Error: Backup Attempt Failed: Backup attempt 2 of 2



When attempting to back up a server protected by the Datto Windows Agent, you receive the error message "Backup Attempt Failed: Backup attempt 2 of 2."


  • Datto Windows Agent


This issue can be caused by the Datto Filter Driver failing to initialize on the production machine. If this is the case, you will see output similar to the following in the Show Backup Logs section of the agent's Protect tab entry in the Datto Appliance GUI:

Thu 02/11/17 9:42:08 am - *** Datto filter driver installed but not
running. Reboot may be required. ***
Thu 02/11/17 9:42:08 am - Could not initialize Datto Driver.


1. Launch the Windows System Configuration utility (msconfig.exe). On the General tab, confirm that the production machine is set to Normal Startup.

  • If Selective Startup mode is required, ensure that the Datto Backup Agent and DattoProvider services are not excluded.

2. Reboot the production machine. Attempt another backup.

3. If the issue persists, manually reinstall the Datto Filter Driver. Run the following command from an elevated Command Prompt session:

C:\>"%SYSTEMROOT%\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoVBDInstall.exe" "%SYSTEMROOT%\Program Files\Datto\Drivers\DattoBusDrvInstall.inf"

4. Reboot the production machine to finalize the installation.

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