SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) release notes (2014 - present)



This article contains all software release notes for Datto SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) appliances. To learn how to deploy a Datto BCDR appliance, see SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Setting up a new Datto appliance.

For Datto DNA release notes, see Datto Networking Appliance (DNA): Software Release Notes.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto NAS 


The software stack on Datto appliances is named IRIS. Release notes for this software stack appear here, ordered from the most recent release to the oldest.

Preview release notes are now available for future releases. Datto will update 'Coming soon' release dates as they become available.



Previous years

Datto IRIS 3.103 - 2020-10-20

IBU 1184


  • Various backend updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused disabling jumbo frames in Configure → Networking not to apply the setting. 


In conjunction with this release, Datto is also updating Datto Utilities to a new version (7.1). If you already have Datto Utilities installed on a USB stick, you should replace it with the new version, which will be made available at in the next few days. Notable changes in version 7.1 include the following:

  • Improved UI sequence that preserves current state across multiple browsers and tabs
  • Resolved an issue that caused continuous mirroring function to fail.

Datto IRIS 3.101 - 2020-08-12


  • Improved device log severity levels give a clearer indication of the actual severity of an issue. These improvements will allow Datto partners and Datto Technical Support to diagnose problems more quickly and accurately. The severity levels are as follows:

    • Critical: The device did not perform a required function successfully and cannot recover without intervention.

    • Error: The device did not perform a required function successfully but should be able to recover.

    • Warning: The device did not perform a non-required function successfully.

    • Info: The device performed a function of interest successfully. This may also indicate the beginning of a functional request or highlight important information during a request.

    • Debug: Any log message that may add context or provide developers with diagnostic info.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where iSCSI shares and restores did not re-mount properly after a reboot of the Datto device
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the VM to get stuck trying to power off if the Datto device reboots during an ESX screenshot
  • Resolved a problem that could cause esxInfo key files to become corrupt, resulting in a 500 error when attempting to access the Datto Device GUI
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removal of external NAS shares that support ACLs during certain points in the backup process


  • As of IRIS 3.101, Diskless Restore has been deprecated as a restore method. Datto offers several alternatives to this procedure in our disaster recovery guide.
  •  In conjunction with this release, Datto is also updating Datto Utilities to a new version (7.0.9). If you already have Datto Utilities installed on a USB stick, you should replace it with the new version, available at, prior to use. 

Datto IRIS 3.100 - 2020-06-16


  • The Protect tab of the Datto device GUI now includes a search box to allow easy searching and filtering of protected systems displayed on the page. You can search by host name or IP address, and filter to display only the devices you wish to see.
  • For enhanced security, local access to the Datto Device UI is now disabled by default after device registration. if you wish to enable local access to the GUI, you can enable the option in the Datto Partner Portal.
  • Datto BCDR devices can now integrate directly with Datto RMM, giving partners more convenience and flexibility to remotely manage their fleet. You can monitor devices, run backups, and mount restores, directly from RMM.
  • IPMI admin passwords are now changed automatically with a custom password for each device, adding an extra layer of security. 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where agentless assets would take ESXi snapshots outside of normally scheduled backup times

Datto IRIS 3.98 - 2020-05-07


  • Perform A NAS RoundTrip Sync button is now enabled in the Device Web UI by default so that partners are no longer required to enable it before use
  • Device registration page no longer requires a client to be selected when registering the Datto device
  • Various backend updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented archived agentless systems from being re-paired to the Datto device
  • Fixed an issue  that caused users with NAS Access permission to receive an "insufficient permissions" message when attempting to access the Shares page of the Datto Device GUI
  • Resolved an issue where rebooting a Datto device with a running Rescue Agent could cause the Rescue Agent to become inaccessible

Datto IRIS 3.97 - 2020-03-19 


  • Datto SIRIS and ALTO devices will now check for expired certificates and replace them automatically. This improvement will help expedite the root certificate update that is planned for May 3rd, 2020.
  • Datto SIRIS and ALTO devices now display a banner to alert users of any soon-to-expire certificates that the Datto device was unable to automatically update and link to a knowledge base article that has instructions for how you should proceed. This change will give users lead time to update their agents and systems before backups begin to fail due to expired certificates on the protected machines.
  • Various backend updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • This release resolves an issue that prevented off-site retention from purging more than 100 backup points each night. Off-site retention can now keep pace with devices that perform more than 100 backups per day.

Datto IRIS 3.95 - 2020-02-18


  • This release expands MercuryFTP compatibility to Linux endpoints, making backups for systems protected by the Datto Linux Agent faster than ever.
  • The error message, "A backup hasn't been taken in 24 hours," now only gets triggered when no other errors are preventing a backup. This change gives partners and Datto technicians more precise messaging for easier troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced logging for Image Exports now allows for more accurate status reporting during restores.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where ESX Hypervisor connections with names that were less than three characters long were unable to run screenshots; hypervisor connection names can now be any length
  • Fixed an issue that caused screenshots to fail due to leftover VM templates
  • Resolved an issue that would cause a volume to no longer be properly recognized by the Datto device if its mountpoint changed
  • Resolved an issue which could prevent SIRIS Imaged devices from updating under certain conditions

Datto IRIS 3.92 - 2020-01-22

New Features

Universal VM Backup: This new agentless feature allows you to protect and restore virtual machines that are running operating systems not supported by Datto's standard agentless or agent-based solutions.

  • You can protect the following types of systems with Universal VM Backup:
    • VMs with operating systems that Datto does not currently support via other methods.
    • Less common VM appliances where the OS or filesystem are unknown, such as the following: 
      • vCenter
      • VoIP systems
      • Security appliances
      • Network Appliances
  • In a disaster scenario, you can restore a Universal VM Backup to your ESX hypervisor by using either the Virtualize via Hypervisor or Export Image restore options. This feature requires a connection to the VM's host hypervisor. 

Agentless backup logging

  • You can now access logs for agentless system backups directly in the Datto device UI just as you would for agent-based backups. You can use these logs to monitor backups and troubleshoot errors.


  • To improve supportability, we have enhanced logging capability for the Bare Metal Restore Utility.
  • Offsite synchronization times are now staggered and will vary by device. This change will improve performance by reducing the number of devices sending offsite simultaneously.
  • This release introduces hardening improvements designed to prevent device lockups.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where Screenshot Verification cleanup failed to remove old verifications, causing future screenshots to fail to complete
  • Fixed an issue that caused volumes not to refresh correctly on agentless systems
  • Resolved an issue where HIR would sometimes not run properly, causing screenshots and local virtualizations to fail
  • Removed the ability to destroy the live dataset while a backup is running, resulting in degraded datasets; attempting to destroy the live dataset while a backup is in progress will now result in the error message, "Cannot delete dataset while a backup is running"
  • Fixed an issue that could cause screenshots and virtualizations to fail on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 systems


Datto IRIS 3.89 - 2019-11-11


Bug Fixes

  • BCDR-13813: Resolved an issue where failed disk integrity checks would sometimes not clean up and could cause poor performance
  • BCDR-15503: Resolved an issue that caused deleting agents to fail intermittently
  • BCDR-15506: Fixed an issue that can cause the device to display restores running that it had already deleted
  • BCDR 15554: You can no longer remove hypervisor connections while virtual machines are offloading to that hypervisor connection
  • BCDR 15555: Fixed an issue where virtualizations via hypervisor which were started on an unavailable hypervisor connection resulted in a, "500 internal server error" message; now, starting a Virtualize via Hypervisor restore with an unavailable hypervisor connection will trigger a more descriptive error message that states, "No Connection. Cannot reach device web server."
  • BCDR 15593: Resolved an issue that could prevent ransomware check status from appearing in the Manage Recovery Points page of the device UI
  • BCDR 15729: Fixed an issue that caused agent deletion to fail
  • BCDR 16660: Fixed an issue that could cause the Device Migration Wizard not to display the sizes of protected systems and shares that you selected for migration

Datto IRIS 3.88.34 - 2019-09-19

Bug Fixes

  • BCDR-15758: Resolved an issue that could cause backup appliances to experience performance degradation or become unresponsive.

Datto IRIS 3.88 - 2019-09-03

New Features

  • A new lockout feature for SSH and SFTP services improves protection against password guessing and brute-force attacks by temporarily blacklisting a source IP address after five failed password attempts within five minutes. 


  • Self-Service Device Migration Enhancements: The following enhancements have been made to the Self-Service Device Migration wizard:
    • For ease of access, you can now launch the feature from the Advanced tab of the Datto appliance GUI.
    • Migrations are now possible via a NIC-to-NIC connection.
    • Instead of needing to migrate all assets from one device to another, you can now select only the datasets that you need, delivering a more streamlined migration experience.
    • It is no longer necessary to migrate to an empty device. Now, you can migrate to a device that already has agent datasets present.
  • Screenshot failures caused by pending Windows updates on systems protected by the Datto Windows Agent will now generate a corresponding email and GUI-based alert.
  • The hypervisor connection page will now alert users that removing an existing connection may cause agentless backups to fail. Additionally, agentless backups that fail due to missing hypervisor connections will display specific messaging describing the problem.
  • New requirements for encrypted agent passwords will enhance security. During the encrypted agent password creation process, your Datto appliance will check for password strength via zxcvbn (external link) and provide feedback about its complexity in the GUI. Passwords must adhere to the following criteria:
    • A minimum length of 8 characters
    • A maximum length of 128 characters
    • A minimum score of 3 from zxcvbn
    • Passwords cannot contain Datto-specific common terms (Datto, SIRIS, device, partner, etc.)
  • All new SIRIS devices now have secondary replication enabled by default.

Bug Fixes

Datto IRIS 3.87 - 2019-07-31


  • Various backend updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-15373: This release removes the Auto Differential Merge feature from Datto appliances. Because of improvements to the IRIS platform's backup logic, this configuration option is no longer necessary.

Datto IRIS 3.86 - 2019-06-25


  • Updated Protect Page and Your Shares Pages: The Protect a System and the Your Shares pages have been updated to enhance clarity, ease of use, and granularity of backup reporting for agents and shares.
  • Application and Service Verification for Agentless Backups: To give you 100% confidence in the integrity of your agentless backups, Application and Service Verification are now available for protected virtual endpoints running the Windows operating system.
  • SIRIS Private: This release introduces SIRIS Private, a simple way to deploy your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) appliance as a private cloud for your customers. Ideally-suited for businesses in industries like healthcare, financial services, and government, where mixing data is often not allowed, SIRIS Private will enable you to provide a self-contained BCDR solution that provides a secure and closed environment. Learn more in our SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Getting Started with SIRIS Private article.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-15210: This release removes the Share Compatibility Mode feature. Previously, in some legacy Domain environments, this mode was necessary to transfer data across the network on a consistent basis successfully. Recent improvements to the IRIS stack have made this feature obsolete.

Datto IRIS 3.85 - 2019-05-27


  • User-Configurable Networking for Datto Utilities: We have enhanced the Datto Utilities networking environment to be configurable at any time. Now, operators of the Bare Metal Restore (BMR)Rapid Rollback, and SIRIS Imaged environments can change their network settings without Technical Support intervention.
  • Enhanced Device Security: This improvement equips partners with the ability to disable the local login on their SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS products. With direct access disabled, all authenticated sessions must originate from the Datto Partner Portal, which is protected by Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), providing additional security against unauthorized access.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-15045: Resolved an issue that could cause unintended exclusion of newly-added EFI volumes from agentless datasets.
  • CP-15171: Fixed an issue that caused the snapctl agent:add command to the Last Point of the Day screenshot verification schedule instead of All Offsite Points.
  • CP-15174: Resolved an issue which prevented device operators from adjusting the storage, network, video, and core component virtualization options for ALTO devices.
  • CP-14362: Fixed an issue which could cause the intermittent failure of weekly backup reports generation.

Datto IRIS 3.84 - 2019-04-21


  • Various backend updates, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Datto IRIS 3.83 - 2019-03-20


  • Enhanced Agent Pairing Logic: This enhancement improves the agent pairing process logic to improve performance & stability.
  • Improved Recovery Point Management: This enhancement updates the Delete Local option on the Manage Recovery Points page of the Datto appliance GUI. When your device removes all snapshots for an active agent, including paused agents, two local connecting points to the offsite backup chain must remain. This enhancement ensures that cloud data retention policies established by your organization stay in effect. It also ensures that cloud recovery points for the protected system remain visible via the Recovery Launchpad. This change does not apply to archived agents.
  • Improved Image Export for Virtual Machines: Previously, VHDx image exports generated a boot.vhdx disk, which contained the virtual machine's boot information, as part of the restore process. Now, the boot disk is included in the first volume of the image export to reduce configuration time during a disaster scenario.
  • vSphere 6.7 Support for SIRIS Virtual and Agentless Backups: This enhancement introduces full compatibility and support for SIRIS Virtual deployments on vSphere 6.7 and agentless backups from vSphere 6.7 hypervisors.
  • VMX Backups for Datto Windows Agent 2.1 Systems: Device operators will now have the option to back up the agent configuration file for virtual hosts protected by the Datto Windows Agent 2.1 solution. A future Datto IRIS update will allow partners to restore the VMX file as part of the image export process so that that system information will be more easily accessible during a restore.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-14275: Resolved an issue which prevented Datto appliances from connecting to Hyper-V hypervisors over SMB1

Datto IRIS 3.82 - 2019-02-11


  • Offsite Replication and Retention Improvements Datto appliances will now replicate the last backup point of the day to the Datto Cloud for protected systems with once-daily offsite replication schedules. Previously, appliances determined the point to replicate based on when the protected system was added. This improvement ensures that as retention runs, consistent points are retained for daily backups both locally and in the cloud. Since the last point of the day is also the default schedule for screenshot verification, this enhancement delivers enhanced visibility about the integrity of the replicated snapshot. If the last backup of the day fails for a protected system set to a daily offsite replication schedule, the appliance will send the latest successful snapshot of the day offsite. If there are no successful backups for the day, your device will not replicate anything to the cloud for that period.
  • Downloadable Agentless VM Configuration Files: For agentless backups, device operators now have the option to download the VMX file for their protected virtual machine during the Local and ESX Virtualization processes, or as part of the Image Export process, allowing for faster restoration of the VM configuration on the hypervisor.
  • Windows Server 2019 Support: This improvement introduces full backup and restoration compatibility for Windows Server 2019 machines protected by our agentless and Datto Windows Agent (DWA) backup solutions.
  • Improved ownCloud Access: Datto has upgraded the server infrastructure for ownCloud External Access instances to deliver improved performance and accessibility for ownCloud Public connections.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-12403: Resolved an issue which could cause boot failure in VHDX-formatted Generation 2 image exports.

