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This article discusses the Export Image option via the Restore tab on the SIRIS web interface.

2. Export Image

The export image restore option is the preferred method for restoring systems in a virtual environment. We provide a few different formats and methods for image exports.

First, you will select the destination for the export:

Network Share: Allows for an image to be exported via CIFS/Samba or NFS. All image files are always thin provisioned on the Datto. However, if the tool used to copy the image files to local storage does not accommodate thin provisioning, they will be copied as thick provisioned. Therefore, make the appropriate storage considerations when copying files to a virtual host or other destination.

USB (Siris only): Allows for an image to be exported to an attached USB drive. These are thick provisioned, or can be expanded to the maximum size of the attached disk.

From here, you can select your format:

VHD: Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer

VMDK: VMware vSphere, Oracle VirtualBox

3. Export via Network Share

After selecting these options, the Windows Share page should look similar to this:

4. Export via USB Drive

If selected to export to USB drive, select your choice of format and follow the onscreen instructions:


5. Restore using your Export

If using VHD export, then there are two paths to restoration, depending on the target.

For XenServer:

For Hyper-V, using our new method:

For vSphere:

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