How do I integrate ConnectWise 2.0 with my Datto appliance?



This article explains how to configure and use the new Datto / ConnectWise Manage Integration. The Datto / ConnectWise Manage Integration allows Datto to create tickets, configurations and agreements in your ConnectWise managed environment.


  • ConnectWise Manage
  • ConnectWise 2.0


Figure 1: The ConnectWise 2.0 configuration page


Before starting, ensure that your setup meets the following criteria:

  • You are running ConnectWise version 2012 or later.
  • You have access to add and/or edit API Members within ConnectWise.
  • You have access to the setup tables such as configuration type.

Device Alert Setup

When an alert is raised on your Datto device, Datto's ConnectWise integration immediately opens a service ticket on your ConnectWise service board. You will see mention of Device alerts and Agent alerts during the setup process on the Partner Portal, below.

For a device or agent alert to create a ticket, you must first set an email address for that type of alert. The specified email address tells the device to raise alert messages. For information on setting up these alerts, please check the links above. 

Datto appliances do not raise service board tickets for screenshot alerts.

API Member Setup

Unlike the previous Datto / ConnectWise Manage integration, you do not need to configure the integrator table within ConnectWise. Instead, you will create a new API Member. Once configured, Datto will authenticate with ConnectWise via Public & Private API Member Keys.

Setting up the new API

  • Within ConnectWise, access the API Members section by clicking System > Members and then selecting for the API Members tab. 
  • Choose Add a New API Member.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • Select the API license class.
  • Select the Admin System Role ID.
  • Click the + button to create a new API key.
  • When prompted, provide a description for the API key and click Save. ConnectWise will automatically generate a public and private key. Please take note of the Private Key, as it will only ever be displayed on creation.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_9.18.30_AM.pngFigure 2: Setting up the API in ConnectWise

Navigating to the ConnectWise 2.0 Integrations Management Page

In the Partner Portal, click on Admin, then choose Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Figure 3: Select Admin from the drop-down menu

On the next screen, select ConnectWise from the menu bar. You should be prompted for your credentials. Host and Company Name are the same as your ConnectWise credentials. The API Member Public Key and API Member Private Key were generated during the API Member step above. Once confirmed, click Authenticate.

Figure 4: Select ConnectWise from the menu bar. 

ConnectWise 2.0 Setup Options

Header options

Figure 5: The ConnectWise 2.0 header

In the header you can select ConnectWise as the integration type, and choose to enable or disable integration on a global level.

Configuration Type

Now you can make a Configuration type specifically for the Datto devices. If no configuration types exist during first time setup, Datto will create one for you.

Open the setup tables by clicking System > Setup Tables. Search for Configuration, then select the Configuration Types (not Configuration Status) table. Name the configuration type whatever you’d like, but take note of the name as you will use it again later in the setup process. Under Configuration Type, choose the configuration type that is set up specifically for your Datto devices.

Figure 6: Configuration type

Set Default Values

This section lets you specify the default values for the ConnectWise integration. You can specify default values for each device reporting to your ConnectWise Manage integration. When you are finished configuring default values, click Save Settings to save.

Figure 7: Set Default Values

Service Board
Choose what service board receives alert-generated tickets from the Datto device.

Ticket Status
Choose the default status for new tickets.

Device Alert
Choose whether global device alerts generate an email, a service ticket from the selected service board, or both. For redundancy, Datto strongly recommends configuring your integration to receive both email and ConnectWise alerts.

Agent Alert
Choose whether alerts from individual agents on the Datto device generate an email, a service ticket from the selected service board, or both. For redundancy, Datto strongly recommends configuring your integration to receive both email and ConnectWise alerts.

Agreement Type
Here, you can specify the type of billing agreement that governs the Datto device. This setting creates an association between the Agreement type and the configuration. Agreement type details can then be customized within ConnectWise Manage. If you are not using agreements, select Default.

Service SubType
Choose the default service subtype. 

Manage Device Settings

This section displays basic information about the Datto devices in the fleet, including device names, serial numbers, models, settings, company names, and integration status. After you’ve selected default values, you can begin associating your Datto Devices with ConnectWise Companies and update any settings specific to the device.

Figure 8: Manage device settings

  • Within the Manage Device Settings table, click Edit for the desired Device.
  • Search for and select a ConnectWise company you would like to associate with the device. Then, select a contact within that company.
  • If you’d like to use the default values you have just configured, click Save Settings to submit the modal.
  • If you would like to change any settings for this device only, uncheck Use Default Device Settings and make any desired updates.

Once the device has been associated with a company, you can enable the integration for that device. Click the Integration Enabled toggle for the device to enable that device through the ConnectWise Integration.

Overages and off-site charges for non-Total Cloud Retention devices can no longer be configured through Datto / ConnectWise.

If you have any problems or questions, reach out to Datto's Technical Support team.

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