Datto IRIS 3.81 - 2019-01-09 


  • Self-Service Device Migration: SIRIS, ALTO, and Datto NAS users can now initiate a device migration from the Advanced Device Status page of the Datto appliance. This automated process seamlessly transfers all local backups, cloud backups, and device settings from a source appliance to a destination device without the need for Technical Support assistance. When performing a device migration, both the source and destination device must be on the same network, in a functional state, and capable of completing all steps in the migration process. Learn more in our Getting Started article.
  • SIRIS Imaged RAID 10 Support: This enhancement adds RAID 10 compatibility to the SIRIS Imaged process.
  • Instant VMDK Exports: Previously, VMDK image exports were subject to build times which could vary in length based on the size of the restore. Now, these image exports are created instantaneously.
  • VMX Backups for Agentless Systems: The agentless backup process will now preserve the configuration file for ESX VMs during the backup process. A future Datto IRIS update will allow partners to restore the VMX file as part of the image export process so that that system information will be more easily accessible during a restore.
  • Expanded Remote IPMI Support: Devices with motherboard model D1521D4I2 are now able to use the Remote IPMI feature.
  • Streamlined VMDK Boot Disks: Previously, VMDK image exports generated a boot.vmdk disk, which contained the virtual machine's boot information, as part of the restore process. Now, the boot disk is included in the first volume of the image export.
    • This change applies to VMDK exports only and is inapplicable to any other export process, including VMDK-linked

Bug Fixes

  • CP-14211: Resolved an issue which caused local virtualizations to fail when configured with the Firewalled on a Private Subnet setting
  • CP-7689: Resolved an issue which caused the Image Export process to fail when copying virtual disks for encrypted agents to a USB drive
  • CP-10299: Resolved an issue which could cause screenshots to register as 'successful' despite the virtualization booting to a blank screen or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
  • CP-10490: Resolved an issue which caused the Image Export process to fail when copying virtual disks over 2 TiB in size to a USB drive
  • CP-14270: Resolved an issue which prevented the Image Export process from successfully copying VHDX images to USB drives


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 Datto IRIS 3.78.33 - 2018-12-04


  • Improved ShadowSnap Error Messages: This improvement enhances the error messages used by the ShadowSnap Agent for clarity and helpfulness. In addition to improved language, agent alerts will now provide links to relevant Knowledge Base articles. You can check out a complete index of the updated error messages here.

Datto IRIS 3.78 - 2018-11-06


  • Cloud Agent Templates: This new feature allows a device operator to save the backup configuration of a protected system to a cloud template and apply it to another protected system on the same appliance, or a different appliance. By using templates, an administrator can define standardized and consistent agent configurations, and deploy them to existing and newly-protected systems. Learn more here.
  • Dataset Cleanup: Orphaned datasets consist of backup data which may have failed to completely migrate to, or clean up from a Datto device's storage array. Several factors can cause them, and they do not appear anywhere in the UI, making it challenging to know that they exist. The Dataset Cleanup card adds this information to the Datto appliance's Advanced Device Status page, and provide operators with the option to remove the data. You can read more about this feature in our Dataset Cleanup article.
  • MercuryFTP Integration: This release updates the protocol used for agent communication with Datto appliances to improve speed and enhance security.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-14098: Resolved an issue which prevented CIFS or SMB shares with underscores in the name from being restored with ACLs intact
  • CP-10247: Resolved several issues with HIR which resulted in failed screenshots, unbootable VHD exports, and other symptoms
  • CP-14133: Resolved an issue which caused backup failures for CIFS shares containing files with unrecognizable permissions; these files will now be skipped and logged by the backup process

Datto IRIS 3.77 - 2018-10-07


  • Improved Ransomware Detection: This improvement introduces a significant enhancement to your Datto appliance's ransomware detection algorithms. Through analysis of dozens of false-positive alerts, and updating of our detection databases with the most recent ransomware strains, your device will now report fewer false-positives and deliver improved detection capabilities.
  • Datto Windows Agent Reboot Notifications: Your Datto appliance will now surface an alert locally and in the Partner Portal if a system protected by the Datto Windows Agent requires a reboot before backups can begin. Backups will not be performed until the reboot occurs. See the Systems Marked With ⚠️ Must Be Rebooted Before Backups Can Occur and Error: This Agent Requires A Reboot Of The Protected System. Please Reboot The Protected System articles for more information.
  • Deduplication for Datto NAS: This release deprecates support for deduplication on NAS shares.
  • NAS Guard ACL Support: External shares that are protected using the NAS Guard features can now back up and restore permissions associated with the original files. See the Backing up an External Share with NAS Guard and Restoring an External NAS Share articles to learn more.
  • Surfacing of NAS Guard Transfer Errors: In the event of a NAS Guard backup failure, the Datto appliance GUI will now display a list of files that could not be copied or backed up.
  • Trackable Rates of Agent Change: The Manage Recovery points page now shows the rates of data change and growth for protected systems over a 30-day average.
  • New Screenshot Scheduling Option: Device operators now have the option to perform screenshot verification of all backup points scheduled for offsite replication, providing peace of mind that the snapshots you send to the Datto Cloud are bootable. Newly-paired protected systems will have this verification option selected by default. Learn more about this new feature in the Screenshot Verification Settings article.
  • Volume Restore: This feature allows a device operator to share the contents of a selected recovery point over the LAN as an iSCSI target. It also restores the ACL attributes of all files and folders in the recovery point that they had at the time the snapshot was taken. With the release of Datto Windows Agent 2.1, this feature will also provide the ability to perform a file restore of ReFS volumes. See our article about Performing a Volume Restore for more information.

The following improvements will become available with the release of Version 2.1 of the Datto Windows Agent:

  • Backup Support for ReFS Volumes: This release introduces the ability to back up ReFS volumes on systems protected by the Datto Windows Agent.
  • ReFS Support for Datto Windows Agent-Based Virtualizations: Device operators can now perform local, ESX, Hyper-V, and Cloud-based virtualizations of systems protected by the Datto Windows Agent which contain ReFS volumes. This improvement also extends ReFS support to the VHDx Image Export process.
  • Restore Support for ReFS-Containing Snapshots: Because certain restore methods are unable to restore ReFS-based volumes, including ESX Upload, Diskless Restore, and VMDK Image Export, this improvement allows restoration of non-ReFS volumes from snapshots which include ReFS volumes.
  • ReFS Detection for Bare Metal Restore & Rapid Rollback: This improvement allows the Bare Metal Restore and Rapid Rollback utilities to detect and skip ReFS volumes during the restore process while allowing the OS volume and other non-ReFS volumes to be restored.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-13958: Resolved an issue which caused the pie chart on the Device Overview page to display an inaccurate amount of available storage.
  • CP-13516: Fixed an issue which could cause a device operator to see an "ERROR APPLYING OPTIONS" message when changing settings for an active local virtualization.
  • CP-12762: Corrected a scenario in which, during a long-running VMDK export, the system could log out users, who would then be unable to get access to the still-running export.
  • CP-12771: Previously, it was only possible to access a single local virtualization using browser-based access (noVNC) without receiving an authentication error. This issue is now resolved.
  • CP-12977: Resolved an issue which prevented Bare Metal Restore (BMR) operators from setting a static IP address for the environment.
  • CP-13321: Resolved an issue which caused UUIDs, instead of agent names, to display in the Datto appliance GUI.
  • CP-6903:  Previously, when a device operator removed a hybrid virtualization, the configuration of the bridge to the Datto cloud would not clean up, preventing future hybrid virtualizations without Support assistance. This issue is now resolved.
  • CP-12840: Resolved an issue which allowed local virtualizations to enter a sleep or hibernate state, causing the Datto appliance to remove the virtual device. With this release, virtualizations can no longer sleep or hibernate.

Datto IRIS 3.76 - 2018-09-04


  • Customizable NAS Guard credentials: This improvement provides device operators with the ability to modify stored connection credentials through the Configure Share Settings page of the Datto appliance GUI for NAS Guard-protected shares.
  • HTTPS Improvements To deliver enhanced device security, all HTTP requests from the Datto appliance GUI will now automatically redirect to HTTPS.
  • Enhanced Bare Metal Restore SSD Compatibility: The Bare Metal Restore utility now supports PCIe-based solid-state drives.
  • Automatically Enable Rescue Agent: When creating a local virtualization, the Create Rescue Agent box will automatically be selected. Device operators can choose to deselect the option during the virtualization setup process.
  • Manage Recovery Points Performance Improvements The performance of the Manage Recovery Points page has been improved. It will now load quickly even for agents with hundreds of offsite points.
  • Browser-Based VNC Connectivity: This improvement enhances the way that VNC connectivity works for hybrid and cloud virtualizations. Device operators now have the option to seamlessly establish a VNC connection to a running virtualization through the web browser.
  • Improved Hybrid Virtualization Performance: This enhancement resolves an issue that could cause failed RDP connections to hybrid virtualizations when initiated from the Datto appliance GUI.
  • Rescue Agent & Rapid Rollback Enhancement: Device operators can now use Rescue Agent recovery points when performing a Rapid Rollback to reduce disaster recovery time.
  • Remote IPMI Support: This enhancement introduces remote IPMI support to all compatible SIRIS 3 devices. Operators can now access the Datto appliance's IPMI from anywhere in the world via the Partner Portal to perform actions such as rebooting the device if it is unresponsive. See our Knowledge Base articles about configuring and remotely accessing IPMI for more information.
  • Improved Verification Icons: The success and failure icons on the Manage Recovery Points page of the Datto appliance GUI have been improved to align with the Partner Portal and enhance accessibility to colorblind users.
  • Device Alerts Email Address: From the Device Settings page of the Datto appliance GUI, operators can now specify a default email address to receive alerts about the overall status of the device, such as when agents are added or removed or when the health of a hard drive triggers a SMART alert.
  • EFI Compatibility with Datto Imagers: This enhancement introduces compatibility with EFI boot environments to the Datto Utilities software, allowing operators to image an expanded range of hardware.
  • GUI-Based Device Shutdown: This feature allows operators to perform a graceful appliance power-off from the Device Settings page of the Datto device GUI by using the Shutdown Now button.
  • Instant VHDx Exports: Previously, VHDx image exports were subject to build times which could vary in length based on the size of the restore. Now, these image exports will be created instantaneously.
  • SFTP Improvements For enhanced data security, Datto appliances will now use the Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol for connectivity to NAS shares. This improvement replaces the FTP protocol used previously.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-12920: Resolved an issue which could prevent Last Backup information from updating correctly on the Partner Portal for some agent, agentless, and NAS share assets.
  • CP-13829: Resolved an issue which caused compressed files downloaded from browser-based File Restore sessions to be unusable if the transfer took longer than 50 seconds.
  • CP-13908: Resolved an issue which prevented registration of Virtual SIRIS devices.
  • CP-13502: Resolved an issue which could cause the Device Registration process to hang at 51%.
  • CP-13414: Resolved an issue which could prevent RDP connectivity to local virtualizations from Windows hosts.
  • CP-9739: Resolved an issue that could cause Datto Windows Agent snapshots of GPT disks to virtualize and export as MBR disks.

Datto IRIS 3.75 - 2018-07-29


  • Enhanced Password Security for Local Users: This improvement adds enhanced password criteria to local user accounts on Datto appliances. Newly-created local user accounts must be a minimum length of 8 characters and cannot exceed 128 characters. They cannot contain common-use patterns or Datto-specific words (Datto, SIRIS, device, partner, etc).
  • Configurable Retention for ICR Devices: Partners with devices on Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR) billing plans can now configure their offsite data storage rules to a shorter retention period than the default provided. See our Understanding the Retention Process Knowledge Base article for more information about this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-13465: Resolved an issue which prevented Datto appliances using the NAS Guard feature from surfacing alerts if one or more files failed to copy successfully. Datto devices will now use the alerting described in this article to notify operators of a failed copy attempt.
  • CP-13064: Resolved an issue which caused the error message "A backup hasn't been taken in over 24 hours, this is likely due to your device being set to have zero concurrent backups" to populate incorrectly during missed backup alerting.
  • CP-12989: Resolved an issue which could prevent Rescue Agents from running retention.
  • CP-13094: Resolved an issue which could cause file restores to fail to remount following a reboot of the Datto appliance.

Datto IRIS 3.74 - 2018-06-20


  • Rapid Rollback: When a problem happens with a customer’s machine, getting that system back to proper working order as quickly as possible is critical. Datto provides a variety of tools to help speed recovery, but we continue to look for more ways to help our partners get their customers up and running faster and easier. That's why we're introducing Rapid Rollback. For use in situations where a total re-format of the production machine isn't necessary, this utility allows you to incrementally revert changed data on a production machine to a previously-backed-up state without reimaging or re-partitioning the target hardware. Learn more about Rapid Rollback here.
  • Advanced Backup Verification: Advanced Backup Verification is a new suite of automated checks designed to give you 100% confidence in the integrity of your backups. Encompassing Screenshot Verification, Local Verification, Application, and Service Verification, and support for customer verification scripts, Advanced Backup Verification collects a wide array of customizable health information about the integrity of your backups and reports it to the Manage Recovery Points page of your appliance GUI. With this robust new feature, when it's time to restore, you'll know at a glance that your data is ready and waiting.
  • Storage Upgrade and Repair: Performing field upgrades and drive swaps just got easy. With the Migrate Storage feature, a device operator can perform simple field upgrades and replace drives in a pre-failure state from the Datto appliance GUI, and monitor the progress of the maintenance actions from the Advanced Device Status page.
  • Advanced Device Status: We've streamlined and updated the Advanced Device Status page of the Datto appliance GUI to make monitoring maintenance actions, device activity, and overall appliance health a breeze. Check out the newly-revamped interface here.
  • Console-Configurable Network Settings: Configuring networking from the Datto appliance console has never been easier. This improvement introduces an interactive menu to the local Datto appliance interface, which allows you to configure the device's networking when you cannot reach the device from the Partner Portal or via the LAN. Learn more about this feature in the Datto Knowledge Base.

Datto IRIS 3.73 - 2018-05-16


  • Backup Integrity Verification: This enhancement is a complete redesign of the Manage Recovery Points page of the Datto appliance GUI. It introduces improved representations of data sizes, integrity testing of snapshots to ensure that backups contain all protected volumes, evaluation of overall volume health, and a cleaner representation of verification test results. You can learn more about the new user interface here.
  • Kroll OnTrack Updates: This enhancement updates the Exchange Mailbox Restore licensing and software from Kroll OnTrack PowerControls for Exchange 7.3 to Kroll OnTrack PowerControls for Exchange 9.0.
  • TCP Window Scaling: Enables TCP window scaling by default on Datto appliances. In certain environments, enabling this feature can significantly increase offsite sync speed.
  • Enhanced NAS Guard Support: Adds support for domain-authenticated Samba shares to the NAS Guard feature, delivering compatibility with all Windows domain shares using SMB2+NTLM and below.
  • Configurable Hypervisor Connections for SIRIS 3 Virtual: Adds the ability for Virtual SIRIS appliances running within Hyper-V to configure Hypervisor Offload.
  • Agent Version Validation: Adds agent version checking to the Protect a System Wizard. When pairing with a Windows system, the wizard will check for and only accept pairing with agents that support secure pairing.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-12170: For systems protected by the Datto Windows Agent, Datto Linux Agent, and Datto Mac Agent, resolved an issue that prevented missed backup alerts from being sent if the backup dataset was not unsealed.
  • CP-13013: Resolved an issue that could prevent sending of the Weekly Backup Report email.
  • CP-13381: Resolved an issue that could prevent information about the last ten local backups for a system from updating correctly on the Datto Partner Portal if the system was protected by multiple continuity devices.
  • CP-12986: Resolved an issue that could cause the Datto Utilities Bare Metal Restore (BMR) environment to produce unusable restores in certain situations.

