Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite: EMEA Purchasing Process




What is the procedure for partners to purchase Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite in the EMEA region?


Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite: Partner-managed

This flow will provision the client on G Suite 1.0 only. G Suite 2.0 is not yet available to EMEA partners.


1. Have the partner navigate to SaaS Protection in the EMEA Partner Portal Store.

Figure 1: Navigate to the Store tab in the EMEA Partner Portal

Figure 2: Choose Datto SaaS Protection

2. The partner will be directed to contact their sales representative.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 10.55.26.pngFigure 3: Prompt to contact sales representative

3. The sales representative should direct the partner to create a free trial account on backupify.com.

4. Walk the partner through the standard G Suite free trial setup process for the partner's client.

5. The sales rep should create a support ticket (by sending an e-mail to support@backupify.zendesk.com), include the partner's contact information reseller ID, and Backupify customer ID.

6. Support should manually attach the ticket to the appropriate reseller, based on the supplied reseller ID, and remove the account's trial status.

7. After the accounts are linked, the new SaaS Protection account should appear in the SaaS Status page.

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