DNA: Network Health



This article describes the Network Health card of the Datto Networking Appliance's (DNA) GUI.


The Network Health card shows connectivity status between the Internet, your DNA, and the LAN across its configured interfaces.

To access the Network Health card, log into the DNA web interface, and click Network Overview, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Overview

You will see the Network Health card at the top of the Network Overview page.

Figure 2: Network Health 


Green solid line

The connection is currently active and capable of passing traffic.

Green dotted line

The connection is on standby ready to pass traffic if the primary connection drops.

Red dotted line

The connection is unplugged.

Red solid line

The connection is faulted.

Gray dotted line

The connection is disabled.

The WiFi and LAN connection indicators display the total number of connected devices at a glance. 

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