Understanding Remote Logging



This article provides an overview of the Remote Logging feature, as well as setup instructions. 


The Remote Logging option via CEF (Comment Event Format) gives you the capability to remotely log Syslog events from the Datto to your external logging server. 


Remote Logging can be configured in the Device GUI under Configure > Device Settings.
Once enabled you will see the setup portion(As seen below).


Through the UI you will input the IP of the syslog server. Port 514 is automatically generated, as this port is for syslog servers (These logs are pushed out of port 514 UDP). 

When setting up to receive these logs you will receive logs from /var/log/syslog 

Syslog messages usually include information to help identify basic information about where, when, and why the log was sent, as well as IP address, timestamp, and the actual log message.

Additional Resources

How to: Configure Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS as a Syslog Server (external link)

Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 syslogger resource (external link)

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