How Datto Drive Differs from Backup Utilities



 This article discusses the difference in purpose and function between Datto Drive and backup utilities.

Is Datto Drive a Backup Utility? 

Because Datto Drive can restore "lost" files and folders, it is sometimes mistaken for a full-fledged backup solution that can store an entire OS or storage drive. This is not the case; Datto Drive software is for file sharing and syncing and should not be used in place of a dedicated backup utility.

 Why Datto Drive is NOT a backup utility:

  1. If you delete a file and then it is deleted from the Datto Drive trash bin, it is lost forever with no chance of recovery.

  2. If you delete a user, all data specific to that user is immediately deleted from Datto Drive.

  3. Datto Drive's Geo-redundancy feature is designed for high-availability syncing, not for backing up with a replication center.

  4. Datto Drive syncs everything, including any modifications to data and data deletions, immediately after changes are made.

  5. We can restore versions of files, but only one by one.

  6. Point in Time (PiT) restore on Datto Drive will restore the entire domain to a previous point, not data for individual users. Point in Time refers to restoring a file, folder, or entire directory back to the way it was at a specific given point in time.

What types of files should I not add to Datto Drive?

While Datto does not explicitly blacklist any types of files from being added to Datto Drive, uploading certain types of files may cause transmission or connection failures. See the Datto Drive: Connection Closed / Operation Canceled article for more information.

Datto also does not recommend storing any type of file that undergoes frequent read/write operations, such as a database, on Datto Drive.

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