Finding the BSSID of an Access Point



  • How do I find the BSSID of an Access Point?


  • Datto Managed Networking Access Point (AP) hardware


The BSSID is the MAC address of the radio interface the client device is currently connected to. This can help determine exactly which access point the client device is connected to. Keep in mind that each access point has a range of MAC addresses assigned to it. The BSSID will not exactly match the MAC address listed in Datto Managed Networking.

To find the BSSID in Windows:

Open a Command Prompt and type:

netsh wlan show interfaces

Press Enter. The BSSID will be one of the values listed.

To find the BSSID in macOS:

Hold the Option key while clicking the WiFi icon in the upper right corner. BSSID will be listed in the drop-down menu.

To find the BSSID in Android:

Use the app WiFi Analyzer.

To find the BSSID in iOS

Use the app Network Analyzer Lite.

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