Datto IRIS 3.72.6 - 2018-04-06


  • Simplified Local User Accounts: Device operators can now assign role-based feature and functionality access to local user accounts on the Datto appliance. This enhancement replaces the traditional role-based access with newer, more streamlined roles, making it possible to granularly define which people in your organization have administrative access to your Continuity devices, and which functions they are allowed to perform. Users with prior permissions will be migrated to the new role structure. You can read more about this feature in the Device Settings Knowledge Base article.
  • Select Offsite Data Storage Location: Adds a feature which, during device registration, allows an operator to select the geographic region where their offsite data will be stored.
  • EFI Image Export Support: Adds compatibility with EFI-based systems to the Image Export process, enabling support for larger systems and Generation 2 Hyper-V Virtual machines.
  • Update on Demand: If device activity prevents your Datto appliance from receiving a scheduled update, this improvement allows a device operator to update the device's onboard software to the latest Datto IRIS image on demand.
  • Batch-Protect Systems: Device operators can now protect and configure backup settings for multiple systems simultaneously from the Protect a System wizard, eliminating the need to perform multiple pairing operations for environments requiring protection of more than one physical machine.
  • Archived Agents Visible in the Partner Portal: This improvement allows archived agents to report their status accurately to the Partner Portal.
  • Local Users / Contact Page Retired: This improvement centralizes the location of the user management and time zone configuration features on Datto appliances by retiring the Local Users / Contact page, and moving the content it contained to the Device Settings page.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-4766: Resolved an issue which could prevent the Partner Portal from reporting a Datto appliance's latest local snapshot information.
  • CP-12356: Resolved an issue which prevented critical backup errors from triggering alert emails for systems protected by the Datto Windows Agent and Datto Linux Agent.

Datto IRIS 3.71.3 (Update) - 2018-03-07

Bug Fixes

  • CP-12663: This release contains changes to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities. After receiving this update, you may need to adjust the screenshot verification wait time for systems protected by your Datto appliance to ensure that a ready state is being captured.

Datto OS 3.71.3 - 2018-02-21


  • Agent Archive: Allows an operator to convert an agent's existing backup chain to a read-only archive, stopping future backups from being written to it, and permitting the protected system to optionally re-pair with the Datto appliance to start a new backup chain.
  • Enhanced Hybrid Virtualization Controllers: When creating a hybrid virtualization, operators can now select from an expanded range of storage controller options available from Datto's Cloud KVM upgrade.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-12377: Resolves an issue that could prevent hard drive SMART status from loading, causing the Advanced Status page of the Datto appliance GUI to fail to load.
  • CP-12127: Resolves an issue that caused persistent "We did not receive a valid response from the server" error messages when pairing an agentless system through the Add Agent Wizard.
  • CP-10506: Resolves an issue that caused screenshot verification to result in a 0x0000007B bluescreen for certain Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 machines.
  • CP-11570: Resolves an issue that could cause local virtualizations to boot without all attached disks marked as 'Online.'

Datto OS 3.70 - 2018-01-29

This release deprecates support for vSphere 5.1. While backups for new and existing agents that use it will continue to function, we have discontinued further testing of this environment. As such, vSphere 5.1 compatibility with future IRIS releases is not guaranteed. For more information, see our 6 7, 2017 Product Update and VMware's End of General Support for vSphere 5.1 announcement.


  • Agentless Rename: Partners can now point an existing agentless backup set to a new moRefID or VM name through the Datto appliance GUI without the intervention of Support. When the backup set is renamed, the new moRefID or VM name will be reflected in the GUI and the Datto Partner Portal. The previously-used address will be available for reuse by a new agent.
  • This change decouples the ZFS dataset name from the agent's moRefID or VM name. Advanced-Trained partners who use the Command-Line Interface (CLI) for managing agent datasets should read the Manual Agentless Reassignment article.
  • Enhanced Pairing Security: Datto appliances now require Internet access to perform their first backup to fully establish the relationship between the agent and device.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-9988: Resolves an issue that could prevent an agentless backup's paused state from being reported correctly to the Portal.
  • CP-11083: Resolves an issue that could prevent access to Datto Drive Local through the Remote Web.
  • CP-11527: Resolved an issue that caused agentless backups to be incompatible with the Differential Merge feature.
  • CP-12051: Previously, the naming convention of the "delete" action in the Partition Manager section of the Datto Utilities Bare Metal Restore wizard caused confusion during BMR configuration. This update changes the naming convention and adds a tooltip to reduce confusion.

Datto OS 3.69.9 - 2018-01-02

This update is only available to Datto appliances running the IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04) software stack. You can see which version of IRIS your Datto appliance is running by checking its Advanced Device Status page.


    • New RDPmux on SIRIS: Added a new version of the RDP tool for accessing local virtualizations. This improvement provides more stability and reliability for long-running VMs.
    • Datto Utilities Support for Non-DHCP Environments: Added a networking configuration panel to the Datto Utilities environment which allows an operator to configure the tool for use in an environment without DHCP.


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 Datto OS 3.68.8 - 2017-12-29

This update is only available to Datto appliances running the IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04) software stack. You can see which version of IRIS your Datto appliance is running by checking its Advanced Device Status page.


  • Security Improvements This release changes how agents pair to new devices as mitigation for CVE-2017-16673 and CVE-2017-16674. For more details, see the Datto open letter to partners here.

    Now, when pairing a production machine that was previously paired with an old Datto appliance to a new Datto appliance, application logic will validate that the new appliance is linked to the same partner as the original device. This improvement improves overall data security by preventing an operator from using a 'rogue device' within an environment to pair with an existing agent. There is no difference from the user perspective, only behind the scenes.

    The complete mitigation requires that you update to the latest version of the Datto Windows Agent to version or the ShadowSnap Agent to version 4.0.0 after your device has updated to OS 3.68.

    After the majority of the device fleet receives this release, all production machines running the Datto Windows Agent software (version 1.0.4 or later) will receive the update automatically. Older versions of the Datto Windows Agent require a manual update. All prior versions of ShadowSnap require a manual update. See Getting Started with the Datto Windows Agent or Getting Started with the ShadowSnap Agent to learn how to update your installation.

Datto OS 3.66.5 - 2017-11-27

This update is only available to Datto appliances running the IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04) software stack. You can see which version of IRIS your Datto appliance is running by checking its Advanced Device Status page.


  • Agent Rename: Partners can now point an existing agent to a new hostname or IP address through the Datto appliance GUI without the intervention of Support. When the agent is renamed, the new hostname or IP address will be reflected in the GUI and the Datto Partner Portal. The previously-used IP address will be available for reuse by a new agent.
    • This change decouples the ZFS dataset name from the agent's IP address or FQDN. Advanced-Trained partners who use the Command-Line Interface (CLI) for managing agent datasets should read the Manual Agent Rename article.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-8603 - Fixed an incompatibility with HIR and Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) 7 which could cause Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 virtualizations to fail with a 0x0000007E bluescreen.
  • CP-10956 - Fixed an issue which could cause the Bare Metal Restore environment to hang on the DattoFltr.sys driver when booting into Safe Mode.
  • CP-11393 - Resolved an issue which prevented the Last 10 Backup Attempts column of the Datto Partner Portal's Backup Status page from reporting backup failures caused by "Agent Unreachable" errors.

Datto OS 3.65.4 - 2017-10-17

This update is only available to Datto appliances running the IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04) software stack. You can see which version of IRIS your Datto appliance is running by checking its Advanced Device Status page.


  • Backup-Aware System Updates: Added functionality to allow device updates to detect a backup in progress, and delay the update until the backup completes.
  • SIRIS Imager: Datto has released a significant update to the SIRIS Imaged (previously Genisis) software. Instead of waiting for a conversion stick to arrive in the mail, partners can now download the imaging software and use it to convert a target system to the SIRIS platform. Additional improvements to the new SIRIS Imaged platform include:
    • Allowing an operator to enter the imaging authorization code as part of the device registration process, making it possible to image devices before they are registered.
    • Simplifying the RAID choices to only those that are optimized for the hardware you are imaging.

Bug Fixes

  • CP-11731 - Fixed an issue that could prevent offsite file restores from correctly mounting.
  • CP-11483 - Fixed an issue that could prevent storage pools, volumes, or UI elements from boot.
  • CP-10136 - Fixed an issue that could cause NAS shares to lose their sFTP configurations on device reboot.
  • CP-6479 - Fixed an issue that caused UI issues when a device administrator username exceeded 15 characters.

Datto OS 3.64.7 - 2017-09-29

This update is only available to Datto appliances running the IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04) software stack. You can see which version of IRIS your Datto appliance is running by checking its Advanced Device Status page.
  • CP-9659 & CP-10807 - Fixed an issue that could cause screenshots to fail with the error "Screenshot error: ESX / FailedLakituReady - unable to connect to socket"
  • CP-11422 - Fixed an issue that caused Status 2.0 to report ZFS errors for some devices when ZFS was healthy.
  • CP-9694 - Fixed an issue that prevented the Replication Status and Local Agent Information panes of the Device Overview GUI from loading for user accounts with a "Basic Access" permission level.
  • CP-11496 - Fixed an issue that could cause VM networking settings to disrupt an agent's communication to protected machines that used the same network configuration.
  • CP-10939 - Fixed an issue that prevented some partners from enabling secondary replication on a device with replication disabled.
  • CP-11240 - Fixed an issue that could cause local-only devices to incorrectly flag backup points for offsite replication, preventing them from being pruned.
  • CP-10993 - Resumable BMRm: In the event that a system fails to boot after performing a Bare Metal Restore (BMR), an operator now has the option to relaunch the BMR environment and re-run HIR to pick up any additional drivers or setting changes that are available.
  • CP-10962 - Resumable BMR: If an operator accesses the Bare Metal Restore (BMR) user interface from a separate browser while a BMR is in process, the operator will see the progress of the BMR, and have the ability to cancel the restore
  • CP-10994 - Resumable BMR: In the event that a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) is interrupted while mirroring updates to a device, an operator can resume mirroring without the need to perform a fresh BMR. The process will resume from the point at which mirroring was interrupted.
  • CP-10992 - Resumable BMR: In the event that a Bare Metal Restore (BMR) is interrupted due to an event such as a power outage, it is now possible to resume the BMR without the need to start over. The process will resume from the point at which it was interrupted.
  • CP-10900 - Added functionality to allow an operator to auto-shutdown a Fast Failback VM by clicking the "Finish and Reboot" option in the Bare Metal Restore (BMR) environment. This improvement allows an operator to complete the Fast Failback process entirely from the Bare Metal Restore GUI.
  • CP-10242 - Added functionality to allow operators to set an upgrade schedule for their Datto appliance through its Device Settings page.

Datto OS 3.63.0 - 2017-08-29

  • CP-11106 - Fixed an issue that could cause the device registration process to enter a reboot loop while checking for updates.
  • CP-10733 - Fixed an issue that caused the last two recovery points on the Manage Recovery Points page to show an "Offsite replication: Finalizing.." status even when the points were unpacked offsite.
  • CP-10691 - Fixed an issue which caused the Manage Recovery Points page to show no information about the running of verification scripts, including their success or failure.
  • CP-10952 - Fixed an issue that could prevent backups from running if an automatic communications repair and a forced communications repair ran at the same time.
  • CP-10946 - Fixed an issue that caused screenshot success e-mail notifications to be sent even if a user turned off success notifications.
  • CP-10401 - Fixed an issue that could cause HIR to fail due to a broken registry entry on the protected system.
  • CP-10958 - Enables the Granular Restore feature on ALTO 3 appliances.
  • CP-10464 - Adds functionality to allow a rebooted device running an unencrypted Rescue Agent to reboot the Rescue Agent and resume its activity automatically.

Datto OS 3.58.0 - 2017-08-15

  • CP-11649 - Hotfix - Corrected an issue that was generating an elevated number of GUID mismatch errors.

Datto OS - 2017-08-14

  • This update introduces a new method to access the Datto device's Command-Line Interface (CLI) in lieu of using VNC. Datto is deprecating VNC support to free more system resources (CPU and RAM) on appliances for core BCDR usage. The update, based on the new Remote Web infrastructure, is being rolled out in phases. Not all devices will have this access method immediately. Contact Support in the event that you need command-line access to an updated Datto appliance.

Datto OS 3.56.15 - 2017-08-07

  • CP-10125 - Resolves an issue that prevented partners from using ShadowSnap licenses to pair systems that did not have public Internet access.
  • CP-10267 - Surfaces a notification to partners, when re-enabling backups on a Source Agent, that there is a running Rescue Agent and prompts the user to cancel or proceed with the resuming of backups.
  • CP-10634 - Optimizes the the username / password authentication process when creating a hypervisor connection so that it does not time out, regardless of how large the environment is. Also optimizes the VM list population in the Agentless Wizard for large environments. Adds a dropdown in the Wizard which allows partners with multiple datacenters to specify which cluster and datacenter to use.
  • CP-10731 - Upon detecting that an encrypted Rescue Agent has been stopped due to device reboot or other shutdown scenario, the Partner is notified that their encrypted Rescue Agent is no longer running and is provided with directions about how to restart the Rescue Agent's VM.
  • CP-10843 - Resolves an issue that could cause web access login issues for partners.
  • CP-10874 - Sets Remote Web Forced Login to Disabled by default, allowing Partner Portal users to access the Datto appliance's Remote Web without also forcing a login to a local account on the device. Partners must still log in to the Partner Portal to access the Remote Web, and can enable Forced Login if desired.
  • CP-10961 - If a Source Agent is deleted while a Rescue Agent is running, the Source Agent's dataset will be promoted to the Rescue Agent's dataset. This ensures that snapshots taken before the creation of the Rescue Agent are retained, while all other data associated with the Source Agent is deleted, preventing the opportunity for orphaned data in the system.
  • CP-9941 - In the event that a backup detects a missing volume that was previously being backed up without explicit exclusion by the partner, the Datto appliance generates an alert so that the partner can take appropriate action.

Datto OS 3.55.9 - 2017-07-13

  • This release contains a change to the mechanism for how SIRIS updates.
  • CP-7923 - Previously, when the option "Firewalled on private subnet, with no internet access" was chosen under the networking options for a KVM virtualization, internet access persisted. We have revised this to prevent internet access.
  • CP-9027 - Previously, when attempting to browse the "Configure Agent Settings" page on a 16.04 device that is joined to a domain which is having trouble gathering domain users, the entire page would timeout. This has been remedied.
  • CP-9857 - This fix addresses an issue causing screenshot and virtualization failure. In some cases, a generalized CPU fault in KVM caused BSoD situations for various protected systems. This has been addressed.
  • CP-10003 - Previously, performing a hybrid virtualization on a device with static IP configuration may have caused DNS settings to clear upon next reboot. This has been remedied.
  • CP-10139 - Allows Partners utilizing an ESX or Hyper-V hypervisor to create a Rescue Agent in the event of a disaster scenario.
  • CP-10331 - Previously, on certain S3P2000 and S3P4000 devices in production with 128 GB of RAM, "Mounted Restore Alert" and "Disable Screenshots" menu options were missing. This has been fixed.
  • CP-10359 - Previously, during some encrypted backups, the iSCSI targets were not cleanly disconnecting in the expected timeframe resulting in left over files in the backup dataset. These leftover files caused screenshot verifications to fail. This has been fixed.
  • CP-10657 - Previously, switching from DHCP to static wiped DNS settings upon reboot, causing the device to not checkin. This has been fixed.
  • CP-10719 - Ensures that DNS settings are retained and applied when Partners switch IP settings from DHCP to DNS. Also surfaces prompt to enter DNS settings in the event that none have been configured. Both changes will reduce the number of DNS-related failures.
  • CP-10791 - Older devices were seeing backup logs grow rapidly due to a recent change that rotated logs. This has now been addressed.
  • CP-10948 - Previously, we allowed Partners using an ALTO to conduct Agentless Backups via the UI in the Add Agent Wizard. We also allowed Partners using an ALTO the choice to encrypt backups for agents in the UI of the Add Agent Wizard. We have removed these capabilities.
  • CP-10951 - Previously, when a Partner created a local virtualization and selected networking to be "Firewalled on a private subnet" they could still communicate out to their LAN via network protocols such as Samba. This has been fixed to allow no such access in this use case.

