Installing Rack Mounted Datto Devices



This article provides rack installation instructions for Datto's 2U and 3U chassis units. For SIRIS 3 Professional & SIRIS 3 Enterprise rackmount units, see this article.

2U Chassis

Installing Chassis Rails


 To avoid personal injury and property damage, please carefully follow all the safety steps listed below.

Before installing the Chassis rails:

  1. Enclose the chassis with chassis covers.
  2. Unplug the AC power cord(s).
  3. Remove all external devices and connectors.

Procedures to Install Chassis Rails:

  1. Included in the shipping package are a pair of rail assemblies. In each rail assembly, locate the inner rail and the outer rail.
  2. Press the locking tab to release the inner rail from its locking position and pull out the inner rail from the rail assembly. (*The inner rails are to be attached to the chassis and the outer rails are to be installed in the rack.).

   3. Locate the five rail hooks on each side of the chassis and locate the five corresponding holes on each of the inner rail.

   4. Align the five holes on the rail against the corresponding hooks on the chassis. Once aligned, attach the inner rail to the chassis by pressing the holes into the corresponding hooks.

   5. Once the rail is placed on the chassis, pull the rail forward until you hear the "click" sound.

   6. Secure the rail to the chassis with a Type I screw (Refer to Page 2-1 for the Type I screw.) Repeat the above steps to install other rail on the chassis.

Rack Installation:

After you have installed the inner rails on the chassis, you are ready to install the outer rails of rail assemblies to the rack.

(* The rails are designed to fit in the racks with the depth of 28" to 33".)


  1. In the package, locate a pair of front (-short) and rear (-long) brackets. Please note that the brackets are marked with Up/Front Arrows (-front) and Up/Rear arrows (-rear).
  2. Secure the front (-short) bracket (marked with the Up/Front arrows) to the outer rail with two Type I screws.
  3. Attach the rear (-long) bracket to the rail unit by sliding the rear rail into the rail unit. Insert the complete rail assembly into the chassis.
  4. Measure the depth of your rack and adjust the length of the rail assembly accordingly.
  5. Repeat the same steps to install the other rail assembly into the chassis.
  6. Secure both outer rail assemblies to the rack with Type J screws and Type K washers.
  7. Slide the SC822 chassis into the rack until you hear the "click" sound.   (The SC822 may not slide into the rack smoothly or easily when installed the first time. However, some adjustment to the slide assemblies might be needed for easy installation.)
  8. You will need to release the safety tabs on both sides of the chassis in order to completely remove the chassis out of the rack.

3U Chassis:

Rack Mounting Instructions

This section provides information on installing the SC933 chassis into a rack unit with the rails provided. There are a variety of rack units on the market, which may mean the assembly procedure will differ slightly. You should also refer to the installation instructions that came with the rack unit you are using. 

NOTE: This rail will fit a rack between 28" and 33.67" deep.

Identifying the Sections of the Rack Rails:

The chassis package includes two rack rail assemblies : an inner fixed chassis rail that secures directly to the server chassis and an outer fixed rack rail that secures directly to the rack itself.

Inner Rail Extension:

The SC933 chassis includes a set of inner rails in two sections: inner rails and inner rail extensions. The inner rails are preattached and do not interfere with normal use of the chassis if you decide not to use a server rack. Attach the inner rail extension to stabilize the chassis within the rack.


Installing the Inner Rails:

  1. Place the inner rack extensions on the side of the chassis aligning the hooks of the chassis with the rail extension holes. Make sure the extension faces "outward" just like the preattached inner rail.
  2. Slide the extension toward the front of the chassis.
  3. Secure the chassis with 1 screws as illustrated.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other inner rail extension.

Installing the Outer Rails to the Rack:

  1. Attach the short bracket to the outside of the long bracket. You must align the pins with the slides. Also, both bracket ends must face the same direction.
  2. Adjust both the short and long brackets to the proper distance so that the rail fits snugly into the rack.
  3. Secure the long bracket to the front side of the outer rail with two M5 screws and the short bracket to the rear side of the outer rail with three M5 screws. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining outer rail.

Installing the Chassis into a Rack:

  1.  Confirm that chassis inner rails and outer rails are installed on the rack. 
  2. Line chassis rails with the front of the rack rails.
  3. Slide the chassis rails into the rack rails, keeping the pressure even on both sides (you may have to depress the locking tabs when inserting). When the server has been pushed completely into the rack, the locking tabs will click into the locked position.
  4. (Optional) Insert and tightening the thumbscrews that hold the front of the server to the rack.

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