans

5. Disconnect the two 8-pin power cables and the two SAS cables going into the backplane. See Figure 4.


Figure 4: Disconnect power cables and SAS cables from the backplane

6. There is a small blue latch on each side of the drive carriage. To unlock, pull them up and flip them toward the back of the device. Slide the unlocked carriage slightly forward, then pull it up to remove. See Figure 5.


Figure 5: Unlock the drive carriage

7. Replace with the new drive carriage and backplane. 
8. Reverse these steps to secure the device for use.

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