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How do I configure the Datto Drive External Storage Application?


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The External Storage Support Application enables you to mount external storage services and devices as secondary Datto Drive storage devices. You may also allow users to mount their own external storage services.

Storage configuration

To create a new external storage mount, select an available backend from the Add storage drop-down. Each backend has different required options, which are configured in the configuration fields.

Each backend may also accept multiple authentication methods. These are selected with the dropdown under Authentication. Different backends support different authentication mechanisms; some are specific to the backend, others are generic. See External Storage Authentication Mechanisms for more detailed information.

Figure 1: The External Storage application screen

When you select an authentication mechanism, the configuration fields change to field types appropriate for the mechanism. The SFTP backend, for example, supports username and password, Log-in credentials, and save in session.

Figure 2: Required configuration fields for the Username and Password authentication method

Required fields are marked with a red border. When all required fields are filled, the storage is automatically saved. A green dot next to the storage row indicates the storage is ready for use. A red or yellow icon indicates that Datto Drive could not connect to the external storage, so you need to re-check your configuration and network availability.

If there is an error on the storage, it will be marked as unavailable for ten minutes. To re-check it, click the colored icon or reload your Admin page.

User and group permissions

A storage configured in a user’s personal settings is available only to the user that created it. A storage configured in the Admin settings is available to all users by default, and it can be restricted to specific users and groups in the Available for field.

Figure 3: Setting user and group permissions

Mount Options

Hover the cursor to the right of any storage configuration to expose the settings button and trashcan. Click the trashcan to delete the mountpoint. The settings button allows you to configure each storage mount individually with the following options:

  • Encryption
  • Previews
  • Enable Sharing
  • Filesystem check frequency (Never, Once per direct access)
The Encryption checkbox is only available when the Encryption app is enabled. 

Enable Sharing allows the ownCloud admin to enable or disable sharing on individual mountpoints. When sharing is disabled (the default), the shares are retained internally, and become available again when sharing is reenabled.

Figure 4: Filesystem check mount options

Available storage backends

The External Storage App provides the following backends:

Other apps may provide their own backends, not listed here. 

Allow users to mount external storage

Check Enable User External Storage to allow users to mount their own external storage services, then check the backends you want to allow. Be aware, this allows a user to make potentially arbitrary connections to other services on your network.

Figure 5: Allow users to mount external storage


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