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Kroll Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange: Error Processing Log Files



This article discusses the cause of the Kroll Ontrak error "An error occurred processing the log files, continuing without logs."


While Kroll Ontrack 7.3 is attempting to process the log/database files for an Exchange 2013 SP1 mail restoration, you see the following message followed by a yes/no prompt:

An error occurred processing the log files, continuing without logs. Note: Continuing without logs may result in data omission from store due to data contained by the missing log files.

Clicking "No" at this prompt displays:

Ontrack PowerControls has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. _E_LOGERROR: An error occurred during the processing of the log files.

Clicking "Yes" at the prompt displays:

Ontrack PowerControls has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Ontrack PowerControls is unable to process the contents of this file. Ontrack PowerControls supports Microsoft Exchange database (.EDB) files and Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage (.PST) files. Please make sure a complete data set, including log files, is used. If this file contains important and inaccessible data, you may wish to contact Ontrack Data Recovery at http://www.ontrackdatarecovery.comto learn more about data recovery products and services.


A bug in the dynamic link library in Kroll Ontrack 7.3 for Exchange 2016 CU5 database restorations.


Shut down Kroll Ontrack completely and replace ExchLib.dll in the OnTrack Power Controls 7.3 install folder with the replacement DLL files attached to this article. Use 7.3 If that fails, try the version 9 file: exchlib.dll. Note that there are no guarantees that this will fix the issue. 

Using this DLL does not preclude the possibility of having to perform integrity checks and repairs on an Exchange database if errors with PowerControls are encountered during a restoration.


If replacing the Exchlib.dll file fails, the workaround is to spin up the Exchange Server on a private subnet outside the production network (local or offsite), and spin up the Domain Controller as well. In this way, a PST export can be done directly through Exchange. See this article for more information.

Once exported, Datto Technical Support can provide access to the PST file from the VM through a file restore.


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