How Do I Manage Clients in the Partner Portal?



How do I manage client users in the Datto Partner Portal?


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Navigating to the Manage Clients page

Log into the Datto Partner Portal, select the Admin tab, then select Manage Clients in the drop-down menu.

Figure 1: The Datto Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

On the Manage Clients page, you can: 

  • Create new clients
  • Edit clients' personnel, network, and device information 
  • Delete clients' information 

Figure 2: Manage Clients (click to enlarge)

Creating a new client

1. On the Manage Clients page, click the Create Client button.

2. Enter the client's name, then click Create Client.

Figure 3: Create a new client (click to enlarge)

The client is now created, and an individual admin page for the new client will now open. On this page, you can:

  • Link to the client's BCDR devices
  • Link to the clients' networks
  • Add individual users to help monitor client devices

Figure 4: Manage Clients page (click to enlarge)

Linking a new business continuity device 

1. On the client admin page, Click the Add Devices button, then enter the device hostname or serial number in the pop-up field, and click Link Devices. 

2. Search for the device by hostname or serial number. When you press Enter the device's information will autofill. 

3. Click Link devices to complete the setup.

Figure 5: Link business continuity devices (click to enlarge)

Linking a network 

1. On the client admin page, click the Link Networks button, then search for the network by name, group name, DNA hostname or DNA serial number. When you press Enter the device's information will autofill. 

Figure 6: Link networks (click to enlarge)

Linking a new user

Click the Link Users button, then enter the user's information (each user requires a unique username) and click Link Devices. If adding multiple users, check Add another client user to repeat the workflow. 

Figure 6: Linking a new user (click to enlarge)

Other options

In addition to adding users, the Add Users card also offers options to:

  • Enable two-factor authentication for the client
  • Use custom branding for the client

The Set Branding button opens the Customize page. Here, under Global, you can choose how to identify your devices, choose a personal portal background, set custom background images for all your clients, and apply a logo image for all your clients. 

Under Local, you can choose the sorting criteria for your devices, choose the format in which local storage is displayed, choose backup thresholds, and determine how many devices will be displayed per page. 

Only the primary account can access the Set Branding page.

Figure 7: Branding settings page (click to enlarge)

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