Snapshot returned error code -1450 for STC



This article describes the cause and possible solution for the error: STC failure occurred mid transfer.stcx.SnapshotError: Snapshot returned error code -1450 for STC.


The error code -1450 is an official Microsoft System Error Code for "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service."

Causes for this error message to occur can vary and typically need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Commonly seen underlying conditions include:

  • Insufficient available RAM.
  • Insufficient buffer space.
  • Insufficient available space on hard disk for shadow storage to occupy. 
  • Significant fragmentation.


If you have not done so already, follow the preliminary steps in the Start Here article.

If the system is a 32-bit system, consider upgrading the server to 64-bit hardware with a 64-bit OS and more RAM. 

Follow these steps to solve the problem:

  1. Rule out any processes that are taking up large amounts of resources. A minimum of 20% free space per protected volume, and 1 GB of RAM, need to be available on the production machine. If resources fall below these thresholds, backups will fail.

     Volume Utilization



    0 – 70%


    Utilization is good.

    71 – 80%


    Utilization is outside optimal limits. Monitor the volume growth and look at cleaning up unnecessary files and moving non-essential data to other storage.

    81 – 100%


    Volume is becoming critical. Snapshots will start to fail, disk queue lengths will increase. Create space.

    Figure 1: StorageCraft utilization best-practices.

  2. Make sure the ShadowSnap agent version is 3.0 or newer, as this release has better resource utilization.
  3. Increase the paging buffer size on the server, and if possible, move the page file to a data volume.
  4. Make sure the drive has no significant level of fragmentation.
  5. Review the ShadowProtect server tuning guide and make the recommended registry changes.

    StorageCraft Troubleshooting tips for reducing Disk IO:

From VSS Errors 12293 and 12298: What does it all mean? (external link): 

Apply KB patches – 2003 Server ONLY - These may not show up in Windows Updates and will need to be pulled from Microsoft Websites.


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