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This article explains the Offsite Audit Report. This report shows what recovery points are in the cloud, the characteristics of that data, and how much space that data uses. For more information about how Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology works, see the article Explaining the Inverse Chain.


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  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto Partner Portal


The Offsite Audit Report gives you a comprehensive report of the Datto device's offsite backups, including:

  • Total device size
  • Information about the cloud server
  • Active datasets per protected machine 
  • OLDCHAIN datasets stored for archival purposes
  • Datasets in the Cloud Recycle Bin pending removal
  • Breakdown of stored recovery points for each agent


Running an offsite audit can take a long time. You do not need to stay on this page while it runs. If over an hour has elapsed and you do not have results from this audit, contact Datto Technical Support.
The offsite audit runs once per day; re-running the audit will generate the same report information.


Running an audit

1. Login to

2. Click on the Devices menu, and click BCDR Status.

3. Click on the name of the device you wish to audit.

Figure 1: The Devices page of BCDR Status (click to enlarge)

Scroll down the page to the Offsite section and click the Offsite Audit button. The report will start running. It will automatically open when done.

Figure 2: The Offsite section of the device page (click to enlarge) 


Entries in the Offsite Audit report appended with the prefix 'OLDCHAIN,' such as "OLDCHAIN-1441652484-rsync4" indicate orphaned backup chains which are not associated with any active or archived datasets on your Datto appliance. Users cannot manually manage or restore these backup chains. To restore, delete, or migrate OLDCHAIN data, contact Datto Technical Support. If you are certain an old chain is no longer needed and wish to have it permanently deleted, submit an Offsite Prune Request (log-in required).

Cloud Recycle Bin data

Datto's Cloud Recycle Bin system places a seven-day delay on a cloud dataset deletion once it gets removed from the UI. You may see these recycled datasets listed on your report. Recycled datasets are automatically deleted after seven days, but will not be removed as part of any prune request.  If you require any data in the recycle bin to be removed in less than the normal seven days, you will need to request a Certificate of Destruction.

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