SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: ALTO 1 setup and checkin issues



This article discusses deploying and troubleshooting a Datto ALTO 1 device. 


  • Datto ALTO 



Physically connecting the device

Hook up the Alto power source as well as an ethernet cable to the back of the device. When powered on, you should see a blue Datto logo on top, and you should hear beeps from the machine. The beeps indicate a normal boot process.

Connecting the ALTO to your network

By default, your ALTO is configured to get a DHCP address on initial setup. If your network supports DHCP, you should be able to hook the device up with internet access and browse to on the local LAN. From there, you will be able to register the device. Datto recommends setting up the device from a machine on the LAN, not through a direct connection to the ALTO.

Other Datto devices on the network will also appear on Make sure that you choose the new device you are setting up.

Enabling local access to the Device UI

By default, Datto disables local network access to the Datto device UI. You can enable local access under Configuration → Global Device Settings → Local Access Control in the Datto Device Web UI.

Power button functions

In addition to turning the device on and off, the power button can perform two other tasks:

  • Pressing it twice in quick succession will force a device to check in.
  • Pressing it three times in quick succession will force a device to grab a DHCP address.

Troubleshooting ALTO Checkin Issues

This section discusses steps to take when an ALTO device is failing to check in.

1. Make sure the device is powered on. Check for the blue Datto logo on the top of the device and the green/red power indicator in the front. The red power indicator may indicate that a device has received an updated version of the ALTO BIOS. If you take a look at the back, you can see if the ethernet port is receiving any traffic by checking for network activity.

On the front of the ALTO device, the power button can also be used for other tasks.  The power button indicated in Figure1 by a black box. 


Figure 1: ALTO front (click to enlarge)

    • Pressing the power button twice in rapid succession forces the device to check in. A short chime will confirm this.
    • Pressing the power button three times will force the device to grab a dhcp address. A short, louder chime will confirm this.

2. Try to access on the LAN and see if the device appears when browsing to that website.

Device remains inaccessible

  • If the previously outlined steps don't allow you to access the device, power cycle the device, and try to reaccess it.
  • If still not accessible, attach either an HDMI or USB monitor to the device to determine the current status of the ALTO interface.
  • If the device still doesn't connect, try the steps outlined in the article Troubleshooting Checkin Errors.

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