Datto OS 3.54.6 - 2017-06-28

  • CP-9055 - Previously, certain devices which are IPMI enabled may have been missing the option to configure IPMI and Watchdog settings from the device UI. This has been resolved.
  • CP-9972 - Allows Partners to choose whether users are required to log in when accessing a device via Remote Web, or whether to auto-login as has been the historical case. This configuration is available in Device Settings.
  • CP-10154 - Previously, some devices were not surfacing the accurate Volume information for some or all agents in the Partner Portal or the Database. This has been remedied.
  • CP-10207 - Previously, the option to enable deduplication for a DNAS share was not showing up in the "Configure Share Settings" Page. This option is now visible to Partners.
  • CP-10255 - Upon reboot of some devices, the homePool did not correctly import, causing notifications of volumes failing to mount. This has been fixed.
  • CP-10367 - This fix is one of a number of fixes that address the major causes of screenshot failure and hardens the CORE products.
  • CP-10371 - Allows a Partner to Archive a Rescue Agent. This unmounts the Rescue Agent's VM and stops all Rescue Agent functions, but keeps the Rescue Agent's dataset intact, should it need to be utilized by the Partner at a later time.
  • CP-10539 - Partners now have the ability to be informed when speedsync is paused for troubleshooting purposes and resume the functionality themselves so they do not need to contact support.
  • CP-10873 - There are configurations on the Agent Config page that have no effect on Rescue Agents. We have hidden these config panels from those Partners operating a Rescue Agent.

Datto OS 3.53.17 - 2017-06-14

  • CP-9448 - This release updates the container support of Image Exports to include VHDx and VMDK over Appliance Hosted Network Share only. Please note that VHDx images are not Gen 2 images nor are they thin provisioned. Those enhancements are still planned as part of the product roadmap.
  • CP-10075 - We have ensured that Rescue Agents will retain many of the same Agent Configuration capabilities as Source Agents on the Configure Agent page. Exceptions that have been removed from the Agent Configuration Page for Rescue Agents are Force Differential Merge, Force Retention, Repair Agent Communications, Destroy Live Dataset.
  • CP-10088 - Gives Partners running a Rescue Agent the ability to monitor and utilize that Rescue Agent's Recovery Points in the same manner they would on a Source Agent.
  • CP-10130 - Gives Rescue Agent the ability to restore from that Rescue Agent using BMR, Export Image, or File Restore. Export Image and File Restore will restore from the snapshot selected, but BMR can leverage the new mirroring capabilities to push incremental updates to the BMR environment, reducing downtime.
  • CP-10133 - Allows Partners to stop the Virtual Machine a Rescue Agent is running on, which will cease additional snapshots from being taken. The Rescue Agent dataset will remain intact and the Partner will retain full access to all previous snapshots taken by the Rescue Agent.
  • CP-10305 - Accurately surfaces the list of connected services, ports, and IP addresses that are required for the device to properly function to the Partner and displays whether they are successfully connected. Also allows Partners to perform this connectivity check on the Device Networking page on demand.
  • CP-10373 - Gives Partners running a Rescue Agent the ability to permanently destroy the dataset of that Rescue Agent and remove it from their system. This feature is accessible via the Protect Page.
  • CP-10385 - Ensures that Partners running a Rescue Agent can see that Rescue Agent represented correctly on the Status Page(s) of the Partner Portal. Also ensures that the success/failure of the last 10 snapshots of a Rescue Agent are represented correctly on the Status Page(s).
  • CP-10407 - Ensures that Rescue Agents are accurately represented on the Protect Page, the Restore Page, and the Manage Rescue Agent page so Partners can easily manage their Rescue Agents in a DR scenario.
  • CP-10534 - In order to improve reliability and reduce time taken for restoration to Bare Metal, Datto has re-engineered the Bare Metal Restore functionality. The BMR environment may now be downloaded as an ISO file, supports live resumable Bare Metal Mirroring of a Recovery Agent and includes a redesigned User Interface.
  • CP-10932 - This fix resolves a VMware SDK issue which prevented agentless backups form occurring on older version of vSphere.

Datto OS 3.52.6 - 2017-06-01

  • CP-8395 - This release enables custom start-up specifications of a recovery virtualization to be selected when utilizing a Hyper-V hypervisor i.e. number of cores, amount of RAM, and which virtual switch the recovery is connected to.
  • CP-8280 - Develops the backend connectors and front end UI of the Hypervisor configuration path on the all new Add-Agent wizard.
  • CP-10191 - This enhancement extends our support for Hyper-V to 2016. You can now connect to and perform a direct restore to hypervisor on Hyper-V 2016. You can also use a hypervisor connection to screenshot verify backups instead of using SIRIS' built-in hypervisor, KVM.
  • CP-10194 - This release updates the underlying engine used to connect the Datto to a Hyper-V 2012 R2 hypervisor and provides the foundation for future enhancements to our Hyper-V support.
  • CP-8213 - This release adds the ability to use Hyper-V 2012 R2 hypervisor connections to screenshot verify backups instead of using SIRIS' built-in hypervisor, KVM.
  • CP-9933 - Previously, on Windows 2016 advanced screenshot verification never reported as ready. Screenshot verification was still successful because of OCR, but the process took much longer as it had to wait the entire 300 second timeout before taking the screenshot. This has been remedied.
  • CP-8281 - We now grant Partners the ability to configure local backup and retention policy, cloud backup, and retention policy, backup schedule, backup interval and local retention policies within the new Add-Agent wizard.
  • CP-10164 - Deploys several UI improvements to the "Protect a System" wizard. Better organizes/reflects list of Systems on "Review and Confirm" page. E-mail validation and list refresh logic added.
  • CP-8392 - Re-envisions our approach to email notification management, both in the Add-Agent wizard as well as on the Agent Configuration page. Drastically reduces partner effort by automatically surfacing all emails affiliated with a Partner's various permission roles. considating all email notifications in a single UI and accommodating "one-click" addition of email addresses on-the-fly. Partners will have a seamless experience between the Add-Agent Wizard and Configuration Page as this ticket reconciles the two UIs into a singular experience.
  • CP-9763 - We have ensured that Partners can successfully pair Agentless systems through the new Add Agent Wizard and have accounted for failed pairings in the event that multiple systems are paired at once.
  • CP-9588 - We allow Partners to configure their verification schedule in the new Add-Agent Wizard. This ticket also marks the completion of the Add-Agent Wizard Epic and encompasses the removal of the legacy add-agent workflow and its replacement with the new Add-Agent Wizard in production.
  • CP-9476 - This feature provides partners the ability to control the backup engine used when using the Datto Windows Agent. The default is to use application-aware VSS and to fail back to the Datto Backup Driver. However, for systems where VSS is known to be an issue, the agent can be configured to only use the Datto Backup Driver.
  • CP-9385 - This provides the ability to perform backups of Windows Server 2016 using ShadowSnap. This requires a new version of the ShadowSnap agent to be installed on the source system. For devices that have upgraded from Server 2012 to Server 2016, even if backups have continued to finction, we recommend installing the updated agent. Please download the latest version of the agent from
  • CP-10106 - Furthering our existing agent-less support for VMware-based systems; now including VMware's latest version, vSphere 6.5. This will allow new and existing partners to take advantage of their new or updated hypervisor whilst still ensuring business continuity with Datto.
  • CP-10116 - We have now updated the Datto Drive Desktop Client to the latest version of OwnCloud's desktop client source code (2.3.0). This increases product performance and reduces customer issues.

Datto OS 3.51.2 - 2017-05-16

  • CP-8253 - Previously, the Manage Recovery Points page was taking a long time to load or was timing out if there was a large number of recovery points. That issue has been addressed.
  • CP-8962 - Previously, deleting individual recovery points on the Manage Recovery Points page was failing with an error "There was an issue deleting this point". This issue has been addressed.
  • CP-9161 - This enhancement will allow SX devices to upgrade to SIRIS 3 (16.04).
  • CP-9422 - Previously, some systems may have failed to clean up screenshot templates when using an ESXi host for virtualization and screenshots. This resulted in screenshots that cannot run persistently for these systems/agents. This has been remedied.
  • CP-9656 - This fix is one of a number of fixes that address the major causes of screenshot failure.
  • CP-9825 - Previously, Screenshots for an ESX hypervisor failed due to to the IP address and submask of the device not lining up with the IP address of the hypervisor. This has been fixed.
  • CP-9937 - In order to reduce the number of OS drives that fill up, Datto has implemented a new log rotation feature. Logs are now intelligently truncated locally on the device and are moved to the Datto cloud in order to retain the required information for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. These logs do not count against cloud storage quotas for devices with Total Cloud Retention.
  • CP-9964 - Previously, the verification process failed to reserve the appropriate port for VNC, throwing a failure/error. This has been remedied.
  • CP-10105 - We have made some minor UI improvements in the device registration wizard to make it more clear to the user how to navigate and utilize the data storage configuration panel.
  • CP-10167 - Previously, if a Partner had an improperly configured hypervisor, a screenshot would fail without any explanation. This generated unnecessary Support tickets. This change adds a notification and direction on where/how to properly configure the hypervisor to avoid this error has fixed the problem.

Datto OS 3.50.3 - 2017-04-27

  • CP-3282 - For environments where 10Gbe switches are not available, partners need the ability to bond NICs in order to provide greater network throughput. Previously, that required support intervention. Now, on 16.04 devices, partners will be able to bond NICs through the user interface. The bonded NICs are then reflected throughout the application where they are referenced such as on the virtualization settings page.
  • CP-6014 - This enhancement updates and improves the reliability of the SIRIS/ALTO networking abilities. A major enhancement removes the requirement of eth0 being connected for the device to function.
  • CP-8685 - Currently, devices with bonded NICs when attempting to virtualise via ESX, fail to create the VM and leave a stranded recovery in the WebUI. This has been resolved; virtualisation via ESX with bonded NICs is now working.
  • CP-9045 - The Network Settings page has been updated with a new design to better mirror other configuration pages within the device. A new API subsequently has been introduced. In addition, descriptions of settings have been updated to provide more clarity on feature usage.
  • CP-9048 - This release follows Simpler Networking (CP-9048) and fixes an in production bug where Hybrid Virtualisations would not function, receive no internet connection, where the requesting device’s NICs were bonded. This is now resolved.
  • CP-10156 - As Datto Drive free trials near their end, customers that were provisioned by a Datto Partner will receive a prompt within the application that their free trial is nearing end and to contact their MSP about upgrading plans.

Datto OS 3.49.9 - 2017-04-11

  • Hotfix - Efficiency enhancements meant to improve the reliability of remote web.

Datto OS 3.47.8 - 2017-04-06

  • CP-9959 - Previously, the retry logic for Snapshots was not working correctly, causing the verification process to run every minute for an intermittent failure for perpetuity. We have restricted this retry to 2 attempts which fixed the problem.
  • CP-9902 - Prepares all the old Registration Workflows for purging and completes all the underlying work to build the new OVA that will be created and released after deployment of the New Device Registration Wizard.
  • CP-9864 - In the event of a network connection check failure in the opening stages of the device registration process we will surface a notification to the partner explaining the problem and direct them to Support for troubleshooting.
  • CP-9854 - Previously, Encrypted Datto Windows Agents were marking good backup attempts as failed if we are unable to detach the encrypted devmapper/loop device. They were then proceeding to make another backup attempt, which always fails, and so on, causing it to hang. This has been fixed.
  • CP-9753 - Previously, DWA backups completely failed if a Datto was hard shut down or rebooted. This issue has been resolved.
  • CP-9673 - Clients who are approaching their Datto Drive free trial expiration date will be alerted in-application of the impending expiration and directed to a workflow that will allow them to convert to a paid account.
  • CP-9546 - Previously, when adding a new NAS share, occasionally the progress bar when taking the first snapshot of a new NAS Share would hang. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-9436 - Previously, agentless systems could occasionally drop volumes if it mistakenly detected the volume as new. That issue has been addressed.
  • CP-9391 - Previously, the Direct Restore Utility would mount points via iscsi for 16.04 devices. This has been resolved so that the Direct Restore Utility can mount an iscsi restore on 16.04.
  • CP-9389 - The registration wizard and the SIRIS Virtual authorization wizard have now been merged. For users of SIRIS Virtual and Imaged, they can now enter the authorization code as part of the registration wizard.
  • CP-9388 - Allows Partners with new SIRIS virtual to configure data storage as part of their registration process, in order to ensure they can capture backups inline with a schedule that fits their customized needs.
  • CP-9195 - As part of the newly improved device on-boarding wizard, we will be providing Partners with the ability to specify an existing Client or add a new Client to associate the device with.
  • CP-9102 - To improve the onboarding experience for new devices, we have simplified the registration process. During registration it is now only required to create an administrator account, to name the device, and select a time zone for the device. The additional information that was captured in the prior registration wizard was not being used and therefore was not necessary.
  • CP-9086 - Previously, if there was an error during an External NAS backup, this was not displayed to the end user. Errors will now be shown to on the File Share screen.
  • CP-8866 - Previously, When a user clicked on several VSS writers to exclude in "Configure Agent Settings", only the last VSS writer selected would be excluded. This has been fixed so all VSS writers selected will now be excluded.
  • CP-5103 - As a user, I now have the ability to disable or delay automated device activity with a single button. Now, in a DR, I can devote all the device's power to getting my environment back online, and ensure that the device only performs tasks as directed. As a partner I can now disable all automated device activity when the device is being worked on.

Datto OS 3.46.1 - 2017-03-24

  • CP-10165/CP-10166 - Hotfixes: Resolved issues with erroneous NAS share alerts and file restore mount failures.

