DNA: Performing a Factory Reset



This article describes the Factory Reset option of the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA). 


The Factory Reset option allows you to reset your Datto Networking Appliance to its factory condition. 

By performing a factory reset, your DNA's configuration will be reset. Your Internet connection will be disrupted. If you have a static IP address configured for your ISP, you will operate in a degraded failover state once the reset is complete.


Software Reset

If you can access the DNA's management interface, you can perform a software-based factory reset of the device from the Router Details card. To access this card, log into the DNA web interface, and click Network Overview, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Overview

You will see the Router Details card displayed on the right-hand side of the Network Overview page.

Figure 2: Router Details card

Click the Factory Reset button to begin. The DNA will surface the following warning:

Figure 3: Factory reset warning

Click Yes, Reset All Settings to proceed. The DNA will go offline temporarily while it resets. After reboot, all settings on the device will be set to factory defaults.

Hardware Reset

If you cannot access the DNA's GUI, you can perform a hardware factory reset. On the back of the DNA, press and hold the top pinhole shown in Figure 4 for 10 seconds. After releasing the pinhole button, the LEDs on the front of the DNA will go off momentarily.

When the DNA reboots, all settings on the device will be set to factory defaults.

Figure 4: Factory reset pinhole

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