How Do I Connect to Hybrid and Cloud Virtualizations?



How do I connect to hybrid and cloud virtualizations?


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO


This article describes steps for remotely connecting to a cloud-based or hybrid virtualization.


This article assumes that you have already started a cloud-based virtualization from the Recovery Launchpad or a hybrid virtualization from the Datto appliance GUI. The virtualization does not need to have networking, but the Require RDP Authentication option must be selected in the VM settings through the local Datto appliance or the Recovery Launchpad, as shown below.

Figure 1: Virtualization options

Figure 2: Security options

Establishing a connection in your browser

This option allows you to connect to a running cloud VM from within your browser, with no need for a VNC client. To connect, click Remote Connect, then select Launch In Browser. 

Figure 3: Remote connect options

Figure 4: the VM displayed in the browser

Establishing a connection via VNC

Obtain the VNC Credentials

From the Recovery Launchpad:

1. From the Recovery Launchpad, make note of the running VM's RDP/VNC server address. Then, click the Remote Connect button, and click See authentication credentials, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 5: See authentication credentials

2. Make note of the RDP/VNC password shown in the Remote Credentials box, and then click Dismiss.

Figure 6: Remote credentials

3. Proceed to the Connect to the Remote VM section of this article.

From the Datto appliance GUI:

1. From the Manage Restore page of your hybrid virtualization, make note of the VNC server address shown in the RDP Link field, as well as the Username and Password values shown in the Security field (Figure 3).

Figure 7: Hybrid virtualization credentials

2. Proceed to the Connect to the Remote VM section of this article.

Connect to the Remote VM

1. In the VNC application of your choice, connect to the VNC server address you noted. You may use any VNC application that is capable of completing these steps.

Figure 8: Entering VNC server address in VNC Viewer

You might receive an "Unencrypted connection" warning similar to the example shown in Figure 9. Click Continue to proceed with the connection process. Optionally, you can also check the Don't warn me about this again on this computer box to dismiss future encryption warnings for the connection.

Figure 9: Unencrypted connection warning in VNC Viewer

2. When prompted, enter the VNC Password you recorded, and then click OK to proceed. You can also check the Remember password box if you do not wish to be prompted for the VNC password for this connection again.

Figure 10: VNC password prompt in VNC Viewer

3. You will be connected to the virtual machine via VNC.

Figure 11: Successful VNC viewer connection to a VM on a Datto appliance

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