Datto OS 3.45.5 - 2017-03-22

  • CP-7657 - This release sees Datto Appliances now logging the actual associated error text alongside the 4XX error code for issues relating to windows, mac and linux backup agents, ShadowSnap inclusively. Those errors messages are displayed as part of the backup failure message.
  • CP-8049 - SIRIS devices that had previously installed ownCloud can now upgrade to 16.04. In addition to upgrading the device OS, as a second step we upgrade ownCloud to Datto Drive. All files and configuration is maintained as part of the upgrade.
  • CP-8251 - Previously, the Quiescing script assignment in the UI allowed you to select a volume to apply but the script was being applied on EVERY volume. We have now ensured that these quiescing scripts are run on only specified volumes.
  • CP-8888 - If the Mercury service is not running, or fails, backups are intended to fall back to ISCSI. Instead, they were reattempting to use Mercury. That has now been fixed to correctly fail back to ISCSI.
  • CP-8917 -This release means that systems running Windows Server 2016 are now officially fully (HIR, Virtualization, OS Detection) supported by both Datto’s Agentless solution and the Datto Windows Agent.
  • CP-8921 - Previously, screenshot processes could get in a state where it would continue to run indefinitely when querying for a booted virtual machine. This prevented screenshots from running for all other systems protected by this device. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-9115 - Agentless backups exhibited an issue where if vCenter was restarted, backups would take an inordinate amount of time. This ticket has resolved this issue.
  • CP-9162 - Devices on TBR and ICR were not able to add an external share to be backed up. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-9179 - Previously, NAS Guard could not back up an external NAS Share with more than 1 TB of data. NAS Guard can now backup any share within the storage limitation of 16TB.
  • CP-9194 - Previously, loss of network connectivity on a Datto Windows Agent protected device during data transfer caused the backup progress to hang until manually cancelled. This has been fixed so that the backup will fail gracefully until network connectivity has been reinstated.
  • CP-9215 - Datto’s device webUI was displaying incorrect Driver Version of the agents it was protecting, notably DWA/DLA. This has now been rectified in both displayed locations -- Homepage and Protect Page.
  • CP-9450 - Previously, all linux/mac agent backups using Mercury would fail on first attempt. Now, Linux/Mac Agent Backups will succeed upon initial attempt, and upon succeeding, no banner nor email will be generated.
  • CP-9507 - Previously, the Datto Windows Agent would occasionally have problems with initial pairing attempts. The primary reason for this failure has been resolved.
  • CP-9690 - Previously, a Partner had the ability to create Datto Drive users for a Client in the Management Portal which would allow them to grant themselves access to a Client's file-level data. This capability has been disabled. If a Partner is to manage a Client's users, the Client will have to create a administrative user for the Partner's use.
  • CP-9693 - Upon reaching the expiration date of their Datto Drive free trial period, a subdomain will be put into archived mode automatically, held there for 30 days, and unless reinstated, deleted permanently from Datto's systems.
  • CP-9741 - Previously, screenshots may have failed to run due to a KVM domain not being cleaned up which prevented screenshots from occurring on any affected agent until such a time that it is reported to tech support and manually cleaned up. This has been remedied.
  • CP-9887 - Previously, there were several occasions where volumes were being excluded from backups as a result of volumes changing names or being unmounted from the agent system. Now, as soon as a previously included volume becomes visible to our system, even if renamed, backups will reinitiate automatically, without Partner intervention.

Datto OS 3.44.2 - 2017-03-16

  • CP-10102 - Minor bug fixes for HIR-on-virt functionality (see CP-7947 below, - 3 8th).

Datto OS 3.44.1 - 2017-03-13

  • CP-10073 - Minor bug fixes for HIR-on-virt functionality (see CP-7947 below, - 3 8th).

Datto OS 3.43.4 - 2017-03-08

  • CP-7947 - Datto's original design for backup and recovery had HIR (hardware independent restore) being run at time of backup. This was done in order to speed the time of recovery. However, over time, other improvements to Datto's virtualization capabilities have made it such that performing HIR at time of virtualization adds no significant time to how long it takes to virtualize. By moving HIR from the backup process to virtualization, this will significantly improve the performance of backup, particularly for devices with large number of agents. There is no user impact to this change but it will result in overall system performance improvements.

Datto OS 3.40.0 - 2017-02-21

  • CP-9409 - This release resolves issues stemming from 'snapctl' crashing due to (unrelated) dependencies failing; issues including stalling the 16.04 upgrader and even triggering service expiry.

Datto OS 3.39.5 - 2017-02-15

  • CP-8651 - "Screenshot not occurred" warnings were being sent every hour until the screenshot issue was resolved. This behavior has been changed. Now, after each backup, we perform a check to see if the the error threshold has been exceeded for screenshots not occurring. If it has, we send a screenshot alert email. Once the email has been sent, no further emails are sent for 24 hours.
  • CP-8847 - As part of the process of upgrading to 16.04, the device was keeping a copy of the existing OS for troubleshooting purposes. This was resulting in the OS drive filling up. Instead, we are now copying a subset of the configuration and log files for this purpose.
  • CP-9096 - In very rare circumstances, virtualization (and thus screenshot verification) of specific systems caused some SIRIS 3 devices to become unstable and go offline. This was due to KVM misinterpreting the correct CPUID in attempting to abstract and virtualize, causing instability and failure to virtualize the backup. This has been resolved by matching the correct CPUID for the systems in question.
  • CP-9190 - Previously, when ufsd took more than 300 seconds to verify filesystem integrity after a backup, it caused an HIR failure. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-9451 - For devices with a great deal of backup concurrency, there could be an issue where a device was hung on HIR. A major cause of this has now been resolved.
  • CP-9459 - Previously, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows XP systems would periodically fail the backup process during HIR. A major cause of this has been resolved.
  • CP-9483 - Previously, a backup's HIR process would occasionally fail to locate partitions on the backup images and enter into an endless loop state, requiring the user to cancel the backup job. This has been resolved.
  • CP-9600 - Previously, resetting a password with the encryption module enabled, but server-side encryption not enabled, would fail. This has been resolved to enable a user to reset a password without triggering such a failure.
  • CP-9623 - Previously, users in the Datto Partner Portal could have experienced page load times > 30 seconds, depending on instance size. Those page load times have been reduced to < 5 seconds.
  • CP-9650 - Previously, improper Windows OS directory identification would break the detection code and cause a Screenshot error. This fix reduces the number of Screenshot errors caused by incorrect Windows OS directory identification.

Datto OS 3.38.3 - 2017-01-22

  • CP-9614 - This fix will ensure the Configure Share Settings page should load with no errors for external NAS shares.

Datto OS 3.36.1 - 2017-01-25

  • CP-4761 - For devices using local DNS, a temporary local DNS outage would cause the device to switch over to using, causing problems for backups and file share access. This logic has now been removed. In the event of a DNS outage, network configuration will not change ensuring the back and file share will resume upon local DNS restoration.
  • CP-8847 - As part of the process of upgrading to 16.04, the device was keeping a copy of the existing OS for troubleshooting purposes. This was resulitng in the OS drive filling up. Instead, we are now copying a subset of the configuration and log files for this purpose.
  • CP-8857 - One reason for devices to fail upgrade to 16.04 was that the installer was searching for updates to Virtual Box. This check was a legacy of prior upgrades and was removed.
  • CP-8897 - The password reset feature for Datto Drive Local was not working. The updated behavior is that password reset should send an email to the user for users created in DD. For users created on the device, when attempting to reset the password, the user is informed that the password must be reset by a device administrator.
  • CP-8948 - As part of our ongoing effort to minimize false positive alerts for Ransomware, we have identified a number of files to ignore, including the following:
    * Do not select open files ($~)
    * Remove detection for any files contained in Dropbox folders. These are encrypted at rest
    Additional refinements were made as a result of partners reporting false positives.
  • CP-9037 - Customers who had manually modified their SIRIS configuration to allow for multiple search domains were not able to upgrade to 16.04. This has been resolved by ignoring the secondary search domain.
  • CP-9039 - The Datto Drive Partner Portal modal for adding clients was not working. When clicking on add client, edit user or delete user the page either redirected to the top of the page or acted as if the button is inoperable. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-9066 - The device registration process has been modified to ensure that the latest version of the software has been installed before the user can proceed with registration. Instead of allowing partners to proceed with system configuration before the device has the latest updates, the first step of starting a device now is to check that it has the latest version of the software has been installed. Once the updates are retrieved and applied, the user can proceed with registering the device.
  • CP-9196 - Virtual Devices using nested virtualization for screenshots were failing to virtualize and thus screenshot. This has now been addressed.

Datto OS 3.35.0 - 2017-01-12

  • This release fixes an issue where agentless backups were growing in size because changes between backups were not being properly tracked.

Datto OS 3.34.3 - 2017-01-09

  • Minor fixes related to the launch of Datto Windows Agent

Datto OS 3.33.1 - 2017-01-05

  • CP-8473 - For devices with a great deal of backup concurrency, there could be an issue where a device was hung on HIR. This has now been resolved.


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Datto OS 3.32.1 - 2016-12-29

  • CP-8181 - ALTO and DNAS devices may now upgrade to the latest operating system. For DNAS devices, this will upgrade them to DNAS 3, which is based on Ubuntu 16.04. ALTO is also upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04. ALTO devices will maintain their existing product restrictions.
  • CP-8820 - For large external NAS shares, if the backup took longer than 24 hours, the process would fail. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8950 - If one or more files or folders in an external NAS share were not readable, the rsync command failed with "Permission denied". This could be because a file was in use or because the credentials used to set up the External NAS Share did not have permission to access the files. If this happened, the backup never took a snapshot. This has been resolved by skipping those files during the backup process and capturing the other files in the share.

Datto OS 3.31.4 - 2016-12-21

  • CP-7552 - For select time zones, the Manage Recovery points page would show incorrect backup times due to incorrect handling of Daylight Savings Time. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8152 - When creating an ESX virtualization, staying on the manage restore page for about ~10 minutes without doing anything, will sometimes cause an error -- error fetching vm info "HTTP: Service Unavailable". Clicking dismiss for the error will just show an infinite loop of the same error message. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8838 - Previously on 16.04, when Virtualizing on ESX, you could not define the network interface. This has now been resolved to allow the user to select the NIC.
  • CP-8843 - Some windows systems were failing their screenshots with a message that "Windows fails to start - Status: 0xc000014c." This issue has now been resolved.
  • CP-8860 -  For customers attempting to upgrade from SIRIS 2 to SIRIS 3, some received a message "Error running device upgrader (prepare)." This was caused by attempting to retrieve packages that were not needed for upgrade. That step has been removed and therefore the error should not appear.
  • CP-8864 - The Offsite Job Status graph on the Synchronize page had mislabeled the month of - 11 as - 12. That has been addressed.
  • CP-8868 - For devices using RAIDed OS drives, the upgrade process to 16.04 was failing. This has now been resolved.

Datto OS 3.30.5 - 2016-12-15

  • CP-6787 - When connected directly to the Datto device with monitor and keyboard, the local UI would periodically disappear, leaving the user stuck at the command line. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-7623 - For agents running RHEL5.x or CentOS 5.x, devices were having periodic HIR failure. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8883 - The process for inviting users to Datto Drive local was not working correctly. The invite was sent but the invited user could not complete the sign up process. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-8895 - Datto Drive Local has been updated to OwnCloud 9.1 to take advantage of fixes and enhancements to the core platform.
  • CP-8902 - For SIRIS 3 devices that were joined to a domain, private NAS Shares were inaccessible. The shares would appear when browsing to the device but would either error out on access or not accept credentials on access. That has been resolved.

Datto OS 3.29.5 - 2016-12-09

  • UI fixes related to issues caused by 3.28.1

Datto OS 3.29.4 - 2016-12-07

  • CP-5920 - The Device Settings page has been updated with a new design to better mirror other configuration pages within the device. In addition, descriptions of settings have been updated to provide more clarity on feature usage.
  • CP-6366 - The timestamp of a recovery point on the Manage Recovery Points page was previously marked at the time of backup completion, however the actual data contained within a recovery point is from when the backup process begins on a given volume. This has been confusing to users, who expect that a recovery point timestamped 5:00 PM will contain all the data written for that entire work day, when in fact if that backup job were running for 3 hours it would only have data from 2:00 PM. The recovery point page will now display the time from the start of the backup, rather than its completion time. This will not be applied retroactively to older backup points, only new ones going forward.
  • CP-8194 - In some circumstances, when taking a manual snapshot of a NAS file share, the wrong snapshot date would be displayed until the page was refreshed. This has now been addressed.
  • CP-8215 - This release provides partners the ability to create connections to Hyper-V 2012 R2 standalone hosts, and to restore directly to a Hyper-V VM. Virtual machines in the hypervisor will still need to use an agent in order to perform a backup. Once the agent is backed up, and a connection to the Hyper-V host is made, a user can perform a restore directly to the HyperV environment. For this initial release, the restore process will set pre-defined RAM, CPU and network connection. The ability to edit those setting will come in a future release.
  • CP-8426 - 16.04 Devices using KVM for Virtualisation may now select a select Video Controller to be used during Local Virtualisation. This may rectify video output issues for specific systems requiring an alternative to the default Local Virtualisation Video Controller.

Datto OS 3.28.1 - 2016-11-30

  • CP-7539 - Previously, when a NAS share was removed, not all of the configuration files associated with the share were removed. This prevented a subsequent share with the same name from being created. That has now been resolved by removing all keys upon removal of a share.
  • CP-8530 - Public NAS shares were not reporting their proper size over Samba. Public and Private shares now use the same method for reporting the size of the share.
  • CP-8736 - Previously, if a group contained a numeric character or other special character the group could not be added to the share. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8853 - This enhancement provides the ability to check encrypted agents for signs of ransomware.

Datto OS 3.27.3 - 2016-11-12

  • CP-6107 - The Agent Version, displayed on the Protect page of ALTO / SIRIS Devices, was reporting incorrectly; instead displaying Driver Version. This has now been addressed.
  • CP-6552 - During the device registration process, there was no feedback to the user explaining that a device name has to be a valid host name. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8523 - The NAS Guard feature which allows for backup of external SMB shares now allows you to configure backup, offsite and retention schedule. This can be set as part of the wizard for creating a new share or can be configured from the Configure Share settings page.
  • CP-8798 - This enhancement provides the ability for partners to flag ransomware "false positives" -- cases where we believed the agent to be showing signs of ransomware, but which were in fact not. This will allow us to continue to refine our algorithm for ransomware detection without providing unnecessary alerts.
  • CP-8884 - Local Virtualisation; when used to recover a system backup, was listing itself instead as KVM Virtualisation and incorrectly displaying function buttons. As a result functionality was constrained and appearance distorted. This has now been addressed.

Datto OS 3.26.3 - 2016-11-16

  • CP-8094 - On SIRIS 3, when you restore and virtualize a system, it creates a VNC server for the console of that machine with the IP of Datto's system. A password has been added to VNC connections for virtualizations. This applies to local and ESX virtualizations on 16.04 devices. The password is hidden by default and can be revealed by clicking 'Show VNC Password'.
  • CP-8688 - The launch of Datto Drive local introduced a problem with accessing the Local Users page when on the local page. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-6207 - The hostOverride file provides the ability to configure which NIC a given agent backup operates over. This file was being ignored for encrypted Windows Agents, Linux and Mac Agents. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-7683 - For SIRIS 3 devices it is now possible to change the Network options setting of a local virtualization when the VM is mounted and powered on.
  • CP-7766 - Occasionally the message "Backup appears hung, attempting to stop..." would display in the console and a critical alert would be generated despite successful completion of the backup process. This was because certain files were not being cleaned up after a backup was completed. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-7793 - NAS Share creation would fail if the new share had the same starting characters as an existing share. For example, if share 'testShare2' exists, you could not create any of the following share names: testShare, testShar, testSha, etc. This has now been resolved.
  • CP-8757 - The filebeat service, which is used to send information to the Partner Portal status page, was not restarting automatically upon reboot of a device. As a result, incorrect information could appear in the portal. This has now been addressed.

