SIRIS Imager (aka Genisis) Troubleshooting


SIRIS Imager

Datto SIRIS Imager is a USB stick containing an encrypted operating system that has the capability to re-image systems with the SIRIS Operating System.

If you have not done so already, make sure that the target system meets minimum system and compatibility requirements by following the preliminary steps in the Getting Started article, before proceeding further.

If a conversion target has USB boot option in BIOS, it should be powered down and the Imager stick connected. Next, boot the device and enter BIOS to make sure the USB is set as the boot drive.

If a conversion target does not have a BIOS option to boot to USB, the machine can be booted from a Boot CD with the Imager USB connected, and the CD will automatically re-direct the boot process to use the Imager USB.

Important Notes

For each Imager Kit, a conversion code is included in the original invoice.

In almost all cases, hardware storage controllers should be disabled. Datto's ZFS software storage control system will perform far better on it's own than in tandem with a hardware RAID or storage controller. Therefore, disable any hardware RAID or set each drive to RAID 0.

For registration issues, try disabling all NICs except the primary NIC, and try the conversion again.

Troubleshooting conversion targets with no USB support:

If you cannot get the computer to boot off of the USB stick, we recommend downloading the latest Plop Boot Manager, available here:

That download contains an ISO file that can be burned as a bootable CD. Upon booting to a newly burned Plop Boot Manager CD, a menu will present USB among other boot options. Select USB to direct the machine to boot from the connected Genisis stick, and proceed as normal.

If a machine to be converted continues to encounter problems in spite of these steps, please submit a ticket to Datto Tech Support including the name, make, and model of the conversion target, as well as any pertinent details available regarding the hardware involved, and specific information on the error encountered.

More Information:

Once successfully booted, the SIRIS 3 Imager uses the motherboard speaker to play a unique chime that confirms it has been started. The GUI will appear shortly after with Datto’s logo & website URL with the message LOADING CORE SYSTEM… PLEASE WAIT.

It is during this time that the Imager OS performs various tests on the system it is plugged into. These tests include gathering information on available hardware as well as testing to ensure that Internet connectivity is available.

Once this phase completes, the screen displays a browser-like interface that guides the user through the possible RAID configurations for the OS drive(s) and/or the Primary Storage Volume which is completely based on the system’s resources. This screen also informs the user if any Datto SIRIS™ features will not be available due to insufficient resources.

Note: It is recommended that any hardware storage controller be disabled, and the software storage control option selected.

To begin the imaging process a conversion code must be entered. The conversion code may be made available from a Datto Sales Executive or purchased through the Datto Partner Portal Store. Once the code is confirmed, the SIRIS Imager will prompt the user to type in ERASE MY DEVICE and click a button entitled Convert My Device.

Imaging of the device will then start. The time for this process varies depending on resources, RAID levels, and the speed of the individual hard disk drives. The flashing LED light on the USB stick confirms that imaging is in process.

Note: Please be patient, it is important this process complete without interruption.

Once complete, the Imager prompts to restart the device and the system will boot up as a fully functional Datto SIRIS appliance with the standard Datto SIRIS registration screen.

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