SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Reassign Agentless System (Agentless Rename)



This article describes the Reassign Agentless System feature of the Datto appliance GUI. To rename an agent-based system, see the Rename Agent article.


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The Reassign Agentless System feature allows an operator to retarget the moRef ID or VM ID of an agentless backup dataset. This is useful in situations where a protected virtual machine was migrated to a new host or was rebuilt and now has a new moRef ID or VM ID.

To access the Reassign Agentless System feature, access the Datto appliance GUI, and click the Protect tab. Then, click the Configure Agent Settings link for the agent requiring the change.

Figure 1: Unreachable agent with Configure Agent Settings option highlighted 


To reassign an agent, scroll down to the Reassign Agentless System section of the Advanced category, and click Reassign System, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Advanced → Reassign System

The Datto appliance will communicate with all connected hypervisors, and aggregate a list of virtual machines compatible with the Datto backup solution  that you can choose from. See Figure 3 for an example.

Select the replacement system carefully. Reassigning an agentless system will automatically relink the agentless backup to the virtual machine selected. If the virtual machine you select is a different virtual machine from the original, the next backup in its chain will be a full backup.

Figure 3: Reassign Agentless System prompt

Select the target system, and then click Reassign System. Your Datto appliance will attempt to pair with the virtual machine. If the pairing succeeds, the message "Agentless system has been successfully reassigned" will appear in the Reassign Agentless System pane.


While rare, it is possible that you may encounter one or more errors during the reassignment process. If this happens, the Datto appliance will display one of the following notifications:

Unable to find the system with morefid: <moRef ID>
The Datto appliance is unable to locate the selected VM via its moRef ID. This can indicate a problem on the hypervisor. Resolve the issue with the production environment, and then reload the Configure Agent Settings page. Attempt the reassignment again.

Invalid connection name
The Datto appliance cannot connect to the target hypervisor to perform the reassignment action. Verify that the hypervisor connection is still present on the Datto appliance's Hypervisor Connections page, and that the hypervisor is not experiencing network connectivity issues. Attempt the reassignment again.

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