Datto OS 3.25.17 - 2016-11-10

  • CP-5834 - For agents that have multiple volumes, the behavior of the "Delete" button to remove volume history has been improved. If no backup has ever been performed on a volume, the Delete button is now greyed out and cannot be selected and the Tool tip informs the user "There is no backup history to delete". 
  • CP-8647 - This enhancement ensures that in the event a backup fails on an agentless system that any virtual machine snapshots are removed. Previously the system did not check for these snapshots.

Datto OS 3.24.5 - 2016-11-03

  • CP-8525 - This release continues to see enhancements to the NAS Guard capability of the Datto NAS and SIRIS NAS feature. Users can manage backup recovery points and perform select management tasks such as:* Pausing and Resuming backups * Forcing offsite retention * Destroying large datasets * Enabling error and warning reports
  • CP-8474 - A typo in the Critical Error alerts was causing problems with the Connectwise integration. That has now been resolved.
  • CP-8504 - If a drive was added after an agent was added, it was not appearing in the device UI to allow the user to add it. That has been resolved.
  • CP-8658 - As recovery points are deleted from the local Datto device, the corresponding screenshot was not being deleted, causing OS drives to fill. This has been resolved so that screenshots are removed when a recovery point is removed.

Datto OS 3.23.0 - 2016-11-01

  • Update to the Ransomware Detection definitions

Datto OS 3.22.20 - 2016-10-26

  • Minor fixes to previous 3.22.17 release 

Datto OS 3.22.17 - 2016-10-26

  • CP-8505 - When attempting to pair or repair a Windows Agent that is not English based, the process was failing when gathering agent info. This has been addressed. 
  • CP-8723 - For devices that upgraded from SIRIS 2 to SIRIS 3, backups of Windows XP and Windows 2000 taken prior to upgrade were failing to virtualize and screenshot. This has been resolved.
  • CP-8460 - ZFS deduplication provides the ability for the Datto system to perform block level deduplication, greatly reducing the storage capacity needed for backups. This feature is available for NAS devices running 16.04 Deduplication can be enabled for any share in the system. It will begin performing deduplication on any data backed up from that point forward. It does not perform retroactive deduplication. Deduplication is shared across shares, meaning that if two different share have a block that is identical, that block will be stored once rather than once per share. ZFS deduplication is more memory intensive than other backups, so this could have performance implications. It is not recommended that you switch all shares to deduplicate at one time, but rather transition shares to this setting over time.
  • CP-6677 - With the advent of new capabilities like advanced screenshot verification and ransomware detection, Datto now offers a Datto Windows backup agent. Currently in beta, this agent provides purpose built security and performance enhancements for SIRIS and ALTO, while enabling more advanced capabilities today, and setting the stage for further advancement in the future.
  • CP-8424 - Screenshot verification was a major innovation by Datto at the time of its launch. This release sees the next generation of Datto's screenshot and backup verification capabilities. There are two key enhancements as part of this release. * Improved login detection - In addition to the OCR capabilities for login detection, we now detect login ready state via additional signals by the system providing increased accuracy in detecting boot readiness. * Script verification - You can upload Powershell or other scripts that can be executed at time of screenshot verification in order to provide additional checks that the system is ready. For example, you could detect that a given service had loaded and responded to an API call. Or you could open a SQL Server database and check that a given table was there. The flexibility is incredible. Datto will be providing sample scripts on so that you can model off of examples we provide.
  • CP-8467 - Datto NAS is now available on a wider range of hardware. In lieu of unique hardware for the DNAS, DNAS can now be on any of Datto's existing hardware -- anything from the X1 to the ALTO 2 to the Enterprise 60TB. The same NAS feature set is available but on whatever hardware you feel is appropriate for a given customer environment.
  • CP-8144 - For partner whose data has been hosted in Datto's UK, Canada or Germany data centers, they now have the option to enable a secondary data center where their data will be replicated. This provides an additional layer of redundancy and protection. It is being provided to partners at no additional costs. For UK and Germany, the secondary replication site is in Iceland. for Canada, the secondary site is in Calgary. You can enable or disable secondary replication from the Device Settings page.
  • CP-8522 - For environments that already have an existing NAS or other types of samba shares, those systems could not be easily protected using a Datto Product. NAS Guard provides the ability to identify a samba share on the network and to back it up to the Datto device -- DNAS, SIRIS or ALTO. Once backed up to the device, it is then backed up to the Datto Cloud. Any share that is backed up can then be restored using Datto's file restore. For this initial release, there is not the ability to configure the backup or retention schedule, but that will be available soon.
  • CP-8626 - In the event that a customer wishes to disable ransomware detection for a given agent, for example, if a particular system was falsely detecting ransomware, this enhancement will provide partners the ability to disable or enable the notifications.

Datto OS 3.20.6 - 2016-10-24

  • CP-7970 - Linux screenshotting has been extended to include Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.04.
  • CP-8355 - As part of introducing Datto Drive on the DNAS, there is now a Device Settings page where certain configuration settings can be managed. This includes the ability to install or uninstall Datto Drive, the ability to trigger or schedule a reboot, and the ability to enable HTTPS for the device. This replaces the Reboot feature that was previously on the Advanced Device Status page.

Datto OS 3.20.2 - 2016-10-19

  • CP-8296 - The BMR "listener" was causing the Datto logs to grow too rapidly. This has now been addressed.
  • CP-8192 - Screenshots and virtualizations on SIRIS 3 for certain agents was showing a black screen because of the default VGA video controller. This can now be fixed by modifying the agent configuration. A new "Virtualization Video Controller" setting has been introduced to the Agent Configuration page. Switching from VGA to Cirrus should prevent black screens.

Datto OS 3.19.0 - 2016-10-14

  • CP-8696 - This release contained fixes to address problems where HIR was failing during backup.

Datto OS 3.18.8 - 2016-10-13

  • CP-8551 - For devices on ICR or TBR, users will not have the ability to edit offsite retention settings.
  • CP-8478 - Some Hypervisor connections were not displayed after updating to the new hypervisor connection wizard in circumstances where iscsi connections had failed over to NFS. This has now been addressed.
  • CP-8359 - In certain circumstances, if a screenshot process was hung, the system would not detect the process was hung and therefore further screenshots would not be produced. This fix addresses the hung state.
  • CP-7830 - SIRIS 2, SIRIS 1 and SIRIS Lite devices may now upgrade to SIRIS 3. As with prior OS updates, this will require an administrative user to trigger the update which will then result in a reboot once complete. As the update is made available to your device you will see a banner on the device letting you know. For devices using OwnCloud, the upgrade will not be immediately available. Upgrade for devices using OwnCloud is coming in a later phase as that involves upgrading both the SIRIS and OwnCloud software.
  • CP-7437 - On the manage local restore page, you are able to change the CPU, RAM, Boot Disk, Controller and Network options when the VM is stopped but still mounted. However, these settings were not being applied unless the restore was unmounted. That has now been corrected.

Datto OS 3.17.3 - 2016-10-06

  • CP-8048 - DNAS will now be built on the same operating system as the SIRIS 3 device -- 16.04. This increases the security of the device and also provides the baseline for future enhancements. 
  • CP-7094 - For DNAS devices on 16.04, they now have access to install Datto Drive. This brings file sync and share capabilities to the DNAS, while also ensuring all files being shared and snapshotted and replicated to the Datto Cloud.
  • CP-4499 - All SIRIS 3 models come with IPMI enabled. To make it easier for partners to manage IPMI and ensure devices are secure, some settings are now exposed in the SIRIS 3 UI. Users now have the ability to enable or disable IPMI by disabling the web interface. Users can also set a static IP address, subnet mask and gateway. Lastly, for the out-of-the-box accounts, users can modify the account passwords.
  • CP-8053 - This release sees the introduction of file sync and share capabilities on the SIRIS 3 device. The major change with the release of SIRIS 3 is that we are now shipping a local version of Datto Drive that provides the same capabilities of Datto Drive, but on the local device. With Datto Drive Local, we see an overhaul to Owncloud on SIRIS, not only a simple upgrade from version 7 to 9 but bringing with it bug fixes, better support and an enhanced feature set. The full set of features available to the cloud version of Datto Drive are now available locally. Datto Drive local includes the ability to create a user but with no access to Datto Device Web-UI and the creation of Datto-connect address for remote access. Going forward as new features are delivered to Datto Drive, they will be available to Datto Drive local as well.

Datto OS 3.16.12 - 2016-09-29

  • CP-8350 - Local and offsite retention settings have been redesigned to provide better default settings and be more human readable.
  • Local interval, schedule and retention settings have been reordered and grouped together so it is easier to configure all at one time and see how they impact one another. The same is true for offsite sync schedule and retention.
  • Settings have been configured to read as "natural language" so that the settings read like a policy statement. For example "Local backups will run every hour from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday."
  • Granular settings are still available to allow for flexibility in schedules.
  • The number of weekly backups displayed is now more accurate since it takes into account both the schedule and interval of backups.
  • Existing retention policies have been migrated to the new format and will continue to run retention processes as previously configured.

Datto OS 3.15.0 - 2016-09-23

  • CP-8384 - Resolved one situation where screenshot processes would fail to run as scheduled, related to this Incident Report on Sep 21st.

Datto OS 3.14.1 - 2016-09-21

CP-8052 - For Windows Agents running on ESX hypervisors, the system was not displaying the configuration settings for VMX Backup on physical SIRIS devices.

CP-8095 - Mac Agent was not performing multiple attempts to backup upon failure. That has now been corrected.

CP-8197 - This feature was mis-labeled, causing customer confusion. The feature was previously labeled VMX Backup, but in fact the VM configuration metadata was not being stored in VMX format. The label has now been updated.

Datto OS 3.13.1 - 2016-09-17

CP-7759 - There was an issue where if a Screenshot VM failed to clean up, it could prevent further screenshots from occurring. This fix removes hung screenshots in order to ensure subsequent screenshots will occur.

Datto OS 3.11.7 - 2016-09-14

CP-8024 - At times, when attempting to remove a file restore in the Web UI, the restore failed to unmount but become inaccessible to remove. This was caused if users were actively connected to the file restore using SMB at the time the restore is removed. The fix was to forcibly close all SMB connections when the restore is removed. If there are active connections, the user will be warned and have the option to cancel.

CP-7868 - The Datto was unable to perform encrypted backups of non-English Windows agents. This has now been resolved. Please note that this fix requires the latest version of the ShadowSnap agent to be installed on the system to be backed up. You can download DattoWindowsAgent52.exe from the website.

CP-7829 - Virtual ALTO devices may now update to SIRIS 3 Virtual. As with prior OS updates, this will require an administrative user to trigger the update which will then result in a reboot once complete. As the update is made available to your device you will see a banner on the device letting you know. These devices will continue to have the same capabilities that have existed for Virtual ALTO -- no screenshot verification and no hypervisor restore option for both Hyper-V and Xen. For devices using OwnCloud, the upgrade will not be immediately available. Upgrade for devices using OwnCloud is coming in a later phase as that involves upgrading both the SIRIS and OwnCloud software.

CP-7789 - The Offsite Job chart widget on the Synchronization page has been fixed to correctly count queued jobs, offsite jobs performed, and offsite job backlog.

Datto OS 3.9.1 - 2016-08-30

CP-7821 - Virtual SIRIS devices may now update to SIRIS 3 software. This is the first wave of devices that can update to the latest version of the SIRIS platform. As with prior OS updates, this will require an administrative user to trigger the update which will then result in a reboot once complete. As the update is made available to your device you will see a banner on the device letting you know. SIRIS 3 Virtual will retain all of the same capabilities of Virtual SIRIS. Virtualizations and screenshots will be managed via the hypervisor. For devices using OwnCloud, the upgrade will not be immediately available. Upgrade for devices using OwnCloud is coming in a later phase as that involves upgrading both the SIRIS and OwnCloud software.

CP-7503 - This fix resolves an issue where ISCSI shares using 4096 block sizes were not able to perform file restores.

Datto OS 3.8.7 - 2016-08-24

CP-8078 - A regression caused by a previous releases caused offsite backups to ignore retention policy and not delete offsite backups. This has now been resolved.

CP-8052 - For Windows Agents running on ESX hypervisors, the system was not displaying the configuration settings for VMX Backup on physical SIRIS devices.

CP-6920 - This fix resolves an error where certain backup failures were not displaying errors in the UI for Mac Agents.

Datto OS 3.7.9 - 2016-08-17

Resolved a condition which could cause the "Repair agent communications" button for Mac agents to fail.

Resolved a condition where volume exclusion could silently fail if a backup had never been taken of that volume.

Fixed functionality of several 'Apply' buttons on the 'Agent Configuration Page' in remote web.

Resolves an issue where agent logs weren't visible through the UI for Mac agents.

Resolves an issue where the header on the login page was hidden, thereby causing the page to look off-balance.

New Features / Improvements: Screenshot verification has now been extended Fedora, RedHat, Debian and CentOS, even for headless servers. Note: False negatives still occur occasionally for Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.04. This will be addressed in a subsequent release.

Improved clarity of the 'Agent Configuration Page' in remote web.

Datto OS 3.6.3 - 2016-08-10

Resolved an issue where changing the hypervisor used for screenshots to another of the same type would attempt to request screenshots from both hypervisors.

New Feature: You may now schedule a one-time reboot from the Configure > Device Settings page.  This will gracefully cancel any backups in progress when the reboot occurs, and will not run if any restores are active.

Resolves an issue where virtual devices were occasionally utilizing to the wrong port when connecting to VMs via VNC

Resolves an issue where screenshots and restores were not properly being cleaned up on ESX 6.0 clusters with certain datastore naming conventions

Security: Resolved a couple of security issues with ProFTPd

Resolved an occasional HIR failure

Resolved a logic error which was causing DNAS appliances to drastically misreport disk usage values

Datto OS 3.5.4 - 2016-08-03

  • Resolved an issue which was preventing screenshot images from displaying in some circumstances
  • Resolved a UI inconsistency in the Add Share Wizard

Datto OS 3.4.8 2016-07-27

  • Improved the accuracy of the "protecting over half device storage" alert
  • Resolved an issue where the Add Agent Wizard progress bar would freeze at 5% when protecting certain system OS types
  • Stability improvements for Mac agent BMR
  • Resolved an issue where the machine time set in locally virtualized machines was incorrect.
  • Updated the Kroll Ontrack executable link to point to Kroll 7.3
  • Resolved an issue where agent datasets would fail to be removed if a BMR had been performed previously and not cleaned up properly

Datto OS 3.3.4 - 2016-07-20

  • The "Force Differential Merge" option is now functional in both Linux and Mac agents
  • Resolved an issue where NFS service would not begin on startup which affected various restore methods.
  • USB exports should now function properly on S3X1 devices
  • Resolved an issue where the Add Agent Wizard would return the incorrect error text when failing to reach a target host
  • Various minor UI fixes

Datto OS 3.210 - 2016-07-13

  • Updated the "Home" button to no longer show the Datto logo.
  • Resolved an issue where new backups were not being reflected in the Protect tab and were erroneously generating alerts.
  • Resolved an issue affecting reliability of BMRs for Linux and Mac agents.

