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DLA/DWA Error: Operation Timed out After 60001 Milliseconds with 0 Bytes Received



This article discusses troubleshooting for the error Operation Timed out After 60001 Milliseconds with 0 Bytes Received on Datto Linux Agents (DLA) and Datto Windows Agents (DWA).

Possible cause

This is generally caused by network or server performance issues. This is where troubleshooting should focus. 

Steps to fix

1. Make sure all networking requirements met as per the networking and bandwidth requirements article. 

2. Ensure that any other resource intensive actions are not happening when you wish to back up the server (defrags, disk optimizations, database backups or optimizations, etc).

3. Check resource usage to ensure the server is not reaching saturation server during backup times.

Windows 10 Server 2012/2016 network:

  • Open Task Manager, and go to the performance tab.
  • Select the active ethernet port and check utilization. Open a run window and type resmon for more detailed information about resource usage.

Windows 10 Server 2012/2016 general load:

  • Open Task Manager, and go to the performance tab.
  • Select CPU, Memory, and Disks to view the usage of each. Open a run window and type resmon for more detailed information about resource usage.

4. As a last resort, restart the following services:

  • Datto Backup Agent Service. 
    This service should be set to automatic startup and running even when a backup is not in progress. To restart, stop the service, wait a few seconds, then click start. Do not use restart.

  • Datto Provider. 
    This service should be set to automatic startup. It should not be running if a backup is not in progress. If it is running, but the UI does not show a backup taking place, stop the service and leave it stopped. 

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