DNA: Network Usage



This article describes the Network Usage card of the Datto Networking Appliance's (DNA) GUI. 


The Network Usage card shows the total upstream and downstream data usage passing through your Datto Networking Appliance. It can also report usage on a per-category basis.

To access the Network Usage card, log into the DNA web interface, and click Network Overview, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Overview

You will see the Network Usage card displayed below the Network Health card on the Network Overview page.

Figure 2: Network Usage

The Total Usage tab, shown in Figure 2, displays a constantly-updating graph that reports download and upload usage in megabytes over the last 30 minutes. You can hover your mouse cursor over any section of the graph for additional granular information.

The Top Applications tab, shown below, displays the total data usage from the last 7 days as a pie chart, and ranked by application. 

Figure 3: Top Applications

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