Datto OS 2.928.1 - 2016-06-23

  • Resolved an issue which was preventing PIIX3 IDE from being presented as a virtualization storage controller option

Datto OS 2.927.0 - 2016-06-20

  • New Functionality: Enabled screenshotting for Linux systems

Datto OS 2.926.0 - 2016-06-16

  • New Functionality: Infinite Cloud Retention is now available.
  • New Functionality: Offsite Job Status on the Synchronize page.

Datto OS 2.925.4 - 2016-06-13

  • Hybrid virtualizations for encrypted agents will now display an error when the wrong passphrase is used.
  • Resolved an issue where VHD exports for encrypted agents were failing to mount

Datto OS 2.924.0 - 2016-06-07

  • Resolved an issue where the selected Network Option for ESX Virtualization was not being applied.
  • Resolves an issue where iSCSI restores would not clean up properly during unmount.
  • Moved the OS update banner to the Device Updates page
  • Resolves issues which were causing the Shares page to fail to load properly
  • Resolves a bug that prevented hypervisor connections from being added in IE 10, IE 11, and Edge browsers.

Datto OS 2.923.9 - 2016-06-02

  • Improvement: Visual update to the screenshot schedule and backup schedule portions of the Configure Agent Settings page. Functionality remains the same.
  • Improvement: Added confirmation dialogue for the Stop And Unmount button on the Manage VMs page.
  • Resolved issue where the registration screen on Datto NAS devices would not load properly.
  • Resolved an issue where mouse tracking would be offset in virtual machines due to the Virtualization Core Components setting not being respected on VM creation.
  • Resolved an issue where certain local networking options would no longer apply to virtual machines.
  • Resolved an issue where screenshot clones were not being cleaned up properly for virtual devices in some situations.
  • Resolved several configuration issues with newly-created virtual machine templates.
  • Resolved an issue where the Hypervisor Connections page would throw an "invalid params" error when attempting to add a new host.
  • Resolved an issue where encrypted linux backup processes would fail to cleanup properly, resulting in eventual backup failures.

Datto OS 2.921.0 - 2016-05-22

Hotfix: Addressed an issue which was causing automatic screenshot processes to fail intermittently.

Datto OS 2.920.2 - 2016-05-19

Hotfix: Addressed an issue where backup jobs were failing to clean up properly for GPT volumes.

Datto OS 2.918.5 - 2016-05-17

New Functionality: Introduced screenshot verification for Ubuntu protected machines.

Resolved an issue where GPT volumes would repeatedly and unnecessarily run differential merges or full backups.

Resolved issues which would prevent agent settings from copying between agentless and agent-based systems in the add wizard.

Resolved failure states for hybrid virtualization VPN connections.

Resolved an issue where SFTP-enabled NAS shares were not being unmounted properly during share removal.

Resolved an issue where temporary troubleshooting access was failing to work as expected for encrypted agentless systems.

Datto OS 2.917.6 - 2016-05-11

Improvement: Added support for storage vMotion when migrating exported/virtualized virtual disks and VM configuration files within vSphere environments.

New Functionality: The Hypervisor Connection wizard now allows you to choose between NFS or iSCSI protocols, and defaults to NFS.

Removed: Export Image -> Destination: ESX option has been removed as this functionality is deprecated by the superior ESX Upload feature.

Resolved an issue where machines running on Virtual SIRIS would not respond to restart button unless VMWare Tools were installed in the guest VM.

CentOS 4, 5, and 6 VMs now correctly show as a valid selection for Agentless pairing.

Resolved issue where agentless pairing would sometimes display blank error text.

Datto OS 2.916.22 - 2016-05-05

New Functionality: You may now delete all cloud recovery points for an agent or share via a new Delete All Cloud button in the Manage Recovery Points page.

New Functionality: You may now delete all local recovery points for an agent or share via a new Delete All Local button in the Manage Recovery Points page.

Improvement: The restore management page is now much more responsive and will more reliably track virtual machine state.

Improvement: Virtual products will now display the network information pulled via DHCP during the registration and authorization stage.

Resolved an issue where orphaned restores were no longer showing up in the UI.

Resolved an issue where the bridge-to-LAN feature was sometimes failing for virtual ALTO appliances hosted on HyperV during local virtualization.

Resolved an issue where virtual machines were sometimes selecting the wrong disk as a boot device.

Resolved an issue where certain versions of Linux with xfs filesystems would fail during the HIR process when preparing for virtualization.

Resolved an issue where the Configure Agent Settings page would sometimes fail to load for Linux agents.

Datto OS 2.915.8 - 2016-04-28

Resolved a minor UI issue in the device's desktop status page

Resolved an edge case where virtual devices would sometimes fail to communicate with the hypervisor while performing hybrid virtualization.

Datto OS 2.914.1 - 2016-04-21

Resolved an issue Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 machines were failing to virtualize as a result of a Microsoft Update.

Improved handling of selecting virtual machine templates for virtualization with Windows 10 machines, also resolving some VM template selections as Other / Unknown

Datto OS 2.913.11 - 2016-04-20

Resolved an issue where virtual machine restores could fail unmount.

Resolved an issue where some agents would generate erroneous alert emails.

Resolved an issue where virtual machine restores would hang at "preparing"

Resolved a UI issue with Backup Insights.

Resolved an issue where encrypted agent image exports would sometimes become inaccessible.

Datto OS 2.912.8 - 2016-04-14

New Functionality: Ported agentless functionality and many features available to Virtual SIRIS devices over to physical SIRIS.

New Functionality: Four-bay set top chassis devices now indicate their status with LEDs.  See:

Resolves an issue where public NAS shares were requesting user credentials.

Datto OS 2.911.2 - 2016-04-12

Resolved issue where VNC server would sometimes not be functional following a device reboot

Various improvements to HIR for linux agents

Datto OS 2.910.1 - 2016-04-07

Offsite retention will now run for DNAS devices

New Functionality: Hybrid Virtualization is now available on SIRIS devices!

Resolved an issue preventing use of the "domain\user" format for credentials when pairing agentless systems.

Resolved an issue where the "checkin" command would not execute properly when accessing the command-line through the device's desktop or VNC

Datto OS 2.909.2 - 2016-04-04

Resolved issue where service would expire at the wrong hour in certain time-zones.

Security: Secured configBackup samba share which contains backups of device configuration files.

Windows 10 agents will no longer display as Windows 8.1

Resolved minor UI issue in Add Agent Wizard progress bar

Datto OS 2.908.7 - 2016-03-31

Resolved issue where some encrypted agents would not accept passphrase entry even when the passphrase was correct.

Resolved issue where unmounting DNAS iSCSI restore would cause page to hang.

Resolved issue where agentless backups were not getting queued for offsite synchronization as expected

Datto OS 2.906.0 - 2016-03-24

Resolved an issue with pairing and backups on some agentless systems.

Datto OS 2.905.7 - 2016-03-23

New Functionality: NAS shares on SIRIS / ALTO devices now have much more functionality. You can view the change blog article for more information on all of the changes.

Fully instituted the use of Surf on all Series 2 devices in lieu of Chromium

Fixed an issue with the vncRestart task via the partners portal.

Datto OS 2.904.7 - 2016-03-17

Resolved issue with 500 server error when connecting to a local virtual machine instance via RDP

Datto OS 2.904.6 - 2016-03-16

New Functionality: New registration and authorization for virtual devices (Virtual SIRIS/ Virtual ALTO)

Fixed an issue where the desktop would disappear if a monitor was hooked up to a device.

Removed PXE BMR option from devices, this function is now deprecated.

Replace Chromium with Surf browser for status page

Datto OS 2.903.4 - 2016-03-02

Security: This patches a security issue with glibc. This will require a reboot, and as such, the partner will need to initiate the update process via the UI and agree to the reboot.

Changed Functionality: The 12.04 upgrade banner now warns that updates will no longer occur for 10.04 devices.  Please upgrade to 12.04 to continue receiving updates.

Datto OS 2.909.6 - 2016-02-24

New Functionality: You can now change the networking settings of a running VM from the Manage Restore page.

New Functionality: Restores in the UI will now show both the date of the recovery point and the date the restore was mounted.

Resolved an issue where the Network Settings page was taking a very long time to load.

Resolved an issue where certain settings were unable to be copied from existing agents on virtual SIRIS.

Resolved an issue where certain settings were not being applied via System Backup Wizard on virtual SIISwhen pairing a new system.

Resolved an issue where supported OSs installed on EFI or GPT based system fail to pair agentlessly on virtual SIRIS.

Resolved an issue where custom background thumbnails would not load correctly.

Datto OS 2.901.0 - 2016-02-18

  • Fixed some issues with local virtualization RDP links generating incorrect connection parameters.

Datto OS 2.900.3, SUI 3.0.0 - 2016-02-16

  • ***Merging the OS2 and SUI packages together*** This means that there will be no further updates to the SUI package and that all updates will continue through the Datto OS package
    • Fixed an issue with OwnCloud showing incorrect parameters

Datto OS 2.812.9, SUI 1.71.9 - 2016-02-10

  • Devices out of service for longer than 30 days will no longer take local backups, sync offsite, or run retention.
    • Virtual SIRIS now supports jumbo frames
    • Removes some older alerting issues around agent pairing.
    • Improves OS visibility on agentless systems

Datto OS 2.811.11, SUI 1.70.3 - 2016-02-04

  • Fixed HIR and screenshot errors on some Windows 8/10 machines
    • Backup job unable to be assigned error code is re-added
    • Fixed RDP links for local virtualization
    • Fixed an issue where VHD export to USB wasn't able to be seen by a Windows machine

SUI 1.69.1 - 2016-01-28

  • Hotfix for menu bar logos and spacing

Datto OS 2.810.3, SUI 1.68.4, BMR 1.8.3 - 2016-01-26

  • Agentless backup is now available for Virtual Products
    • New Style Sheets for Datto UI
    • Updated HIR functions for improved BMR

Datto OS 2.809.9, SUI 1.67.6 - 2016-01-20

  • Now displaying orphaned restore points for easier removal for users, allows better cleanup of half-formed restore points. They will be shown as points available for restores but grayed out as indicators that they can be removed and restarted as needed.
    • Improved auto-repair communication mechanism to better display errors on screen after auto-repair is attempted.

BMR 1.7.9 - 2016-01-13

  • Improved auto partitioner
    • Improved OS Detection
    • Improved missing driver on-screen validation

Datto OS 2.808.9, SUI 1.66.8 - 2016-01-06

  • Improved load time of device home page
    • Improved instructions on virtualization settings for virtual appliances
    • Improve cleanup processes for 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade
    • Allows for NFS fallback on virtual appliances if iSCSI doesn't connect


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 Datto OS 2.807.1 - 2015-12-29

  • Changed OwnCloud URL to

Datto OS 2.806.2 SUI 1.65.1 - 2015-12-22

  • Resolved issue on virtual devices where folder structures may not allow certain machines to be visible.
    • Enable Vaults for OS Upgrades

Datto OS 2.805.1, OCO 0.7.0 - 2015-12-17

  • Internal Code Release, nothing partner facing
    • Resolves OwnCloud Plugin issue with autoloader

Datto OS 2.804.6 SUI 1.64.3, BMR 1.7.4 - 2015-12-18

  • Improves the 3rd party package updater libraries
    • Improves the appearance of error messages in regards to issues with the Datto Device Upgrader
    • Improves carry over of special device settings for the 10.04 -> 12.04 Upgrade
    • Fixes where version numbers were not listed in device upgrades

Datto BMR 1.7.3 - 2015-12-2

  • Released new BMR libraries with improved driver support
    • Fixed UI issues with automatic updater

Datto OS 2.803.4, SIRIS UI 1.62.1 - 2015-11-18

  • Added support for SAS controller for virtualization
    • Fixed issue where Virtual ALTO devices would screenshot with different network settings
    • Disabled Chromium for headless display on Virtual Products

Datto OS 2.802.2, SIRUS UI 1.62.1 - 2015-11-18

  • Added support for automated package updates of 3rd party packages on devices

Datto OS 2.801.1, SIRUS UI 1.61.1 - 2015-11-10

  • Upgrading to 12.04 will retry additional times in case of transient failure when selected for upgrade
    • Fixed agent version on device homepage
    • Improved Add Agent Wizard scanning network for new agents to add

Datto OS 2.800.3, SIRIS UI 1.60.1 - 2015-11-05

  • Improvements for virtual devices, implemented NFS fallback if iSCSI connections failed
    • Added Linux Agent Diff Merge

Datto OS 2.799.7, SIRIS UI 1.59.8 - 2015-10-28

  • Added additional functionality for encrypted ESX exports

Datto OS 2.798.1 - 2015-10-14

  • Improvements to Virtual Product Lines: Virtual Product lines now support VMWare version 6 products.
    • Improved reliability / fallback measures for virtual restores.
    • Improved cleanup of uneeded iSCSI targets

Datto OS 2.797.10 - 2015-10-07

  • No public facing releases at this time, internal only.

Datto OS 2.796.4 - 2015-09-09

  • No public facing releases at this time, internal only.

Datto OS 2.795.4 - 2015-09-09

  • Fixed an issue where VNC connection to Virtual products was not functioning.

