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How to Rackmount a SIRIS 3 Professional & SIRIS 3 Enterprise



This article goes over the steps to rackmount a SIRIS 3 Professional (S3P) and a SIRIS 3 Enterprise (S3E). The SIRIS 3 Enterprise and Professional models use the same rails and style. 


1. Mount the rails within the rack There are three screws that face the front (Cold Isle) and a "flat side" that slides into the back of the rack. Slide the "flat side" into the slot on the back of the rack and lift the lever shown in Figure 1, below, to insert the rail into the front of the rack.

Figure 1: Lift the lever to insert the rail into the front of the rack.

Insert the three screws through the front bezel. See Figure 2, below.

 Figure 2: Insert the three screws into the front bezel.

2. Mount the inner rails onto the device. Figure 3, below, shows the rail and the cutout used to attach to the knob on the device (Indicated by the two arrows).


Figure 3: Mount the inner rails on the server

Figure 4, below, shows the rail properly mounted to the side of the device. This must be done on both sides.


Figure 4: The rails properly mounted to the device

3. Lift the device and slide it onto the rack-mounted rails. See Figure 5, below.

Figure 5: Insert the inner rails into the outer rails

Once lined up and inserted, the inner rails will slide into the outer rails. See Figure 6.


Figure 6: Slide the inner rails into the outer rails

4. Pull the blue tabs on the rail sides toward the front of the device until the device can slide all the way into the rack.


Figure 7: Pull the blue tabs forward and slide the device into the rack

The appliance is now ready to be registered and connected to the network!

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