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How do I configure alerts using the BCDR Status page in the Datto partner portal?


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This article explains how to set up hardware and account alerts for your Datto device in the Partner Portal using the BCDR Status page.

Agent-specific alerts

You can only configure agent-specific alerts and reports (such as log digests), through your Datto device's GUI. See the Datto alerts and notifications resource guide to learn more about alerts and notifications.


1. Log into the Datto Partner portal and click the Status tab, then select BCDR Status from the drop-down menu.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

2. Type the device name in the search bar at the top right, then select the device from the main window.

serchDatto_blur.jpgFigure 2: Device backup status (click to enlarge)

3. Click the Device Alerts button.

deviceAlertsBlur.jpgFigure 3: The Device Alerts button (click to enlarge)

4. You will now see the Alert Settings screen.

settings.pngFigure 4: The Alert Settings screen (click to enlarge)

Configurable Alerts

Device Hardware Alert

Configure this option to provide notifications if there is a hardware issue or a SMART status alert for the device.

Device Not Seen Alert

This alert will send if the appliance fails to check in with the Datto remote monitoring servers within a specific length of time (60 minutes by default). Do not change this value to anything less than 20 minutes as the devices check in once every 10 minutes.

Sync Completion Alert

This alert will send if the appliance has not reached full sync within a set period (14 days by default). Set this value to two days or higher to avoid persistent alerts.

High Local Activity Alert

This alert will send if the total change written to the appliance's storage (includes all snapshots, screenshots, offsite data, device updates, etc.) in a 24-hour window, from 4:00 am EST to 4:00 am EST the following day, exceeds a set amount (5 GB by default).

Low Disk Space Alert

This alert will send if your appliance is running low on disk space. You can set the threshold for remaining space before receiving the alert.

External IP Alert

This alert will send if the external (public) IP address of the network where the Datto is communicating from changes.

Deletion Alert

This alert will send if more than a set amount of data (5 GB by default) is deleted from the appliance.

Protecting half device's storage capacity

This alert will send if the total amount of protected data surpasses 55% of the device's capacity. 

For more information about this alert, refer to the following article: Properly sizing a Datto Appliance.

9. Clone Alerts to Another Device

Configure these alerts, and clone them to other Datto devices.

Configuring Email Alerts for Billing and Marketing Emails

Location: Admin → Portal Email Alerts

portalEmailAlerts.pngFigure 5: Portal Email Alerts (click to enlarge)

If you are a Microsoft Exchange Online user, and you do not receive all alert emails, check the Clutter folder for the missing messages.

What's new:

  • Partners can change the default addresses used for sending emails.
  • By default, Datto sends a "New Appliance Shipped" email to the primary and billing email address.
  • You can change this by checking the different boxes or adding a separate email.

All alerts sent will have "Email Type:" at the bottom of the email, and will match the type in the portal.

emailAlerts.pngFigure 6: The Email Alert Settings screen (click to enlarge)

Integrated Alerts

Autotask and Datto RMM can integrate with Datto's alerting. Alerting can also integrate with third-party applications, including ConnectWise, BrightGauge, ITGlue, and many others. The following links will direct you to external Knowledge Base content for further details and support.

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