Datto OS 2.793.1 - 2015-08-26

  • Fixed an issue where in rare occurrences the ShadowSnap agent may download itself multiple times to the same device
    • Fixed some issues with permissions on system folders preventing some cases of screenshots not running

Datto OS 2.792.1 - 2015-08-19

  • Fixed some display issues with Backup Reports
    • Fixed some issues with file permissions preventing some screenshots from starting automatically

Datto OS 2.791.0 - 2015-08-08

  • Fixed some issues with DattoNAS iSCSI share creation

Datto OS 2.789.0 - 2015-07-30

  • Fixed some issues with Linux Agent HIR packages

Datto OS 2.787.2 / Datto UI 1.51.1 - 2015-07-23

  • Fixed Virtual SIRIS issues with hypervisor verification
    • Fixed USB BMR update issues

Datto OS 2.786.0 / Datto UI 1.50.5 - 2015-07-08

  • Fixed Continuity Audit hanging before completion
    • Fixed Weekly Backup Reports (Numbers will be more accurate going forward)

Datto OS 2.785.2 / Datto UI 1.50.3 - 2015-06-17

  • Fixed Virtual product Linux Agent integration
    • Fixed some Linux HIR issues for multi-volume bootability
    • Fixed some device registration issues during setup

Datto OS 2.785.2 / Datto UI 1.50.3 - 2015-06-13

  • Staged release of OwnCloud Integration
    • Staged release of Linux Agent

Datto OS 2.784.4 / Datto UI 1.49.1 - 2015-06-02

  • Pre-production release of New Agent Wizard
    • Fix Device Settings page not saving all changes 
    • Fixed VHD Exports of EFI boot systems

Datto OS 2.784.3 / Datto UI 1.49.0 - 2015-05-27

  • Pre-production release of New Agent Wizard
    • Fix Device Settings page not saving all changes 
    • Fixed VHD Exports of EFI boot systems

Datto OS 2.783.2 - 2015-05-02

  • Fixed an issue where Datto NAS Share Creation Wizard was displaying a white screen

Datto OS 2.783.1 / Datto UI 1.48.2 - 2015-05-01

  • Fixed an issue where multiple restores were appearing for the same agent\
    • Updated Kroll License page

Datto OS 2.783.0 / Datto UI 1.48.0 - 2015-04-30

  • Bug fixes for Virtual Product Lines
    • Added support for multiple vCenter / ESX connections
    • Added support for vMotion enabled machines for tracking between multiple hosts

Datto OS 2.782.13 - 2015-04-23

  • Fixed some retention issues for agents not syncing offsite.
    • Fixed some issues with FTP authentication access for Datto NAS shares

Datto OS 2.782.10 - 2015-04-11

  • Fixed some No Bootable Medium screenshot errors on GPT volumes

Datto UI 1.47.3 - 2015-04-09

  • Fixed appearance of "null" agents on the user interface

Datto OS 2.782.8 - 2015-04-09

  • Fixed some failing to mount file restores
    • Fixed some misreporting model numbers / identifiers
    • Fixed some intermittent screenshot failures

Datto OS 2.782.4 - 2015-03-25

  • Hotfix for local user account management

Datto UI 1.47.2 - 2015-03-24

  • Fixed sharing of multiple VHD files for the same agents
    • Fixed failed export of the same restore point upon cleanup

Datto OS 2.782.3 - 2015-03-24

  • Fixed some stale restore resources
    • Fixed some issues with file restores after a volume is resized
    • Fixed repair communications responses
    • Fixed password changes updating AFP users

Datto UI 1.46.8 - 2015-03-10

  • Security Fixes
    • Added CPU / RAM for protected systems on the summary page
    • Fixed some functionality on the Manage Recovery Points page while collapsing/expanding point lists
    • Fixed SSD temperature reporting

Datto OS 2.781.17 - 2015-03-10

  • Fixed some duplicated alert summaries
    • Security fixes

Datto OS 2.781.13 - 2015-02-24

  • Fixed some Apply To All buttons for alerting
    • Internal code release

Datto UI 1.46.8 - 2015-02-12

  • Fixed missing Manage Restore button on some restore pages

Datto OS 2.781.8 - 2015-02-10

  • Improved support for GPT / EFI systems

Datto UI 1.46.6 - 2015-2-10

  • Fixed ESX upload functionality
    • Improved state tracking for virtualized machines

Datto OS 2.781.8 - 2015-02-1

  • Improved metadata lookup for zfs volumes

Datto OS 2.781.7 - 2015-01-30

  • Fixed edge case for ALTO 1 backups

Datto OS 2.781.6 - 2015-1-29

  • Improved automatic agent communication repair
    • Fixed issues with queued screenshots not adhering to the last point of the day schedule

Datto UI 1.46.4 - 2015-01-29

  • Fixed functions with encrypted agent versions

Datto UI 1.46.3 - 2015-01-22

  • Fixed cloud replication status

Datto UI 1.46.2 - 2015-01-21

  • Improved offsite sync status accuracy
    • Improved loading of status pages if cloud server was temporarily unreachable.

Datto OS 2.781.2 - 2015-01-12

  • Changed on-screen device pause message

Datto UI 1.46 - 2015-01-09

  • Fixes for Replication Status table updates and accuracy
    • Replication Status now differentiates between build and send operations.

Datto OS 2.781 - 2015-01-09

  • Added throttle to automated repair agent communications.


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Datto OS 2.780 - 2014-12-17

  • Fix for hourly device tasks which were sometimes failing to initiate.

Datto UI 1.45 - 2014-12-10

  • Updated link to Kroll Ontrack PowerControls knowledge base article.
    • Fix for screenshot results box cursor

Datto OS 2.779 - 2014-12-10

  • Fix for "last screenshot" reporting.
    • Improvements to automatic Repair Agent Communications.
    • Fix for alert upon including new volume.
    • Fix to make "STC Failure Occurred Mid-Transfer" errors more verbose once again.

ALTO OS 1.26 - 2014-12-10

  • Updated link to Kroll Ontrack PowerControls knowledge base article.

ALTO OS 1.25 - 2014-11-25

  • Fix for screenshot settings apply buttons not functioning properly.

Datto UI 1.44 - 2014-11-25

  • Fix for screenshot settings apply buttons not functioning properly.

Datto UI 1.043 - 2014-11-20

  • New screenshot interval selection options
    • Added support for Jumbo Frames (If peripheral network hardware supports them)
    • Fixed Disable Offsite Mirroring for NAS shares not properly updating status.
    • Added timestamp to update the banner

ALTO OS 1.024 - 2014-11-20

  • New screenshot interval selection options

Datto OS 2.778 - 2014-11-20

  • Reduced some extraneous device processes from running
    • Attempt to re-repair agent communications automatically for certain errors
    • Only send an alert after final backup try fails

Datto UI 1.042 - 2014-10-28

  • Highlights When a device is over recommended space multiplier
    • Batch delete recovery points
    • Removed pagination when there are less than 5 agents
    • Display OS and ShadowSnap version on agents page

Datto OS 2.776 - 2014-10-28

  • Improved screenshot verification
    • 24 Hour Backup Alert checks for Backup Offsets

Datto OS 2.775 - 2014-10-15

  • Additional RDP session fixes
    • Fix packaging version detection

Datto UI 1.041 - 2014-10-15

  • Additional RDP session fixes

Datto UI 1.040 - 2014-10-14

  • Enable Virtual ALTO code

Datto OS 2.774 - 2014-10-14

  • Enable Virtual ALTO code

Datto OS 2.773 - 2014-10-09

  • Hotfix for local RDP sessions on virtualization.

Datto OS 2.772 - 2014-10-08

  • Hotfix for some critical alerts not sending to correct email addresses.

Datto OS 2.771 - 2014-10-06

  • Hotfix for A Blank Screen Detected

Datto OS 2.770 - 2014-10-03

  • Hotfix for A Blank Screen Detected error showing up incorrectly on some screenshots

Datto UI 1.039 - 2014-10-02

  • Fixes some issues with pagination
    • Added dequeue existing backup jobs button
    • Fixed some falsely reporting screenshots for SIRIS Lite models

Datto OS 2.769 - 2014-10-02

  • Added manual retention option per agent
    • Added RDP connectivity option to protected systems (Disabled by default)
    • Fixed some issues with USB Export option
    • Added alert for stale recovery points still mounted (Disabled by default)

Datto OS 2.768 - 2014-09-22

  • Hotfix for Datto NAS share creation wizard timeouts.

Datto OS 2.767 - 2014-09-16

  • Improve 24-hour backup alert

Datto OS 2.766 - 2014-09-12

  • Hotfix for edge case product model database issues.

Datto UI 1.038 -2014-9-12

  • Hotfix for misreporting screenshot count on failed screenshots.

Datto OS 2.765 - 2014-09-11

  • Added watchdog logic for rebooting locked-up devices (User enabled)
    • Added Timezone indicators to alerts

Datto UI 1.037 - 2014-09-11

  • Added the ability to individually pause backups for agents
    • Added pagination/sorting to the agents page
    • Added additional ACL support for Datto NAS products
    • Reporting NAS share usage on the home page for All SUI model devices (ALTO 1's and Datto NAS excluded as Datto NAS already had this present)
    • Added ability to enable watchdog feature for supported devices

Datto UI 1.035 - 2014-08-21

  • Fixed minor UI / Appearance issues
    • Show progress bar for imaging Datto USB BMR drive
    • Better searching of Knowledge Base from error reports
    • Improved Network Attached Storage page
    • Added ability to control Auto-Refresh intervals (Device Settings Page)

Datto OS 2.764 - 2014-08-14

  • Lowers VirtualBox priorities on screenshots
    • Fixes some permission issues for Datto NAS devices on shares

Datto OS 2.761-3 - 2014-08-14

  • Improve 24-hour backup alert

Datto OS 2.760 - 2014-08-7

  • Improve 24-hour backup alert
    • Improves file restores, images will try to repair should an invalid state be detected
    • Add new export options for some reports
    • Updated Kroll Versions to 7.2

Datto UI 1.034 - 2014-08-7

  • Fixed minor UI / Appearance issues
    • Improved speedsync information while sending data offsite
    • Improved SMART information for hard drives
    • Fixed some permission issues when granting admin users
    • Fixed some missing hard drive temperature information for some users

Datto OS 2.759 -2014-07-29

  • Fixed some edge case last error times that were out of date.
    • Further improved the backup has not occurred in 24 hours alert.

Datto OS 2.758 - 2014-07-25

  • Improved backup has not occurred in 24 hours alert.

Datto OS 2.757 - 2014-07-24

  • Fixed some edge case issues with password changing
    • Create backup report for all agents

Datto UI 1.033 - 2014-07-24

  • Improved appearance of several UI pages.
    • Added size of send files to the main status page
    • Allows for NAS shares to have their offsite disabled
    • Removing an agent allows you to return to the user interface

Datto OS 2.756 - 2014-07-15

  • Fixed Datto NAS share management

Datto OS 2.755 - 2014-07-11

  • Fix for GUID Mismatch errors not automatically repairing themselves
    • Adjusted Backup has not occurred alert.

Datto UI 1.032 - 2014-07-11

  • Fixed bad toggle on Advanced Alerting button

Datto OS 2.753-2.754 - 2014-07-10

  • Several Virtual SIRIS fixes
    • Fixed network adapters incorrectly populating on the Network page
    • Fixed user permissions on the Report tab
    • Improved backup rollback logic
    • Improved some false positive screenshots
    • Improved cleanup of excluded volumes
    • Fixed edge-case VirtualBox permissions
    • Added scheduled backup not occurring alert

Datto UI 1.031 - 2014-07-10

  • Fixed ZFS subsystem display
    • Improved Static IP display on the network page
    • Added registration button via Remote Web
    • Improved file restore cleanup

ALTO OS 1.022 - 2014-07-10

  • Fixed export paths for Samba/NFS
    • Fixed screenshot display on the recovery points page
    • Improved state tracking for Hybrid Virtualization
    • Fixed sticky reboot banner

Datto OS 2.752 - 2014-06-25

  • Fixed screenshots not occurring without a valid email address
    • Fixed typos and minor UI issues.

Datto UI 1.030 -  2014-06-25

  • Prevent encrypting an existing agent upon re-add
    • Fixed Total Protected Space
    • Minor style changes

Datto OS 2.751 - 2014-06-13

  • Fixed checkin regression

Datto OS 2.750 - 2014-06-13

  • Fixed encryption being offered on ALTO devices.
    • Added additional sync times during HIR

Datto UI 1.029 - 2014-06-11

  • Enabled Virtual SIRIS features

Datto OS 2.748 - 2014-06-04

  • Releases of Datto NAS 1.1 features.
    • Fixed some issues with encrypted agent screenshots.

Datto UI 1.028 - 2014-06-04

  • Enabled Datto NAS 1.1 features

Datto OS 2.746-2.747 - 2014-06-03

  • Internal Releases, preparing for conference releases

Datto OS 2.745 - 2014-05-30

  • Fixed issues with pairing on Vault devices.

Datto OS 2.744 - 2014-05-29

  • Better virtualization handling for encrypted agents upon device reboot
    • Fixed some empty file restore issues
    • Adjusted Alert Summaries to display 24-hour results.

Datto OS 2.743 - 2014-05-21

  • Fixed edge-case Remote Web issues

Datto OS 2.742 - 2014-05-19

  • Fixed edge-case zfs snapshot issues

Datto OS 2.741 - 2014-05-15

  • Fixed VirtualBox template issues
    • Fixed Access Violation Errors
    • Fixes for some HIR errors
    • Fix for some empty volumes (Upgrading to the latest ShadowSnap agent is recommended for maximum effect, 3.2.0)
    • USB BMR Imager updates

Datto UI 1.026 - 2014-05-15

  • Updated Kroll Software Version to 7.1
    • Enabled PDF function for Audit Report
    • Fixed intermittent freezes for Backup Insights on encrypted agents

Datto OS 2.740 - 2014-05-15

  • Fixed 64-bit Winload error
    • Updated Kroll Software versions
    • USB BMR updates

Datto UI 1.024 - 2014-05-13

  • Updated Kroll Software Version to 7.1
    • Improved OS detection for virtualization

ALTO OS 1.021 - 2014-05-13

  • Support for new USB BMR packages

Datto OS 2.739 - 2014-05-06

  • Fixed 2012 R2 Digital Signature Error

ALTO OS 1.020 - 2014-05-05

  • Support for new Roundtrip-NG packages

Datto OS 2.738 - 2014-04-15

  • Added random check-in delay (0-3 min)
    • Fixed some phantom recovery points on manage recovery points page

Datto OS 2.736 - 2014-04-9

  • Fixed a 500 error on the Network BMR
    • Encrypted agent fixes for iSCSI renames
    • Memory test fixes

Datto OS 2.735 - 2014-04-01

  • Fixes to networking page
    • Fixed some bonding issues
    • ALTO 2 code baselines

Datto UI 1.022 - 2014-04-01

  • Code releases for ALTO 2

Datto OS 2.734 - 2014-03-26

  • Adjustments to offsite retention settings allowing for more retention options

Datto UI 1.021 -  2014-03-26

  • No updates on this version

ALTO OS 1.019 - 2014-03-26

  • Fixed BIOS detection version

Datto OS 2.733 - 2014-03-19

  • Small repairs to permissions for web users
    • Small fixes to manually created network configurations

Datto OS 2.732 - 2014-03-18

  • Fixes to networking page missing gateway
    • Improves bonded interfaces holding after a reboot

Datto UI 1.020 - 2014-03-18

  • Code releases for SnapNAS
    • Code releases for ALTO XL
    • Continuity Audit Report
    • Changed KB Links

Datto OS 2.731 - 2014-03-11

  • Fixes for Viridian VM Tab
    • Fixes for SIRIS Lite Volume Control

Datto OS 2.729/2.730 - 2014-03-11

  • Code releases for SnapNAS
    • Code releases for ALTO XL
    • Changes to alert wordings for NTFS errors
    • Fixed remote web port testing

Datto UI 1.018 -2014-03-11

  • Code releases for SnapNAS
    • Code releases for ALTO XL
    • Continuity Audit Report

ALTO OS 1.018 - 2014-03-11

  • BIOS update reboot banner
    • Fix invalid restore paths on export
    • Fix samba path for restores

Datto OS 2.728 - 2014-02-13

  • Fixes to handling backups on 2nd subnet
    • Update volume list in partner portal fixes

Datto UI 1.016 - 2014-02-13

  • Fixes miscalculation of total protected storage on the home screen

Datto OS 2.727 - 2014-02-06 

  • Internal Fixes

Datto UI 1.015 - 2014-02-06

  • Registration Fixes
    • Fix Error counts on the status screen

Datto OS 2.726 - 2014-01-16

  • Fixed rollback critical notice
    • Fixed some backup alerts

ALTO OS 1.017 - 2014-01-16

  • Fixed restrict RDP settings
    • Fixed NFS restore paths.

Datto OS 2.725 - 2014-01-14

  • Fixed Log Digests and Weekly Reports
    • Fixed USB Export issues
    • Removal of old code
    • Fixed early backup exit error.

Datto UI 1.014 - 2014-01-14

  • Added Report Tab
    • Fix for Backup Insights requiring a page reload
    • Rebuilt Log Viewer
    • Enable/Disable Advanced Alerting

ALTO OS 1.016 - 2014-01-14

  • Fix for ALTO not mounting filesystem on first boot
    • Typo fixes

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