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Ensuring business continuity during disaster events is crucial. The following resources will help you prepare for disaster recovery triage of IT infrastructure in an impacted area.

Proactive Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • Make sure that all active production machines are protected and backing up. Remember - you can use the Partner Portal's Status view and your Datto appliance's Manage Recovery Points page to ensure that all expected volumes are protected. Also, make sure that recent backups were successfully replicated offsite for each production machine.
  • Check that all recent screenshots for each production machine show a full boot of the host OS. Successful screenshots are your proof that a production machine will virtualize and restore in the event of a disaster. See our article series on Advanced Backup Verification for more information.
  • Make sure that any site you, your technician, or your end-users evacuate to has power generation, Internet, and cell phone connectivity. If possible and if necessary, take your Datto appliances to the alternate site with you.
  • Take corrective action as soon as possible. The Datto Partner Portal is your best source for Disaster Recovery resources. You can also use the Partner Portal to connect with Datto Support via chat, email or phone.

Network Continuity

The Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) is designed to ensure network continuity of an impacted site when disaster strikes. In the event that a client location loses connection to the Internet due to a local ISP outage or an on-site server failure, the DNA can immediately fail over to a wireless 4G LTE connection, preserving your site's link to the outside world. See our Datto Networking Appliance: Getting Started guide for more information.

IT Infrastructure Continuity

Ensuring network continuity is only the first step in a disaster recovery scenario. The continuity of your IT infrastructure is also critical. Datto's SIRIS, ALTO, and Cloud solutions provide a variety of failover and restore options when disaster strikes. The following resources will help you prepare. 

The Datto Partner Portal

As hurricane season continues, it's important to have your Business Continuity plan ready. Visit the Datto Partner Portal for preparedness information. For live updates, follow @dattosupport on Twitter.

Datto Help

Datto's new Help Portal is your one-stop location for self-service resources. Featuring a powerful search engine that aggregates results from across the Datto ecosystem, the Help Portal delivers relevant results, and can connect you to Technical Support if you need further assistance.

Datto Technical Support

Datto Technical Support is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Should you need help with any Datto-related solution, here's how to get in touch.

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