Datto Drive Local: Downloading and Installing on Android and iOS Mobile Platforms



How do I download and install the mobile version of Datto Drive Local?


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The Datt Drive app is available on both Android devices from the Google Play store and iOS devices from the Apple App Store. 

Installing Datto Drive on iOS devices

1. On your iOS device, open the App Store and search for Datto Drive.

Figure 1: Search for Datto Drive in the App Store.

2. Click the cloud icon to begin installation. 

Figure 2: click the cloud icon to install. 

3. Once Datto Drive is installed, the login screen will appear. 

Figure 3: Log into Datto Drive

Installing Datto Drive on Android devices

1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store and search for Datto Drive.

Figure 4: Search for Datto Drive in the Google Play Store

2. Click the Install button to download the app. It will request permission to access storage in order to download and upload files to and from your phone.

Figure 5: Install the Datto Drive app

Using the Datto Drive app

The examples below show Android device screens. There may be slight differences between the Android and iOS versions of the Datto Drive app. 

The Datto Drive root folder

Once you are logged into the Datto Drive app, you will see the root folder. By default, the Documents and Photos folders will be present. The Desktop Clients folder stores installers to deploy the client software to desktop environments, but it is preferable to download the sync app from the web interface as it will be up-to-date, and covers Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux machines.

If a file is local on the device, there will be indicated by a green icon in the corner or to the side of the thumbnail. Clicking the file will start a download if it is not already on the device.

Figure 6: The Datto Drive root folder

The main menu

The main menu appears in the top left.

  • Press All Files to return to the main screen.
  • Press Uploads for information on recent sync jobs, including completed syncs, files waiting to be synced, and sync failures.
  • On the Uploads screen, the menu at the top right will let you retry or clear any failed syncs, and clear all finished syncs.

Figure 7: The main menu 

The contextual menu

The contextual menu appears at the top right, and changes its options to fit the current screen. 

  • On the main page, or any folders below the root folder, the refresh account option forces an update with the remote server.
  • Sort view and grid view allow you to arrange and change the layout of the files and folder within.
  • Selecting a file, such as a photo, will provide options to create a shareable link to the file, open it with a specific app, remove it, send it to others using the available method of your choice, add it as a favorite, and view the file's details.

Figure 8: The contextual menu

The File Menu

Long pressing a file brings up the file menu. This menu provides options to rename, copy, and move a file, as well as synchronize a locally modified file with its offsite copy. 

 Figure 9: The file menu

Manipulating a file

To manipulate a file, press the blue circle with the plus sign; it will expand and offer three options.

  • Upload will upload the file to Datto Drive.
  • Content from other apps uploads the contents of supported applications.
  • New folder lets you create and name a new folder in the current location. 

Figure 10: Manipulate a file


 Choosing Settings from the main menu brings up the settings screen.

  • Press Add Account to add additional accounts.
  • Instant picture upload and Instant video upload will immediately upload any pictures or movies when taken. 
  • Passcode lock allows you to set a 4 digit pin to unlock the Datto Drive app. 

Figure 11, below, shows the Settings screen for Android. it will look slightly different on iOS devices.

Figure 11: The Settings screen

Additional considerations

The ownCloud app, available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, is also compatible with Datto Drive. 


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