DNA: Router Details



This article describes the Router Details card of the Datto Networking Appliance's (DNA) GUI. 


The Router Details card displays the status of the router hardware on your Datto Networking Appliance.

To access the Router Details card, log into the DNA web interface, and click Network Overview, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Overview

You will see the Router Details card displayed on the right-hand side of the Network Overview page.

Figure 2: Router Details card

The Router Details card displays the following information:

OS Version: The current device firmware version installed on the DNA
Serial Number: The serial number of the DNA
Assigned Public Address: The unique public domain name assigned to the DNA for dynamic DNS. This address points to the Primary WAN IP address.
Power: Clicking Reboot will power-cycle the DNA.
Reset: Clicking the Factory Reset button will reset the DNA to its factory state.

By performing a factory reset, your DNA's configuration will be reset. Your Internet connection will be disrupted. If you have a static IP address configured for your ISP, you will operate in a degraded failover state once the reset is complete.

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