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Datto strives to provide customers with the flexibility of customizing our devices and software to their specific needs. Custom.sh scripts are one way we allow our customers to do that. Historically, we have allowed users to host and download any custom.sh scripts onto the devices. In order to comply with new FCC rules which mandate that certain parts of the WiFi radio settings not be altered by end-users, we are introducing an approval process for custom.sh scripts.

The new approval process goes into effect for the new OM5P-AC model, MR1750 units sold after May 1, 2016, and for all Datto access points starting June 2016.

The new process for deploying custom.sh scripts is as follows:

  • Collect all files required for you to deploy your custom application code and send them to support@datto.com.
    • This includes the main custom.sh script and any other files that it depends on.
    • Binary files can no longer be included, as we need to be able to see what the code does.
  • Provide a contact person (email, phone) for additional questions, as our team reviews your files.
  • Wait for our team to review and process the files.
    • Once we are done reviewing and approving the files, we will host them on our AWS servers and provide you a URL.
  • Once you get back a URL from our team, you can use it to install custom.sh scripts using Datto Managed Networking, the way you did before.

Unapproved custom.sh scripts will generate an error in Datto Managed Networking: "Your custom.sh script was not applied to all access points."

For details on how to install custom.sh scripts via CloudTrax, please read Custom.sh scripts overview.

For security and compliance purposes, only custom scripts approved by Datto may be run on networking devices. To be eligible for support, scripts must have completed the approval process and be hosted on a Datto server. Custom script support will be deprecated by the end of Q4 2019. If custom scripts are critical to your deployment and you require ongoing support after this date, contact your Datto sales representative. If you are a Datto partner and require presence analytics, consider configuring the Datto Networking syslog or presence API features.

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